Yeh Vaada Raha 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: kartik’s residence
Survi and her family pray while kartik is fast asleep in his room. he is woken up by the sound. as he descends down, they are surprised to see him. she says that she has started a new life with kartik, and begs for blessings so that she can revive kartik back, and defeat tai’s purpose. they rush to meet him, while he asks whats the matter. she reminds him that he used to make them pray every morning. he says that he does rememebr. lata asks him to take prashad. he extends out his hand. survi shows him the correct method of taking prshad. lata complies. he loves the taste of halwa. he asks her to give more. survi complies but places a bet that she shall make him this everyday, but he needs to befriend her. he complies like a small child.

all are amused and happy. tai comes and sees this from a distance and isnt happy. survi then asks him to come and seek the lord’s blessings too. he is reluctant. she assures him nothing shall happen as she is with him. tai watches tensedly, as survi makes him climb the stairs, and seek the lord’s blessings. she puts a tika, and he complies. he asks for more halwa as he is hungry. she says that she shall prepare a wonderful breakfast for him, but asks him to go and frehsn up first for the same. he complies and rushes up, while she gets emotional. tai watches tensedly. kishore assures survi that she shall get him okay soon, and its good that khushi was sent to her uncle’s place or else she would have been disturbed to see him like this. survi says that khushi was extremely depressed to see him like this, and she had to promise that she shall get him normal very soon. then get to preparing breakfast.

In the kitchen, lata assures survi that very soon, the way she is caring for him, she shall get him on the right track, and not on the path that tai distracted him on. she leaves, while survi is busy. kartik comes and asks her to come along and play, but she says that she cant. he holds her hand forcibly, and she is reminded of their past moments, but finally asks him to go and play so that she can make breakfast. he asks who should he play with. aniket comes and volunteers, and kartik is skeptic and says that he shall ask tai, but survi says that she is his friend, and assures that is okay to play with aniket. he complies.

Outside, in the garden, kartik, aniket and kishore play, while he gets hit on the head. they all rush attending to him, as his forehead starts bleeding. as survi is about to apply first aid, he flinches that it shall sting. she asks him to hold onto her hand, while she ensures that it wont burn. he complies, and as he holds her hand tight, while she applies meds. she finally finishes up. tai and bindu watch from the balcony. she noitces her hand bruised by his tight grasp. tai thinks that their friendship is strengthening, and decides to do something and instructs bindu, who smirks. then lata asks him to come inside, and have breakfast whil survi narrates the menu, saying that its his favourite, oblivious that bindu has stealthily walked in the kitchen and added loads of chilli in the dishes. she walks inside the kitchen, while everybody is seated in the dining table. bindu secretively leaves. survi takes the dish and turns around to go out, when she finds chilli powder sprayed on the ground. she is boggled. lata comes and asks whats the matter and why is she delaying. survi narrates saying that she didnt use chilli, and understands that its tai’s trap yet again. they are aghast at her plans, while wondering what to do now. outside, tai and bindu instigate kartik, that his friend is delaying food, when he is so hungry, and that she is taking so much time to feed him. kishore and hema come to ask whats the matter. she asks them to handle him somehow while she manages here. they leave, while she stands boggled. Outside kartik starts getting impatient, while all are tensed. but just then, survi comes with the food, and finds that its pizza. bindu and tai are shcked. kartik says that this isnt what he was promised. survi says that she made that only. but then thought, that they eat this everyday, and today should be speavil, as he played wopnderful cricket, and its only meant for him. he gets to eating it, while all are tensed. survi waits, as he tastes and then comments that he loves it. tai and bindu dont like it. he tells them that from this day, survi shall make his food. tai resignedly fumes. survi then serves the chilli laden food, to tai and bindu, while they are reluctant. she then complains to him, saying that they arent eating, since she made it. he badgers them to eat, while they say that they arent hungry. but he insists, and they have a mouthful of spoons, while they feel terrible chilli. he thanks her for such good food. he stands up and husg her, while she is emotionally overwhelmed. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Meanwhile, while pressing tai’s head, kartik observes someone calling. he didnt pay much attention. but when its ichcha, and she continues to chatter with tai, he reminds tai that she has a headache. she then talks about how much she is relieved. he complies. then tai and ichcha talk amongst themselves. she asks when she has to come to scare him. tai says that she shall tell her. Later, Tai is uncontrollably crying, whiel kartik asks her whats the matter. she says that survi wishes to kill her. she tells that survi’s father betrayed his, and took his father’s life too like that. then she asks if he would avenge his father’s death from survi, and not spare her at all. she eyes him tensedly, as he complies. Meanwhile, kishore asks survi that today tai stooped down so low, to defame survi in front of kartik, then god knows whats more in store. she says that she has started friendship today and soon she shall bring tai’s reality in front of him too.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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