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Yeh Vaada Raha 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Survi wakes Kartik up in the morning, he says he has to do a lot today. She sends him to get fresh and heads to make breakfast. Mehr knocks the door and takes Survi’s permission to come in. She asks about her Kartik, Survi says he is getting ready. She asks if he got late on the first day. Survi says she knows Mehr is a good girl, but calling him hers… Mehr says Kartik is her love, she has come here to take her love to office. Survi says Kartik is her husband, it began with her lie and Mehr took it wrong because of her, she had a misunderstanding but she must try and understand. What she wants isn’t possible. Mehr jerks her away and asks how she can be so sure. Survi says she and Kartik love each other, their relation is deep and old. She says now Mehr knows the truth, she has the whole life

in front of her. Mehr says she doesn’t need to worry for her, she knows what she is doing and what she wants to. She asks Survi whatever she wants to, what she has ever dreamt of? Survi says she don’t understand how to explain her. Mehr says she has thought a lot about it, they are two and Kartik is only one. The problem is that neither Survi wants to leave Kartik, nor she does. She is ready to divide her Kartik, so they will share Kartik. She says on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Kartik will be Survi’s. Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be Mehr’s, on Sunday Kartik will spend with her mother and sister. Kartik comes out then asking Survi for his tie. He was shocked to see Mehr, Mehr tells him that the problem between her and Survi has sorted. She tells him about the schedule. Kartik asks Mehr if she has losted, how many times he has to explain there is nothing possible between them. Survi stops Kartik, Kartik says today he won’t listen to her. He drags Mehr to the door, asks how dare she entered his home; she might be a princess in her home but the world doesn’t work according to her. He warns her that if she comes to his house again, it will be worst for her. She has no idea what he can do and what not. He warns her not to come between him and Survi. He shuts her outside. Survi comes to Kartik, he asks Survi how she allowed her inside. Survi asks if he noticed how she talked, and he was behaving so rudely to her. Survi says Mehr isn’t normal, she is weak mentally. She needs help. The way he shut her out, she might do anything. Kartik says whatever she wants to do, he apologized to her but she is still after him. He wasn’t ready to listen to Survi about that girl. He says there are already so many problems in their life, Survi asks him to think clearly about it. Kartik opens the door to leave. Mehr stood outside, she says she has another idea for him. He and Survi know each other for long, so why not he become friend with Mehr. He will come to know she isn’t evil, she forwards her hand to be friend with him. Kartik stares at her. Survi comes to hold his shoulder and grasp it. Mehr watches her hand, and says please… please… please. Kartik asks her to leave. Mehr says she won’t go away, until he says yes. She holds his arm, asks him not to be angry as he says every problem has a solution. She says sometime if not now, he must come to her home; they will find a solution. Lata and Shanti come home, Survi sends Kartik inside. Mehr asks Survi to go away, she will send Kartik to her in an hour. Mehr becomes happy, she touches Lata’s feet who blesses her, caresses Shanti and wishes her luck for her exams. She tells Survi she will be waiting.
In the room, Survi comes to Kartik. Kartik says no matter she is crazy or not, he isn’t going to meet her. Survi says she had no other way to silent her in front of Lata and Shanti. She will again come home if he doesn’t reach her in an hour. Survi says that in the next one hour, not him but she will go to Mehr’s house. Kartik asks why she doesn’t get her craziness, she only see one hurdle that is Survi. She will take her life today. If she really wants to do suicide, she must go there. Survi says right now, they must talk to her calmly. She asks him to trust her, this story must end here in their lives. She will end this story as her lie had started it.
Mehr happily prepares the juice and fruits on table. There is a knock at the door, she watches Survi standing outside and asks about Kartik. She says alright, he must be parking the car. Survi says she came alone. Mehr’s expressions change, she holds Survi’s hands and says she lied again. Survi says she has brought Kartik’s reply. Mehr shouts what is it? Survi says she can’t get what she wants to, they must end it here. Mehr asks why? Survi says she has no other option. She asks Mehr to calm her mind down, her insistence can ruin a house, it must be difficult for her but she has to. She and Kartik will always stand with her, but she must consult a good doctor. Mehr jerks her away, laughs hysterically and says she is mad. She throws things away when she is angry. She breaks the vase hitting over the wall. Survi clutches her arm and says this is it. When someone tries to snatch a sindoor, a woman is even ready to fight Yamraj. She warns Mehr that she won’t have another way left if she even wanders around her husband again. She was leaving the room when she turns to see Mehr hysterically throwing everything away. She goes to pick up her phone and speak to her mother. She complains to her mother about Survi. Survi watches the phone was disconnected, her mother’s photo hung on the wall with flowers garland. She thinks that Mehr really needs medicine.

PRECAP: An old lady asks Mehr if she ever thinks once before ruining someone’s life. Shanti had a proposal, but the guests accuses Srikanth for trying to marry a mentally ill girl to her son. Mehr smiles behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice epsiod, but where us ff why are u not writting yar..plzzz continue plzzzz yar missing ff very badly

  2. This mehr uff Surthik should give her such a reply that she won’t dare to interfere in their lives irritating ladki

  3. Wat does she want with kartik or she is just. Plain crazy or stupid

  4. counting down to that special day when this disgusting villain leave the show.

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