Yeh Vaada Raha 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 30th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with bindu asking both kartik n Krishna to remove their shoes since d real Krishna has six toes.. kartik shows his five toes.. Krishna follows suit.. everyone is stunned that even he has five toes only… Kartik tells Krishna that the latter can change every damn thing to become kartik except for the fingerprints… Krishna produces d passport bearing kartik’s name n fingerprint.. real kartik chuckles.. says a person who can get the property trfd, can change specimen signatures at the bank can definitely get the passport records changed as well… Kartik then tells kishor to fetch a painting from his room.. it’s a thumb print painting made by karvishi.. kartik calls for a stamp pad.. puts his thumb impression on a paper n asks the inspector to compare it

with that in the painting.. inspector says that the fingerprint matches.. Krishna accuses him of planting the painting into his room.. ask s kartik as to what proof he has that the other prints are those of SuShi… Kartik tells Krishna to clear d last test n tells everyone to head to his room.. in his room kartik says the entire home has been done up by tai.. but there’s one thing that only KarVi are aware of.. he removes a photo frame from the wall to reveal a safe.. he says that after an attempt on his life, to secure his family’s future he had bought diamonds n only KarVi know the password to the safe… Challenges Krishna to open it.. tai is damn sure that it’s time for pack up n head to the lock up.. but surprisingly Krishna keys in the correct password n unlocks the safe much to Kartik’s diabelief.. a teary eyed kartik pleads with lata to believe him.. krishna pushes him away tells him to stay away from his mom.. a shocked lata almost faints.. the cops handcuff kartik n take him away…
On the other hand survi is running around searching for khushi.. drops her clutch which is returned by a little girl selling stuff on d road.. as a reward survi buys something n hands over a thousand rupee note.. tells d little girl to pray that she finds her khushi.. as she continues to walk, she hears a car coming to a screeching halt.. turns around to find the little girl fallen on d road.. she almost got knocked down by the same van being used by the child trafficker.. survi chases it n stops d van.. as she gets into an argument a cop comes to her aid… Survi narrates everything but by then d child trafficker had escaped.. the cop lauds her for being alert.. survi pleads with him to help find her daughter.. d cop n survi set out searching for khushi…

Back at barve mansion Krishna tells Tai how he had come fully prepared for d task at hand. how he got his sixth toe cut off as soon as Tai put him on this assignment.. tai wondered how he could unlock d safe.. Krishna reminds her that he’s a thief… Ridicules kartik for being too emotional so to reveal d password indirectly.. that he could easily make out that khushi’s birthdate was d correct password.. he happily exclaims that he has separated karvishi for good… With kartik in jail n survi making futile attempts to get back her daughter.. tai way too happy with the turn of events..

Precap: khushi uses her presence of mind.. is probably saved by survi.. coz khushi is very much there at the barve mansion when Krishna orders everyone to get out of his house… Takes lata by her hand n is pulling her towards d door with survi trying to intervene

Update Credit to: kiara

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