Yeh Vaada Raha 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence, Mumbai
Survi and kartik finally arrive at the house. She stops while he nudges her to come inside. she is hesitant to go inside. He tells her that all must be waiting for her, particularly tai, who must be highly tensed. he goes in, while she is scared to face tai, remembering their last meeting, when she had wanted to cut off her leg. she asks if he has told tai about her coming. he says that he didnt get the time, to tell her, but they shall tell her now. she asks him to meet tai first and only then she shall come inside. Kartik’s aide comes and says that he shall take care of survi and he can go inside and talk to tai. he complies and goes in. survi stands tensed.

Kartik gets emotional as he sees the house, and then when lata

sees him she is overjoyed and hugs him. they have a happy reunion. Then tai’s children come with their bags packed. he says that they can now go on vacation, as he has come back. They say that they arent going on vacations but leaving the house. He ie shocked and asks why. aniket is about to tell, but the girls stop him and ask him to go and talk to tai instead. Kartik is shocked to hear them saysthat they are leaving the house. Kartik says that everything was okay, then what happened suddenly, and rushes to tai.

Outside survi waits impatiently, when shanti comes again revising the tables that she used to make her learn. they remember their old memories. They move emotionally towards each other, both tear stricken. Shanti asks why didnt she try to contact her, as she missed her so badly. survi says that her father had told her not to, and she never questioned his motives. They have a happy reunion, and decide to have fun together. she asks survi to come inside, but survi hesitates and shanti is surprised.

In her room, tai is busy drinking alcohol, when kkartik comes in knocking. he asks why the room is so dark. she says that her fate is dark hence the room too. he lights up the room. she asks him not to, ad she cant bear anyone seeing her crying. he asks why is she crying. she says that she is crying at her misunderstanding, as her children say that this house is kartik and they are mere house guests, but he isnt at fault for them, as he did whatever he could, treated her like a mother, and raised her children like his siblings and did a huge favour on them. he says that its was his duty. she laughs and asks what did he do today then, and asks how could he get her husband’s murderer’s daughter in this house, and therefore its infact his and hot her house. he tells her that srikant is not at fault, and then tells how he had to go when srikant called him today. tai is angry and furious at kartik’s decision. he says that all happened so fast, and he didnt remember bhao. she is outraged and says that he could very easily forget her too easily now. While tai sits tensedly, kartik hesitantly comes to her side. he tells her about his promise to srikant. Tai says that he had made a promise to her too, and the second promise to her too, and if he fulfills one, then the other breaks down automatically. he says that he wont be a problem to her, as she shall leave with her children, and he should instead take care of survi who is a small girl and where would she go. he stops her, but she says that she is dead to him, as he forgot bhao, so he can very well forget tai too. Tai comes down with her bags, and all are tensed to see her coming down. lata tries to stop her, but tai says that they have to now leave the house and its relations too. kartik resignedly comes down the stairs. tai says that she doesnt have any complaints from him, but its just that she didnt expect this from him. lata says that he was helpless, as he is indebted to both her and srikant, and they both mean a lot to her. tai says that she is right, but he only paid the debt of srikant not her. she says that he is like her child, and treated him like a mother, and cant see her sad, and hence its best that they leave, so that he can stay peacefully with survi in this bungalow. Her daughter asks tai where shall they go, as they have sold the house in the chawl too. tai eyes her surprised and shocked. She asks her not to be tensed, as she is alive. she gathers her children and ask them not to take tension, as she is still alive. she asks kartik also not to be tensed, and shouldnt think about them at all, as she indirectly reminds him of his promise, and how he broke it. she says that she is very sad, and that she wont be able to stay under the same roof, with her husband’s murderer’s daughter. she turns to the lord, and then thinks that all her plans were ruined, due to him and then begs him to save her anyhow, for her respect. she then turns to lata, and asks her to take care of her kartik. Tai pretends to have a tearful goodbye, asking lata to keep the house safe and sound, emotionally blackmailing her that she did decorate the house so nicely. she gets to go, and kartik and his family eye her tesnedly. she desperately hopes that they shall stop her any minute. Just as she is about to step out, he calls out to her, and she is overjoyed. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: Survi gets scared when she finds kartik coming back with tai, as she remembers hopw tai had wanted to cut off her leg. but to her surprise, tai comes and shows all the affection and love on her, while she is scared of her still. she however hugs and caresses her, and asks her to keep herself safe in this big city. Survi is at discomfort.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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