Yeh Vaada Raha 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartiik takes survi back to their room, assuring that now everything shall be fine and normal. he shows her the beautifully decorated nursery that he has made for their child. she is overwhelmed, and they both hug each other.

Survi in her full blown pregnancy, is frantically searching around for something, when kartik coems and teases her, showing her the pickles that she is looking for. she tries to take, but he amusedly doesnt comply. she starts getting cramps. he immediately rushes to her, and once he is distracted, she snatches the pickles jar away from her. while she gorges away on the pickles, he hands her a necklace of lord ganesha for their child. she is completely pampered. Later, kartik is one day, about

to get to the office, when he doesnt find survi. the girls inform him, that she is working in the kitchen, much against their wishes. they both get him to talk to survi about this. tai asks him to let her do the work, as this is good. but he doesnt listen and rushes to the kitchen. As survi is working hard in the kitchen, kartik comes with a briefcase, dressed for office, asking her whats this, and why is she working, since she needs to rest. she says that it isnt much problematic. but he isnt willing to listen to her. she says that with his care, she shall fatten up. he says that he would like her like that too, and continue loving her as ardently. they start romancing yet again. he turns to leave for office, as she says that she shall come right out. she gets stuck in her saree, and falls on the ground, flat on her stomach, and lets out a yelp of shrieking pain. he is shocked and picks her up. He says that he had warned her. tai asks him to first get her medical attention. they all rush to her, while she is antagonising pain. they rush her to the hospital.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
As she struggles in the hospital room, all wait tensedly out for the result. kartik paces around nervously. tai asks him not to worry as everything shall be alright. he says that he shall get tensed as she fell on her stomach. the nurse doesnt respond as she keeps going in and out of the lord. srikant too comes and tries to calm kartik down, adding that the lord shall keep everything okay. kartik turns to the lord for help. when the doctor finally comes out, she relieves them all by saying, that survi is fine and is blessed with a baby girl. he is ecstatic as the entire family is in throes of happiness. he asks if she can meet his wife. the doctor says that she is unconscious, but when she comes back to senses, he can. he asks if survi is fine. the doctor assures that everything is fine, but since the baby is premature, hence has to be kept 24 hours in observation. kartik asks raghu to distribute sweets galore throughtout the hospital. he then starts howering money and gifts on the nurse, ward boys and attendants. he then requests the doctor if he can meet his girl for two minutes, and assures that he wont even touch her, but just look from afar. the doctor complies, and sends him in with the nuse, wherein he finally sees his child in the incubator. he is overwhelmed emotionally to see her. he eyes her through the glass, with an inexplicable happiness. he talks to her and tells that he shall be her father, but her best friend too, and shall give her all the happiness in the entire world, and shall relive his long lost childhood with her, and shall see the world in new light with her and when she grows up, he shall make her walk, and beginning to plan every second of his future life with his daughter, promising to relive everything that he didnt get to have. he names her, KHUSHI, since she brought that in their lives, and that his life starts and ends with her, and thats a promise. he leaves

In her ward, survi wakes up, and is disturbed at not seeing her child nearby. she finds kartik coming in, and asks about their baby. he informs as to how their child is wonderful, and tells that its a girl. he thanks her for having fulfilled his desire. she begs to be taken to the nursery. he says that he shall after the doctor’s permission. she then asks how she looks like. he talks amusedly, about every single feature, as to how she resembles survi. they both animatedly chatter and banter. after the doctor inspects, and tells the survi is absolutely normal as per reports, and can go to meet the child. she struggles to get up, and after much of her hesitation, he picks her up in the arms, saying that he is her husband after all, and has to the right to do this, to take her in the nursery. he then blurts out that he already named the child. she fumes and is miffed, but when he gives a plausible explanation for the reason of the name of their child, she too likes the name. they both eye each other romantically. he carries her out in the arms, and the entire family is plesantly surprised to see them like this. raghu takes a snap to make it memorable. she feels shy and embarassed. she gets down and then everyone blesses her, and wishes her congratulations. with the entire family, he takes her to the lord ganesha idol. she then prays to the lord, with kartik, thanking him for this wonderful gift, and then requests him to forever keep her daughter and her husband safe. she says that he has forever been with them and hopes that it stays the same. he then blindfolds her, saying that its needed if she wishes to see her child. she complies happily.

Meanwhile, a wardboy lurks around suspiciously, with an empty wheelchair and enters the nursery, and eyes their child. he then picks her up evilly.

As kartik closes her eyes, and then takes her to the nursery, she is super excited. survi begs for the eyes to be opened, while he is shocked to see it empty. he hollers for the nurse, and when she comes, he is shocked as he asks her where is his daughter. survi eyes the empty incubator, and is shell shocked and stunned. she asks too where is the daughter. the nurse says that maybe the doctor took them. he assures her that nothing shall happen to her, and leaves to find the doctor. she is distraught as she eyes the empty incubator. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Kartik and his entire family are tensed, at the disappearance of their baby. he gets a call. As kartik picks up the call, he hears the cries of the child, the kidnapper asks for 5 crores, if he wishes to hear the voices again. they are tensed and distraught. kartik, survi arrive at the said designation but armed with police. the kidnapper gets enraged as he points the pistol at the baby that he has in his hand. survi is aghast. he says that his child as well as his money shall go, since he shall have to pay heavily for this oversmartness.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I see Indian people are always fighting to be happy, sad

  2. As it said only villians win in these shows

  3. How did survi already have her baby, and Tamu on kumkum bhagya has been pregnant for 2 years


      I think survi and kartik will die now and survi will return in her daughter face….
      Becoz all promises of survi and kartik are fulfiled… they will make new promises in form of survi’s daughter khushi and show will repeat all story in new faces, but according to me show must hve ended now…

  4. Guys nothing like this is going to happen after the leap survi and kartik will get separate survi will be living with her daughter and kartik as a loner so it will be interesting to watch after leap how karvi come back together their romance nok jhok and and many more so plz keep watching yvr and be positive after the leap also the show will focus on our karvi only don’t worry and watch yvr @ 10 pm

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