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Yeh Vaada Raha 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartik was shocked to hear Mehr wanted to suicide because of him and Survi. She tells him that she had written a suicide note as well and reads it. She fell in love with Kartik in first sight, she might not have gone ahead had she known he was already married. Survi deliberately played cruel jokes with her. All the mistake was only of Survi Barvay, she had no right to play with her life. Kartik drops the glass, while Mehr reads Survi must get punishment to lie to her, to play with her heart. Kartik was shocked. Mehr says I love you to him. He asks to speak to her, but she hushes her up. She says he loves her too that is why he is here for her at this time. Kartik says she is getting it wrong. Mehr asks him to tell her, she will listen to her. They both have to decide what they have to do about Survi,

he might take his time while she is here for him. Kartik says he is married to Survi, he loves her dearly; Survi has sacrificed a lot for him. They are happy after years. Mehr gulps her drink, she shouts at him to shut up, if he had to speak about Survi why he came to save her. She goes to cut her hand, Kartik holds it but gets hurt himself. His hand bleeds. Mehr goes to get bandage, she asks what he did to himself. She says he saved her again, if it means to him if she lives or dies. She hugs him and says Survi must not have lied to her. Kartik asks so what if she lied, she now knows about the truth. She must forgive him. Mehr gets him by collar and says she has really moved forward, she can’t back up. Kartik says she will get better guy but he loves Survi a lot. Mehr asks him to go out, leave her to herself and go to his Survi. She shuts him out and shouts at him to leave.
Mehr asks Kartik what happened to his hand, she was worried about Mehr. Kartik asks for a glass of water. Survi gets it and asks why he is so worried. Kartik tells her about the whole story. He says he must inform police, he says she has written a suicide note for police and in each line there is Survi’s name. He says he must call police. Survi stops him and says she was really stuck in her lie, no one has control over one’s heart. If he informs police her name will be ruined. They must inform her family. She doesn’t want another mistake by telling police and ruining her life. She says she will go to meet her. Kartik forbids her to even call her. He gets Mehr’s call, she apologizes Kartik for misbehaving with him. She requests him to be friends. Survi nods at Kartik. Kartik says he will speak to her tomorrow morning. Mehr throws the cell phone away and drinks. Kartik says he doesn’t want to give any hope to her, he should have got it when she offered him this huge salary. Survi says everything will be fine, and holds his hand saying she made a huge mistake. She had no idea this can be the consequences. There is thunderstorm, Survi was worried. Kartik says he will stop every storm before it reaches her. Survi says she trusts their relation, until they are together nothing wrong can happen. They hug each other. Kartik asks Survi to go to sleep, they have to go for work tomorrow as well. Her dress stucks in his watch, they recall all the times it had happened before with them. Kartik stands up and remove it. He says they need God’s blessings, no one will come between them.
Late at night, Mehr comes to Kartik, she keeps a hand on his bandaged hand and lay besides him on his pillow, watching him asleep. Survi wakes up at once with some nightmare. She was worried and kisses her mangal sooter. She hurries outside. Mehr had gone out until she comes outside. Suddenly her phone rings, it was Tai’s call. Survi takes the call, Tai asks if she is fine. Survi asks what is it about. Tai says they are related be it of love or hatred. She says she had a nightmare about Kartik, if he is fine. Survi says he is fine, she won’t let anything happen to him as well. Tai tells her about Mehr, she slept besides Kartik outside. Survi also came out but she couldn’t see anyone, she was relieved and goes inside. Survi was mistaken, Mehr was there. Tai says she is so excited that after drinking so much she has been unable to sleep. That mad girl has ruined Survi’s life. Survi says until she and Kartik are together nothing can happen. Tai asks what if this relation breaks, she must not complain Tai didn’t warn. That crazy has reached her husband’s bed, she must go and stop her husband. Survi runs outside, Kartik was sound asleep. She looks around but couldn’t find anyone. Survi says no, Mehr can’t come here. Tai wants to create a misunderstanding between them, she turns to find a coil. She thinks neither she nor Kartik put it here and gets it all at once.

PRECAP: Kartik comes out to ask Survi about Tie. He is shocked to see Mehr. Mehr says all the problems between her and Survi have resolved, he will stay with Survi on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday, Friday and Sat he will spend with Mehr and Sunday will be his family day.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This mehr is much worse than tai. Hate this mehr seriously she is crazy

    1. U r right ,worse than tai and dangerous too.

  2. why is this kind of totally crazy female interfering other’s life when she should be in the nuthouse? Her entire existence in the show is shameless and foul. and could this bunch of ppl be so evil?

  3. plz remove this stupid mehr frm the serial

  4. why can’t the writer understand that this character is not welcome not even as a villain in the show? this is just pure frustration. best of luck in viewers rating with her in the show. This show used to be the best one…

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