Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Lata and others keep assuring her from the outside, asking her not to be scared. tai comes and viciously eyes them. kartik meanwhile drops rats inside, and then shuts

the window. survi is aghast. aniket tells tai that he wont bear anymore, and shall open the room. he tries to take it out, but the lock doesnt open up. tai and bindu

are amused as kartik comes and shoves them all away. lata retorts to tai, that one day she shall have to bear and pay for her sins, and asks her to be scared of the

lord, who watches everything that she does. tai says that she wishes to see their drama right now. Meanwhile, inside the store, survi is petrified, and screams for

kartik to save her. kishore apologises and begs for forgiveness.

tai continues to emotionally blackmail, before kartik gets influenced. as expected, kartik sides with

tai, and says that survi, being a bad girl, shall have to face punishment. they are apalled as they hear survi’s saving cries from inside, as she hurts and bruises

herself badly, while trying to get out of the iron rails, but in vain, trying to duck the rats. lata prays to the lord, asking him to save his daughter, who is his

ardent devotee, and asks him to do something, to keep survi safe. survi desperately tries to free herself but isnt able to. she continues trying to thwart the rats

away. in her scuffle, an old box falls from aove, and a piece of cloth containing lord ganesha’s face falsl on the floor. miraculously, the rats retreat and leave. survi is overwhelmingly relieved and thanks the lord. she then gets to trying to open it, while settling down on the floor. she takes the blessing of the lord, and then continues to pray, thanking him for saving her.

Outside, kartik comes to tai, and asks her to spare survi now, as her punishment is done. lata and others are hopeful, while tai stops him, by caressing him, and says that he caused her such huge relief. bindu too says that she shall serve him icecream, and he hurriedly rushes out with them. MEanwhile, survi wakes up after a while, and starts coughing severely. she feels relief, when the cloth falls on her face, and then prays to the lord to give her more strength to be able to sure whats happening. she finally doses off.

the next morning, while all wait anxiously, kartik rushes to them, asking for survi. Kartik comes to lata and hema and asks her where is survi, as he is very hungry. Lata asks how can survi give as he has locked her in the store. she asks hema to give it to her. she sweet talks and asks for the key. after much deliberation and convincing, he understands their point and he gives her. they hurriedly open, and find survi unconscious inside. they are distraught. they splash water on her face to try and revive her back, finally she gains her senses. they manage to get her up somehow and seat her on the sofa. lata tells survi that she knows she is hurt more in the heart than the leg, at the indifferent behaviour of kartik, as the person who should have been the reason of her love, isnt able to do that. she says that he is totally oblivious as to whats going on. she says that anyone can say anything, but she wont go any such seminars.

In her room, tai discusses with bindu, saying that she needs to get kartik to comply to everything that happens in the family. tai is fully determined that she shall teach survi a lesson. bindu says that her idea of using kartik to attack survi is impeccable. tai says that she knows she might try, being a true Indian wife, but she knows how to outwit survi. she talks about her plans with bindu, when kartik walks in aasking her to come down for breakfast. tai complies and asks him to warn survi not to spoil their food. he complies.

Kartik’s ball comes to touch survi’s feet and she is surprised to see him standing in front of others. she is disturbed and distraught too, while he eyes her and finds her crying, while survi is distraught. he takes out and gives her a hankey, asking her to stop. Later, the music starts and he starts enjoiyng, while bothering his family. tai and binsu are amused. are all asghast as to what he did.

Survi and kartik face each other, in front of the lord. he wipes off her tears, while she looks at him emotionally. he then gives her a hankey, as lata watches tensedly. survi gets emotionally overwhelmed. The screen freezesd on her face

Precap: survi and kartik fight over minor things in the kitchen, as he wishes to have her engaged with him, during her recreation, while she is reluctant and adamant as to why it isnt happening.he tries to complain and she soothes and makes him understand why she cant go out with him today.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think kartik is back to normal n he is playing ai

  2. indera sanichara

    How much more suffering does Survi has to go through writers please tell me. I can’t understand this hell they they are going through year after year so please tell me when it will stop and they will live in peace. Thank you.

  3. when will this couple be happy, i mean really happy, not five minute and then back to Tai and her bullshit, it is a merry go around, this show.

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