Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence and magistrate’s office
As all attend to survi, kartik finds the truth about the fever induced by onions, and they ask her to get up, as he knows it now. She gets up, and kartik eyes her fumingly, as to how she could it and the others also are with her on this, when instead of giving her leverage they should be reprimanding her. he asks for the one reason that she did this, and why was she so helpless. She says that his anger and frustration are the reason, as to avoid it, she has to do it, and shall keep doing it, till she doesnt get rid of it altogether. She says that she never gets his time and attention and hence has to take these extreme measures. she says that everyone understood her, and hence they stand by her, but she doesnt udnerstand

when would he understand, and how would he find time from her schedule to clear their misunderstandings. he asks if her soltuion was a success. She asks him to keep himself in her spot, as she would see a neglected wife, and she did this only to get his attention. he is frustrated while others are amused. he says that she needs to apologise to mend for whats happened. she asks if she need apology to want to spend time with him. he asks her to do whatever she wants, and he doesnt care and storms out. After he leaves, all have a good laugh, as to how she accomplished the impossible, as survi never talked like this to him. She says that he shall be taught a lesson. they are concerned what to do next. As she enters the registrar’s office, tai gets hema’s call, but before she can receive,she collides into someone and breaks her phone. hema and bindu are boggled what to do now, as they need to inform tai about kartik coming there. Survi meanwhile reprimands hema for ruining a well set plan. bindu begs her to do something, while she says that now nothing can be done.

Meanwhile, Tai enters the registration office and is oblivious that kartik too came in after her. tai finds kartik’s employee, and then spots him too, and tries to hide her face. he is shocked to see her there too, and just then, her number comes and she is about to get them registered, but instead she runs away to avoid being seen. he wonders whats she doing here and rushes after her, while she makes a mad dash. She enters into a chamber, and somehow kartik is distracted by bindu, hema and pyare, who put a road show in disguise, along with durga. tai takes this chance to stealthily walk out, while they engage kartik in the road enactment. Durga rani escapes from there, and then takes tai, shows her face, seeing which tai is shocked. She asks tai to run from here, but just then, kartik calls her out. She is distraught, while durga continues to beg her to be quiet. he confronts and asks her whats she doing here, and when she fumbles, he asks her sternly as to whats going on. she is at a loss for an answer. While she fumbles, he takes the property papers and goes through them and is shocked. but is relieved and shocked when they are papers of some other land, that she is giving to him. durga reminisces that she had replaced them when tai was frozen due to kartik. he is overwhelmed to find this gesture while tai plays along, but she is tensed whe she sees durag with the papers which gets smeared in the mud on the ground, and rendered unusable.

later, tai reprimands durga for doing these weird things. she says that she svaed her life, and instead of thanking her, she is being so ungrateful. she says that she should have let him find the truth about her. tai angrily asks her, why did kartik come here. Durga explains it all, and tai reprimands them lashing at them for being utter idiots. durga asks her to let be now, and focus on whats to be done now.

Scene 2:
Location: Magistrate’s office
tai is distraught at having lost her land, when durga stops her from drinking, and asks her to focus on what can be done. tai again tries to find some violent method. but durag says that they tried all methods but failed terribly. she says that they have to find an alternative method. Durga meanwhile explains as to how they couldnt so stuff as daughter and mother in law, but they can get it done, being mother and daughter. she agrees. tai asks her to speak clearly. durga asks her to just let her take her lead, and she should just follow her, so that they can stun kartik together. Later, when kartik comes home, he is thoroughly shocked, to find them both praying together. Tai and durga eye each other amused. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: kartik asks durag whats her motive. durga explains that whatever he said about tai is true. Durga accepts that tai is actually noble, and had such a big heart, that she accepted her as a daughter, the minute she realised and apologised for her deeds. she explains how much she values their relationship now. she says that even tai has forgiven her, and begs to be forgiven by him too now.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Sandra s thannickal

    Survi ko huva kya?mein yvr ka epi 2weeks miss kiya.meri tv was not work.plz tell me guys survi ko kya huva?aur vo Durga rani survi ke jaisae .Latha kaki ,shanthi vo dhonnom kaha hai?

    1. Tai burnt Survi alive, so she kille Survi and then Karthik n others cannot find Survi anywhere so tai gets worried and finds her look alike Durga a bhojpuri actress and then she made her act like Survi and go to Karthik’s house and to purposely act strange with him according to her plan

      1. But Survi is not dead. Durga is actually Survi. I posted the link on 29 Feb page

  2. Precap is quite confusing what is going on?

  3. Whts this yeh kab hoga khatam
    when will surthik come together

    anni aur lata kaha hai no news about them

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