Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi sits in the temple, lamenting that she might have achieved a lot, but she is still deeply tensed as to ho long she shall have to wait, before exposing tai in front of kartik. she says that she is forced to become sakhi, and give justice where needed, but she isnt happy and it stops her, from getting ahead in her relationship. She remembers his earnest efforts at improvement. Then she goes to the room, where kartik eyes her lovingly. she gets awkward and asks him to eat, or else the food shall go cold. He asks if she ate. She looks away. he asks her not to lie. She says that she ate, as she was hungry. he refuses to believe it, and asks if she is angry. He says that he knowshis foolish behaviour may have irked her at times, and that when

they take forward, their relation, its upto her to decide, but before they got maritally engaged, they were best friends, and he swears that from this day forth, he shall rectify every small mistake of his. She eyes him overwhelmingly. he asks her where is she lost. She begins to go, but he stops her and says that had situations not been otherwise, he would have done this a long time back, but today he wishes to say it out aloud, that he loves her. she smiles at him through tears, while an awkward, romantic eyelock follows. He says that it was his love that made him marry her, and make her his wife. She says that she cant be more happy than this, and thinks that there is no greater happiness, that their life partner loving them, and laments that she is helpless that she cant take their relation ahead. He then says that his mother had told him to give her a gift after marriage. he opens his hand to reveal the golden earrings, that he had given and then taken away too. he says that this was and now he is returning them to her, with the promise, that she shall decide when they become a married couple, but he shall always be one step ahead of her, in friendship, and shall always be by her side, and never have secrets from each other. she gets teary eyed, as she takes them, and begins to go, but she is shocked, when he stops her, by holding her hand. she gets conscious. He turns around and tries to lean in to get romantically intimate with her, by kissing her, but senses that she has an awkward distance maintained, and refrains himself and says that they should eat. He moves aside, while she stands heavily panting with breath. he asks her to come. she complies and sits. He feeds her, while she takes it tensedly. Later, they get to sleepng, as their prior arrangement, while she is in awe at the loving way, that he is behaving with her.

The next morning, kartik comes to survi beside the dressing table, and eyes her, while she is unnerved at his gaze. Tai comes and asks for him. lata and shanti come too. tai says that she has a susprise planned, and apologises for being late on this. He is boggled. Lata and survi wonder what she is upto. Tai says that she hasnt given him any gift for his marriage, and then hands an envelope. He asks whats this. She asks him to open it. Tai gives tickets to kartik for their honeymoon, whil he and survi are taken aback. he asks why the hurry, but she refuses to listen, as he has to take time off for work. lata and survi eye each other tensedly. Tai asks him to take out time if not for himself, then for survi. She asks lata if she is right. lata complies. he says that they should ask survi first. tai asks if such a thing is asked, and that good girls never say such things. She then asks survi, since he is asking, if she has any issues going with him to the honeymoon. she stays silent and looks down. tai taunts that this is her shyness, as she has become super happy. he says that he is getting late for work and leaves, without having breakfast. Tai then asks survi to go and pack, and then leaves. Lata and survi discuss why the sudden overflowing of love, but she shouldnt think much, as she would get the time to spend with kartik. She asks survi to go and get ready. She complies, and goes to the roof, tensed remembering tai’s words. She then gets kartik’s phone call, waiving her goodbye, and then thanks her for consenting for their honeymoon, having forgiven him. He says that she gave their relation a new life. She is about to speak, but he says that he is very happy with his decision. he then tries to talk, but tai comes and then teases him to stop his romance. he leaves for office hastily. tai comments how happy he is, and then asks why is she so tensed. she then pretends to be helping her with the packing, while she is utterly boggled. tai asks her to be happy, as she heard her confession to the lord last night. tai then says that she again came up with a soltuion, for her one-up-manship. she asks her not to break her relation and kartik would be devastated, if she refuses, and if she says yes, then she would be trapped in her own net. She now asks her to take up a stance. tai says that she shall teach her a lesson. survi stands tensed. tai tells survi that she has thrown such a honeymoon pill as bet, that she has no option but to choke on it. Survi is tensed, as she gags her throat, and throws her clothes at her, and asks her to continue her packing. After she leaves, survi wonders what if she agreed, then lata would be in grave danger, and if she says no, kartik would be apalled. the screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Later, tai accuses survi of forging her sick health, just to get out of going to honeymoon. tai asks why the reluctance and then the drama for all this. Survi and kartik eye each other tensedly. She is all tears, showing him the tickets. he is enraged, and tears them. he asks her to never lie to him again, as he hates lies, and people who are liars. She is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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