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Yeh Vaada Raha 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lata distributes sweet among everyone. Survi asks Kartik to come to her with the sweet in his hand, he teases her and eats it all himself. She leaves annoyed. Kartik comes behind her.
Mehr comes to her room, crying.
There, Kartik comes to Survi in the room where they get cozy with each other.
Mehr cries over the love between Kartik and Survi. She lay in the bath, lost while water covers half of her face. She slips herself inside the water.
The next morning, Mehr sat by the wall of her room. Someone knocks at the door. Mehr shouts that whoever it is must leave, she doesn’t need to talk anyone. It was Tai and informs it is her. Mehr opens the door, Tai and Hema come in. Tai had come to her with flowers for her, she says she came to give her a gift. She is really sad that her

love story ended before it had started. She asks if she will not look towards Kartik now, so is she now allowed to break his house? Tai asks no, alright. She asks Mehr to forget Kartik, she can’t break the unbreakable love of Kartik and Survi. She herself has tried a thousand times to separate them. Mehr doesn’t turn to them, Tai takes a leave. Mehr laughs at the unbreakable love story.
Hema asks Tai what she came for. Tai says she will do opposite to Tai has asked her for, this girl will now break the relation between Kartik and Survi. Mehr shouts hysterically tearing the flowers apart. She laughs and then cries sitting on the floor. She throws all his luggage around the room.
Survi tells Kartik that she thinks it is really late, he must sleep. Kartik asks her for a kiss, she pushes him away and says good night.
Mehr calls Kartik, Kartik was shocked to get her call so late. Mehr was crying and says she wanted to hear his voice for one last time. She will take her life and holds the knife on the table. Kartik asks what she is doing, she must listen to him. she asks what she must listen, she just want him to speak softly to her. This is her last wish. She tells him she has written everything in the letter, but please he must keep on talking to her. She wants to hear his voice before dying. Kartik says she won’t do anything, he is just coming to her; where is she. Mehr says what use it can be, there is nothing in their hands now. Survi comes there. Kartik hushes her up, he asks Mehr she can’t give her life, he is coming to her and they will speak to each other. He tells Survi it is Mehr on the call. Mehr says it is really late. Kartik says he won’t also be able to live if something happens to him, he will have to live with the guilt. He will solve any problem she has. Mehr withdraws the knife, and tells him she is at her home. Kartik promises to reach her home. Survi asks what is it about? Kartik says he will tell her the details later, but she must not tell anyone about it; this girl did a lot for them and they must need to return her as well. Mehr thinks Kartik is coming, she needs to clean the room. She goes to get fresh. Survi was worried, she prays for protection of Mehr.
Mehr got ready, Kartik knocks at the door worried. Mehr tells him to come in. he was shocked to see Mehr lighting candles for him, draped in shower towel. He turns away. She tells Kartik that she takes bath thrice a day, because of te Chol issue her bath had been missed. She was getting ready when he said he is coming, so she couldn’t stop him. She makes him sit and pours drink for him. She tells him there is no servant in the house, else they wouldn’t have allowed her to suicide. Kartik gets Survi’s call, Mehr says disconnect, she is getting distracted. Kartik cuts the call, Survi was worried.
Mehr hands the drink to Kartik and touches his hand that he withdraws. She sits beside him, he moves apart. Kartik asks why he wanted to suicide. She says she will tell him soon. He asks again. She says because of him and Survi.
Pyaare complains Tai that a huge business man wants to work with her. Pyaare introduces her to a Malpaani, he returns 150 crore for investment of only 8 crores. Tai says Kishore takes care of all the paper work, she is only concerned with money. Kishore says it seems to be fine but they must consult a CA. Pyare snatches the file off his hand and says he has already checked. Tai agrees to sign, she gets a call then while Pyaare takes the signatures from Tai. Tai was happy about her work.

PRECAP: Mehr asks Kartik to think how they can get rid of Survi. Kartik says Survi is his wife and he loves her dearly. She goes to cut her wrist again, Kartik snatches the knife and gets hurt. She bandages his hand. At night, when Kartik was asleep Mehr comes to lay her head over his pillow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. These type of psychic patients shd b admitted to mental hospital….

  2. what is this rubbish?! not gonna watch this show until bthis villain woman find her exit . This is way too much.

  3. You have gone from bad to psychotically worse,,,,the witch Tai and now madwoman Meher. God help Indians and the crap they need to put up with.

  4. kartik ko emotional fool kyu dikha rhe ho ..its very bad .. mujhe nhi dekhna yeh serial ..kartik aur survi ko har baar dukh hi milta hai ..i too get tensed while seeing all this ..stop it please ..

  5. agreed with you rosy……all the serials are filled with ghosts and mentals……..

  6. I can’t believe this. What kind of thing the writer is trying to promote/encourage through this kind of plot. It’s 2016, Mr.Writer! How could you build up this kind of story line? You seriously need to get your senses back. This show was a nice one but this..oh lord! there were also privacy invasion (that crazy-eyed female
    once just walked into Kartik and Survi’s room! totally barbaric)..jesus..give this
    couple a break..isn’t this show about Kartik and Survi? pls dun cross so many lines.. your show got loads of audiences who can think with their heads #noOffense

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