Yeh Vaada Raha 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
tai comes and talks to the girl,durga rani, about how kartik craves for survi’s love. She rushes up to find kartik asleep on the floor. she comments on their wonderful love story. then she coems down and tells tai, as to how this couple is inseparable, and asks tai to let her go, and let him rot in survi’s memories. tai gets angry and says that she shall not accept defeat, and says that she is waiting for tomorrow, when she shall get the entire property anyhow.

The next morning, kartik wakes up, and throws away the blanket on him, that he had draped on her. then he goes in the shower, and accidentally collides with survi, with the shower on. as they both get wet, an awkward yet romantic eyelock follows. then a verbal scuffle

ensues. survi says that she had to be here as she has everything here and then rectifies that everything of hers is here, her stuff, clothes etc. Then she detchaes herself, and coems down drying herself, seeing which all are shocked. tai confronts about it, and she explains everything. They are shocked to know that she was in the same bathroom with him. she says that she merely played the character. she hollers at bindu to get her towel, and she resignedly complies. She then gets down to eating in a villagey manner, seeing which they are all disgusted. Tai stops her asking her to discuss their further plan. Durga reprimands her, and then continues to emotionally blackmail them regarding the money. Pyare begs her to do as durga says. she is frustrated with his naivety. then durga continues to keep hollering at everyone, while asking pyare to get tea, and telling tai that this is the perfect time for her to get the money frim kartik’s safe as he is bathing. she agrees and rushes up, but just then finds kartik coming out, who is shocked to see her, but she ducks in time, to avoid being seen. then he puts on his clothes, and goes out of the room.

Downstairs, durga thinks that tai couldnt get the money, hence she needs to start practising. As he is wearing the shoes, before leaving the room, he hears Survi singing Hawa Hawwai. He goes down. Tai meanwhile is frustrated as to the numbuts she got this time. Durga continues her performance, when kartik and kishore along with shanti come down and are shocked to see her like this. When she finally sees kartik, she stands stll, and silently faces his reprimanding her. he asks the butlers to get to work. he reprimands survi aka durga as to how she has lots of issues. She begins to go. But then he jerks her hand, for her indecency and shamelessness. she stands still. Surga eyes him tensedly. Ti tries to distract him, but its in vain. He jrks her around asking her the answer, but just the, Tanushree stops, and then he says that survi shall tell. he then also asks about what was she doing in his room. she makes him believe that he is stresses due to survi, and isnt able to recognise simple things. He waits for survi’s answer. she replies that she was making hema and pyare learn dancing. he asks how could she agree so easily. she says that she did it merely for the family. he says that sometimes it feels that she isnt hiis is s su survi att t a all. they are a all alarmed. Tai again steps in and distracts them. before complying, he casts an angry glance at survi and walks out. Kishore and shanti discuss their weird behaviour. she asks them all whats the plan nexrt. tai says that she has to go to their house, and torture them so much, tht thy shall start fighting when he sees them. Tai again enphasises that they need property papers duly signesd too. Durga talks about her insecure and fickle minded.

Later, in tai’s room, they decide that their next target shall be shanti, seeing whom, she shall have a big fight with him, that shall lead to their separation. Durga points out that he isnt an idiot, and he shall see through their plan. she then starts pointing out as to how getting her away from his life, shall merely worsen the situation for tai, who shall be implicated in the case once again, as its reopened. she relives the horrific nightmare, as durga recounts how she shall be sent to the gallows and tried for execution. tai is shocked and apalled. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: the next morning, while she is ready, durga gets papers from tai, to get his signatures. Survi aka durga presents them as shanti’s examination papers. He signs while reading the newspaper. All are anticipated and too restless to know of the status of the signature on the papers that would legally make tai her relative. she is amused.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Finally after some episodes got to see some Surthik scenes today, was quite cute n romantic but why this Karthik always so moody and hope that Tai gets exposed ASAP and the Durga drama ends soon

  2. I think survi is durga rani n she will put tai in her place now

  3. Meenat Abubakar

    Sure she is cos i saw it somewhere.d epi is quite nice

    1. Oh really ? So survi is durga rani huh

  4. I agree with you Leila I am sure that it is all an act that survi is putting on to trap tai and expose her before kartik just wait and see

  5. Plls end this Durga drama….I want Surthick scenes…….

  6. Yes guys Durga Rani is actually Survi. here is the link :

  7. good episode but precape was not good

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