Yeh Vaada Raha 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Outside, survi confronts them both, while she asks tai if she is going away, as she cant do this, as if she leaves, then who shall do all the work, as she knows her condition, and she cant work. she tells tai that she shall talk to kartik and get her back on work. tai reprimands and warns her. survi turns to ranvir and says that he has to pay for his sins, right in this birth, and he saw it first hand, as the sister, for whom he did so many conspiracies, broke his heart terribly, and the way his heart pains, they too felt the same pain, when he had distanced his shanti from them, the only remaining factor being, that shanti is madly in love, and meher is simply mad. she says that she could even take tai’s life for her husband, and tomorrow

can even kill herself. he asks her to shut up, while she asks him to stop pointing fingers at her, startling him. she says that she doesnt like it at all. he resignedly keeps it down. she says that kartik and she arent weak, and that they wont tolerate nonsense for ny reason, and warns that if he tries to mess with shanti, then its effect shall go from shanti and meher. ranvir says that it shall cost her. she says that who pays the price, they shall see and in the next five minutes, he would understand. she shows him the balcony, wherein some drama shall unfold. tai asks whats she talking about. survi asks her to be patient, since they topsy turvied her life, without even giving a hint, and didnt even make her cope up, and that she shall give them full five minutes, to ponder over what can spoil their life.

Inside, meher asks him to cheer up, while he sheds crocodile tears, pretending to be apalled at the insult and humiliation that she had to face. he says that he never exzpected that she shall doubt him, and he is tired of this. she says that she shall ensure that he shall never have to go through it again, and that she even threw her brother out, and says that she shall never let ranvir influence her, and shall only trust him. he says that still before going, ranvir planted seeds of doubt in her mind, calling him names. he is tensed, but smirks when it has the desired effect. she swears that she shall always trust him, that he doesnt love survi at all, and wont listen to anyone, who tells her otherwise. kartik is amused. he says that he doesnt wish to live, ad its good he had died. but she asks him to stop now, as she doesnt like it at all, and if he hurts her, then she shall…..and he asks what shall she do, jump down from the balcony. he continues to provocate and instigate her, while survi outside starts the countdown. meher asks him not to challenge, as he has no idea what she can do, since she might just do it. he pretends to be disbelieving, and then she is fully instigated, and steps out, while kartik is amused. survi finishes the countdown, and they look upto the balcony. meher starts to get on the railing, trying to commit suicide. ranvir is apalled to see this. he rushes to her, while begging her to get down. she asks why hasnt he gone yet, frustrated. she asks if he plans to separate them, and asks him to get lost, climbing up the railing further. he is distraught. just then, kartik comes from behind, and tries to stop her, while she asks him to be happy first, or else she jumps. he complies, and ranvir eyes him irritably. she asks ranvir to get lost, and he complies, while she assures kartik that she shall keep him happy, and not let him be sad. tai is boggled. he finds meher clinging to him, and then eyes survi irritated at this. he takes meher inside. survi snaps them out of their trauma, and asks them to be alert. she reminds him, that she wont be able to save meher, if he as much as tries to hurt shanti, and that he cant imagine what shall happen to meher, if he hurts shanti. he sys that he has no clue what can happen, and that she has messed up with the wrong person. survi reminds him of the atrocities that he out her through, but forgot how they are made for each other, and cant be separated. she confronts him with steely eyes. he says that he understands her game. she says that he started it, but doesnt know who shall end it, but one thing is for sure, she shall get back everything, with her new life and child, as when a couple, become parents, the child changes everything. survi says that she promises that till the birth of the child, she shall have united with kartik. she challenges him, that she shall find shanti from anywhere and she shall start her life again, with her husband, in this very house, right in this house and that from this day, their fight start, in which he shall lose with his mad sister, and he can try everything within his means. tai is shocked. survi then gets inside, while tai and ranvir fume. Rancvir is about to leave enraged, when tai begs him not to leave meher, as they have trapped her.

Meanwhile, inside, survi overhears tai instigating ranvir that he cant leave meher alone in the hands of manipulative kartik and survi, and they shall get her to free shanti,a nd ocne that happens, meher’s life shall be ruined. he says that when their identity is exposed in front of meher, they would pay for it, but he wont stay here. just then, kartik comes and survi asks whats he doing here, as if anyone sees them, it would cause trouble. he says that she is resting, and he came out for some excuse. she smiles at him. he asks whats she doing here. she shows what he has been listening. she say that they managed to split meher and ranvir, and now they need to find shanti. they over hear ranvir challenging, that they neednt be so happy, as they too have a weakness, and thats shanti, which he shall exploit now. they are tensed to hear this. she tells him that ranvir shall definitely go to shanti, and if they follow they can get to the place where shanti is kept captive. he says that he shall go, but she says that she needs to come along too, while he is concerned for her health. He is reluctant to send her out in this condition, while she says that he needs to be here, to keep track of meher, while she is perfectly safe as per the doctor. she asks him not to worry, as she values this child too much, and then asks him to have a nice time pass, with his wife. he is fuming at her childish tease. they happily banter. she asks him to always be away from meher, atleast a feet. he happily complies. ranvir meanwhile leaves, and tai gets inside. survi asks kartik to cover up that she is resting, while she is outside, after ranvir. Ranvir leaves and survi follows suit, after the guard promises not to tell anyone of her exit.

As kartik comes in the corridor, he finds tai facing her. just then, meher steps down, and asks whats she still doing here. tai eyes both of them and then apologises profusely to both of them but not throw her out of the house. she instigates meher and also indirectly tells kartik, that it was her idea all along, to get shanti, so that they could get kartik. kartik fumes. tai makes her swear on kartik’s name, and she agrees. she threatens her that if she does one more mistake, she shall be killed, with her family. tai say that she has apologised to her, and to kartik, and now she shall say sorry to survi too, and rushes to her room, while meher takes kartik who is incredibly tensed as to what shall happen, when tai finds her room empty. the screen freezes on survi on the road, and tai’s vengeful face.

Precap: Ranvir tells survi that his sister, must be in the arms of her ex-husband, to consummate her marriage, right now. she is tensed. he says that either of the sisters shall have their wedding night today. survi is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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