Yeh Vaada Raha 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence and temple
As the puja and festivities are on, krishna tells survi that they shall all pray together tomorrow, for the first time, as one happy family. she is overwhelmed to hear this. Meanwhile, krishna gives the property deeds to survi, and asks her to go to the lawyer to get the new ones. she says that now noone shall be able to stop tai from going to jail. they pray together and an accident occurs, which burns the papers off, and she gets upset. however krishna assures her and asks her not to be upset. she then leaves, and meets vikram and kartik, who have kalindi tied up. they discuss the next part of the plan.

Meanwhile, Krishna takes khushi out for a drive. he then calls up survi. she asks where is he. he says that he got

khushi out for some time. he demands to talk to kartik. she complies. then he makes him talk to khushi, who talks oblivious that its her own father. he gets emotional and overwhelmed. krishna assures kartik that soon everything shall be okay. after the call, he tells survi that he is very happy that he has krishna with him, who understands the importance of family. they hug each other, while krishna and khushi have a wonderful time too. survi shows him the video that khushi made. as he sees it, he is shocked and aghast. vikram and survi get tensed and ask whats the matter. when vikram sees it, he is shocked too. survi demands to know. kalindi is boggled too. vikram and kartik eye each other tensedly. survi too shows a similar reactiomn, as he sees that actually krishna had deliberately set the papers on fire, while survi had her eyes closed in prayer. krishna eyes khushi viciously. while eating the icecream, khushi goes unconscious. survi understands that it was all a deception. kalindi smiles saying that its a wonderful game and asks her if she knows who played it, and answers that its tai. they are shocked. she tells how tai saw that krishna was getting affected, and wasnt interested in the plan anymore. tai asks him not to double cross her, as she knows kartik is alive, and he too came in the trap of survi’s words. she completely instigates him against survi. but krishna says that this wouldnt be, as he is their brother. tai continues to fill his mind with poison against kartik and survi. kalindi and pyare watch him getting affected. she then produces vikram, who is on their side, and told them everything about kartik and survi, and their plans, which he didnt. vikram shows him the paper that kartik signed to get krishna arrested. krishna is aghast. vikram says that after they take the property from tai, they shall get kartik back, and then send him to jail. all smirk while he is apalled. he also tells that he shall get 1 crore to get tai, pyare and kalindi, behind bars, and he had agreed, but tai gave her 10 crores to speak it to him, and hence he is here. he tells krishna that he knows he doesnt lie. when she shows the paper to survi, she declares that it isnt her sign. kalindi says that this she knows, but how would krishna know. vikram and kalindi guffaw and frees him, and taunt kartik and survi, as to how they got deceived yet again. he also tells them about going to save khushi. survi is apalled, while kartik is enraged. vikram asks him to focus on saving the child first, as krishna was left off at the temple, and now to seek revenge, he shall do the same thing to khushi. they are aghast to hear this, but vikram says that he doesnt know which temple is it. meanwhile, krishna carries khushi and places him at the footsteps of some temple, and then starts ringing the bells continuously. he says that he knows she isnt at fault, but he has to do, as where she is lying, he lay 30 years back, since his mother left him, due to which his life changed, and he went to orphanage, and where he was so tortured, that he ran, and turned on the bad path, and how his life finished even before it started. he starts comparing his life with kartik, and the good luck he has. he says that he shall take up her father’s place, and that the next revenge, is that he shall leave her here today, so that she too meets a similar fate, and thats when he finds solace. he turns around and then leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
While pyare and kalindi drink, as tai opens a bottle of champagne to celebrate, tai proclaims as to how she wont today, even though she always tried to outsmart her. vikram compliments tai on hr smart move that shocked survi and kartik. she says that survi considers herself as smart, but this time, no motive shall work, as her plan is unmatched. she gives vikram some part of the payment, saying that the remaining shall he get, when the entire work is done. pyare talks about his sudden change of sides, and vikram says that everything is on sale, and tai put a correct price on him.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
As they come out distraught and dishevelled, kartik calls the police for their assistance. they comply. he tells this to her. he is berserk. she says that they cant lose her again, and asks him to get her back anyhow. he assures her that he wont let anything happen to khushi, and asks if she trusts him. she complies. they remember what vikram said, and decide to search near temples. they start their search. Meanwhile, survi runs frantically on the road, dishevelled and distraught, oblivious of the incoming traffic. she thinks she spots khushi, going with someone, and rushes after her. kartik sees her in danger, and screams out for her. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: finally, kartik comes at the temple where krishna kept khushi, and ask the priest whether they saw the girl, showing a pic. he complies and says that the girl was here some time earlier, but then an elderly woman came and took her away. he is aghast. Meanwhile, Tai also talks about how that small little girl is always after her life, and has tortured her a lot, and now her game is finished too. just then, kartik storms inside the house and aims a revolver at tai, while she is totally taken aback along with the rest of the people. in his rage and anger, he finally fires away.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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