Yeh Vaada Raha 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: kartik’s residence
Tai tells her that she has thrown her out of the subconscious, and that now only one name resides in his mind, and thats tai, as he considers hr as his mother. survi snacps at her, asking how can she do this. survi narrates what all she has done so far just to get the sole claim to this property. tai taunts them whether she has any proof, but she wont go anywhere, come what and who may. survi is angered while tai lashes at her, and decides to teach her a lesson. Kartik wakes from his sleep, as he realises that tai is screaming for his help, since she is being attacked. she is amused while survi is distraught. as he rushes down the stairs, she warns survi not to clarify, as any strain on his head would cause it to burst. he rushes to tai while

she continues to pretend to be attacked by survi. he pushes her away, and then caresses tai. he reprimands her severely for trying to hurt tai, and taking her by the hand, he is about to throw her out, when tai rings the bll yet again, and calms him down. tai asks him to calm down, as she shall be here only. he asks why. she asks him not to question, and then giving him her pallu to hold on, she identifies survi as the servant, and if she is thrown out, who shall finish the work, and asks if he wishes to get work done by her. he refuses. she cites the work. she says that she couldnt give the salary, thats why she is angry. he asks her to give the salary. she asks him to tell this to survi, as he is the owner of the house that she is the servant and shall do all work. he does as told. survi is distraught. he asks her to speak the name, and she complies. lata, aniket and kishore are boggled. he asks survi not to say anything to tai, as if she does, he shall have her thrown out. their eyes suddenly fall on the jute bag out of which some papers have fallen, while hema and khushi have returned back, and they have dropped the bag out of shock. khushi is aghast to see this and cries inconsolably. she turns to hema who is boggled herself. survi is distraught to see her daughter like this. he asks tai who is this. tai responds that its the servant’s daughter. he rushes ahead to talk to her. then he eyes the jute bag, and picks up the papers inside iit. he is shocked, as its their family pics. he shows them to tai too, who is speechless. but before she has to react, he takes and tears it to pieces, while khushi is aghast. tai asks him to lave all this, as he needs to rest to get well. he says that he wishes to talk. but she asks him to go on, and she can take care of her own headache. but he goes with her, to her room, saying that she shall talk to survi later. he leaves, while khushi remembers her moments with him. then she clubs pieces of the pic together, while crying inconsolably. survi comes and consoles her daughter. aniket distracts khushi and take her away. lata and survi discuss the present case of kartik and his condition, wherein tai is the utmost person for him. she says that she shall comply to kartik’s request as a ser vant and shall do so dutifully, and shall start a new chapter of their love life, as their love life cant be incomplete. all are emotional. she goes to the lord, and seeks blessings from lord ganesha, and says that she is thankful that due to him, kartik returned back, and now by his blessing, she shall get kartik back to his normal self, and thats a promise. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Meanwhile, while pressing tai’s head, kartik observes someone calling. he didnt pay much attention. but when its ichcha, and she continues to chatter with tai, he reminds tai that she has a headache. she then talks about how much she is relieved. he complies. then tai and ichcha talk amongst themselves. she asks when she has to come to scare him. tai says that she shall tell her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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