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Yeh Vaada Raha 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mehr asks Tai why she beat Kartik, he only came to speak to her. She throws petrol over Bhau’s photo as well. Tai heads to stop her but Mehr’s man holds a gun over Tai. Mehr drops petrol all around Tai. Tai goes to call commissioner, but Mehr dials the number of minister before. She tells him she is going to put Barway house on fire. Mrs. Kamla Barway is calling police commissioner, he must ask commissioner to come here; he will get his money to make sure neither police nor fire brigade come here. She questions why she called Kartik? Tai asks Mehr what she wants of her. Mehr says the land, on which she is constructing the temple. Tai says it isn’t hers. Mehr says nothing is hers, why she hit him? She pushes Tai away and goes to Patel. She says three cases are going against him, two murders

but one land grabbing. Now there are witness and proofs against him as well, if he tries to harass Kartik again, she will burn them alive. Tai apologizes saying she was really mistaken. Tai cancels all the planning, she instructs Patel to get the water system repaired there. Mehr says if this comes out to be a lie, she will come again to burn them all alive. She can burn this whole world for Kartik. She points at her men who takes Patel with him.
Survi comes to the room and watches Kartik struggling with his shirt. She comes to tie the buttons for him. She asks where he is going. Kartik says he is going to lawyer with the people, they have to stop Tai in anyway. Survi says he is injured, he is in pain. Kartik smiles that pain makes one realize that the injuries haven’t filled yet. The pain will lessen only when he has stopped Tai. He won’t leave anyone, but he will fight fully. Survi holds Kartik’s hand from behind, shuts the door of the room. Kartik says people are waiting outside. Survi asks him to let them wait and takes him inside her room.
Bindu asks Tai if she was afraid of this girl. Tai says if God has sent this moon to put an eclipse in Kartik and Survi’s life, why should they work so hard. Mehr says she has never left anything incomplete, so why this? She throws a lighter over the petrol over Bhau’s photo. Tai shouts to get water and cries. She says one because of Kartik and Survi she had to fire Bhau’s body, now again her Bhau in on fire. She swears that because of this fire she won’t let Kartik and Survi live.
Survi kneels in front of Kartik, she says he told her he has to earn the right of a husband, today she gives him that right. Today, whatever he did prove he has left his childish behavior, he has become responsible husband, he thought if doing it was right or wrong. He thought about his family before himself, he proved to be a good son, brother and a husband as well. She is lucky to have him.
Mehr’s men bring Patel inside, who apologizes Srikanth, Lata and Shanti. Mehr comes from behind with a rose in hand. Patel says they must not worry anymore, they will live here. The men take him outside, Mehr thinks that Kartik is hers as she watches the flower in hand.
Survi brings sindoor box to Kartik and hands it to him. Mehr heads towards Kartik’s room happily as he puts the sindoor in Survi’s head. She watches them together and was hurt. Survi bends to touch Kartik’s feet but he holds her up and hugs her instead. Survi says she is really happy that he is her husband, I love you. Kartik says I love you too, Survi!. He confesses he can’t live without her, he will always try to be a better person worth her. They turn to face Mehr. Mehr asks Kartik if he is married, he said… Survi says not him but she had lied in anger. She holds Kartik’s arm and says he is her husband, but he is never serious about her and behaves as if he has no responsibility and isnt even married; she was angry but now everything is fine between them. Mehr didn’t hear another word Kartik and Survi said to her.
Srikanth asks Mehr how they must thank her. Mehr didn’t listen to him and was upset. Kartik also says thanks to her. Survi comes to her and calls her but touching her shoulder. Mehr stands up. Survi says thanks to her and asks her to have lunch with them, she can’t let her go without having eaten something. Mehr leaves the house without saying a word. She drives rashly thinking. She pulls the break with a jerk and shouts hard, crying.

PRECAP: Mehr shouts hysterically adnd throws everything on the floor. She calls Kartik and says there is no reason to live if he isnt in life, she will take her life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. sweet Karvi moment ?
    that shameless insane villain one.. let her die! who cares? jesus…such a dirt. her entire existence is a foul and worthless.

  2. Agreed…..throw her out…Tai is too enough to disturb them……I love Surthick to be together……

  3. omg… Karvi is oh-so-adorable ❤❤❤ my Karvi ?? just watched it
    but one real and sick problem is that villain’s face coming up in my Karvi scenes…gosh! I’m rooting for this show for Karvi and how could I avoid that insane villain. Having Tai as a villain is more than enough and this new villain is not necessarily needed. Why can’t they make more interesting plot rather than this like building up a female character who shamelessly trying to get a married man and would do anything for that. This kind of act shouldn’t be presented for so long
    #justmyopinion peace out.

  4. Karvi is so cute….

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