Yeh Vaada Raha 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi is shocked to find hema, who in utter defiance says that since she saw it all, she doesnt want to hide the fact, that she did with tai’s permission and shall do it, as many times, as survi makes food. survi comes to the stove, and then apologises for the fact that they have to throw it aweay, disrespecting the food, and asks for an apology for hema. hema again goes into a rant, while she then gets determined and makes up her mind. she turns around, and asks hema to let this go. but hema again rants and continues to disrespect her. She then wrenches around her hand, and hema asks whats she doing. she reminds her the time she burnt shanti’s hand. hema is flabbergasted, and then survi has her way with hema, and forcibly makes

her make all the food. hema leaves the kitchen rushing to tai, crying incoherently.

As survi prays, lata and shanti come. They wonder where is kartik, and just then, he comes talking to the police comissioner regarding aniket’s disappearance and a plan to sabotage the kidnappers. Lata asks him to do the bhog with survi. he eyes her tensedly. She says that its okay and she shall manage it alone. He thinks that she understands him better than he himself, and even the things that he doesnt say, and in reciprocation, he cant even express what he feels for her. lata says that they cant do it alone, but have to do it together. they tensedly eye each other. kartik complies, and gets up to the temple along with survi. Kartik and survi both try to take blessings from the earthen diya, thats alight near the Ganpati idol. as it almost douses, they both reach out to save it. their hands meet, and an awkward, romantic eyegaze follows. In this, he is distracted and slightly burns his hand, and she immediately attends to it. he is overwhelmed to see her concern. they then get to placing the bhog together to the lord to the ganpati. they then place their hands on each other, to place the bhog together, as they eye each other lovingly. then they step down the temple, and join the others. He asks if he can go now, as he has urgent work. She asks him to finish work fast, and after that go to the doctor. They are tensed. she says that he snores at night, which could indicate, tensions or restless sleep. They all have a good laugh. he asks if he can go, if they are done mocking him. Shanti asks him to taste it, but he says that they should pack and give him instead as he is getting late. Survi says that he would forget in work, and then bring the packed tiffin back, and asks him to eat. lata leaves the two of them alone, with much amusement. they enter into a verbal scuffle as usual.

Outside, tai talks to pyare, along with bindu, that they have to find out aniket anyhow, as he might blurt up anyday to kartik. tai talks about her problems. one one hand, aniket is absconding, and the other, survi and kartik are married. just then, hema comes screaming to tai, that survi wrenched her hand. they are shocked and unable to believe it. They mock her about her plight. She narrates everything. tai and others are tensed to hear this. bindu gets angry, and decides to teach survi a lesson. tai says that she wont but kartik shall reprimand her, and shall scold her in front of everyone, and that survi made her task easier. She says that they shall enjoy the drama.

Inside, survi eyes them all, as tai comes with her children and pyare. she ignores them, and goes to the dining table, to serve kartik, lata and shanti. Tai eyes them tensedly, and rushes to kartik. She asks survi what happened between her and hema. Kartik is boggled, and asks tai what she did. Tai accuses survi of wrenching hema’s hand and forcibly making food, when she went to the kitchen, in front of kartik, and tells survi that if she didnt want to make it, she could have told so, but not wrench hema’s hand like this. hema tells what all she made. kartik checks along with others, and tells tai that there is nothing that hema made. tai is shocked. hema says that she isnt lying, and survi must have hidden it in the kitchen. she is about to go, when he stops her. all are tensed. kartik, much to her shock and despair, standsup and tells tai, that survi can never do something like this. tai is shocked. he then lectures hema about falsely accusing survi, just because they dont like her. Survi smiles, while tai fumes, as he asks them not to drag tai in all this, as tai likes survi from the heart, as she got her herself, and asks them not to instigate tai at all. Survi is overwhelmed that she stood for him, and thanks the lord for this. he looks back and eyes her. tai reprimands hema for it, to gain his trust. they resignedly leave. he asks tai to come and sit. she starts her food. Tai watches the drama, as kartik tries to eat, but due to his hand being burnt, he isnt able to eat properly. he tries eating with the other hand, and lata tells survi to feed kartik, as his hand is burnt. she complies, and while he watches her in surprise, she feeds him. tai fumes inwards. shanti compliments survi for the food. he too compliments rudely. Shanti then asks him to feed her too. Survi says that its okay, as he is getting late. lata asks him to give her some gift for the ritual. he asks tai to do the honours on his part. she happily complies, to please him. she comes beside survi, and then places the gold bangle in her hand, while intentionally wrenching her hand, so that it pains her, digging her nails into her skin, thinking that she shall have her revenge. survi eyes her tensedly. she is determined that she wont bear any more pain. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: kartik hesitatingly explains why he had to marry survi, and adds that he wont accept her, till aniket consents. aniket tells him that he has always fulfilled every small and big whim of his, and he has a final request, and thats to accept survi as his wife. Kartik is apalled to hear this. Meanwhile, survi tells lata that she wont be able to do this, by giving pain to others for her benefit. lata tells that she is doing this for kartik, and now its upto her to decide what she wants to do.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Aakhir ab mazaa aayega. ;)…………………………………….:)~ Sorry 2 ask but how much old r u razi n fatarajo?plz tell.

    1. I m 17 lovy 🙂

    2. I am sorry I couldn’t comment for two days……but I don’t know y u raise such a question!!!!! Fine…I am 17

  2. Today’s episode wass not bad I loved the way Karthik took stand for Survi even my mom has started watching this show , and Ankush is doing a fab job as Karthik n Sonal is doing a good job as Survi and one thing I really like about YVR is that here they at least show to fight back with your enemies and teach then a lesson, precap is even better Aniket just love his character one of my fav charcters in YVR, I m loving this show a lot
    As I didn’t watch the initial episodes beside the first episode can someone tell me if Tai’s husband was positive or negative?

  3. Good news for Yeh vaada Raha fans YVR trp increased from 1.4 to 1.7, wheras the trp of almost all zee shows decreased I knew that weddings were lucky for hindi serials 😛 and not only that Yeh Vaada Raha is also the slot leader tied with Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

  4. TAi’s hus was good to karthik. But whenever lata used to disobey then he used to tell tai to tell lata that sheis living there because of them.

  5. Nice epi. I like how Survi is fighting for her rights 🙂
    They should show an epi where she is studying for her med exam n kartik making her coffee lol. I mean as a med student I know how much time you have to spent w books.

  6. How come Aniket freed himself from clutches of tai? Anyways Aniket should accept them.hope Aniket is not planning something.

  7. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Exactly wat happened to taus husband???

    1. He got shot by the police who were undercover. They came to arrest him bc he was a don and did illegal activities so they wanted to catch him but stuff happened and he got hold of a gun and was about to kill one of the cops so they shot him in an encounter and he died.

  8. Kartik n survi don’t know what they want n i hope aniket accept them n don’t plan anything against them

  9. friends keep watching yeh vada raha on tv mon to sat 10pm pe. Pls repeat ya online nadekho toh v chalega but tv pe 10pm pe dekho. Trp increase hua hai 1.4 to 1.7. But 1.7 isnt very good trp. So iski trp aur badhana hai toh tv pe 10pm pe dekho pls

    1. i m watch tv and online both but u also request ur other friend to watch yvr

  10. Tai husband was a wicked person n b4 he die he told tai tat karthik ko hamesha hamare ahsaano ki yaad dilate rehna………………………..plz fatarajo n razi..

    1. Lovy can u pls tell me in English bcoz i don’t know hindi

    2. Lovy pls say it in English…I can’t understand Hindi

  11. Two thumbs up for Karthik. hope Survi will be strong until the end through every twist and turn. I love this show the most. Tai is playing villain but dun know why she’s so funny to me #LOL

  12. Tai husband was a wicked peson nd he told that every time remind kartik about whatever deed that we have done to him nd his family.

    1. Tq u for the reply lovy

  13. I really love to watch this show and keep it up

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