Yeh Vaada Raha 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Survi and kartik are tensed, as tai confronts them with ranvir, as they are at a loss for an answer. she asks what shall he say now, as she showed him evidence too, while ranvir is enraged. she says that this hatred was just a pretense, to betray him and his sister. he grabs kartik, and takes him out, lunging at him. she tries to rush out, but tai holds her, smirking, that her game is over, and she is tortured that his love story shall end now. they both go out.

Outside, ranvir is enraged, at what kartik did, and that he can do anything for meher’s happiness, even take his life. tai asks him not to do so, as they should punish them so bad, that they beg for death, and that he should torture the person who is in his captivity, and

that once they hit shanti, he shall scream. Ranvir says that he had warned him to keep his sister happy. he says that if his sister suffers, shanti shall have to pay for the loss. before he can hit kartik, meher comes in, and all are shocked to see her. kartik takes advantage of this situation, and asks him to hit him, pleading him to do so, as thats his fate now. meher is aghast and asks ranvir whats he upto. tai tries to make her understand, that he merely a husband by name, as he might have married her, but he loves survi, and shows that this is their planning. kartik vehemently denies, while tai says that he came to be with survi, and asks her to listen to her brother. ranvir too explains it to her, that entire planning. meher is stunned to hear this, while kartik and survi are tensed. he talks about how they mixed sleep pills in her milk, and today also they failed the test, and asks her to ask him why he came here, leaving her stranded at the hotel. tai takes the credit for this idea, saying that she wanted to expose them for ranvir and her, and he took bait, and came here running. kartik eyes survi, and signals her, and then pretends to be extremely tensed. he asks tai to stop this ghastly drama now, as its good that she accepted everything in front of meher, as he smelled her. tai reprimands him to stop the drama, and asks if she brougth him in the lap. he says that he planned this conspiracy, to get meher in her trap, as she is innocent, and why is she using her. he says that had he wanted, he would have thrown her behind bars, but being his tai, he gave her everything, and still when she couldnt manage, she took her ire on him. he tells ranvir that he needs a heart to be abel to understand what he feels. he accepts that he came, leaving her stranded, but only for her child, and tht when tai called him and told about the accident. tai denies and says that its a lie. he says that she shall say, and tries to influence meher. meher stands confused. he continues on his charade, and says that when survi, his love could desert him, then who else can he trust. he turns to meher and asks why would he lie, as if he didnt want to come, he would have denied her outright, but tai lied, and told him to come here, as their child is in danger. tai and ranvir are shocked. ranvir tells meher that he is lying, as he saw them together. kartik says that he came, but for the child. they continuously try and influence meher, while kartik asks him to present solid evidence, but he has proof of his real love. he takes her to the lord, saying that he swears that he only loves her, and came only for his child. survi understands, and continues the drama, and asks the lord, whats she done, that she is being punished so badly, and first they forcibly stay here, and kartik being a stranger, she wouldnt want to be with him in her room alone. ranvir is frustrated. kartik pretends to be enraged. he asks her to stop her nonsense. they start their squabble and fights, and beg the lord to save them. survi then goes to tai, and begs her too, that she has taken everything, but atleast not her self respect and taint her. meher is aghast. ranvir is frustrated, while kartik is amused. tai is furious, but survi’s drama cotinues to become heavy, and she says that she pushed her so that she could have her revenge and get even. Tai in hr anger screams out that she did push her, but didnt let her fall. he tells meher that tai herself accepted the blame. ranvir tells meher that they are trying to instigate her. kartik says that he has had enough, as they continues to comply to prove to meher that they always did what she wanted, and if its was their planning, then would he have taken out the mangalsutra, but they still want to implicate him, and that shanti has been captive, and still he doesnt want to ask where and how is she. he says that he has never justified anything, but today he shall prove it all. Kartik vehemently says in front of meher, that he only loves her, and not survi, and he shall kill himself also, just so to prove this. survi is tensed to hear this. before he can do anything untoward, tai comes and asks meher not to be influenced, as he is merely playing her, and that this is just a facade and a pretense. meher slaps tai, while survi and kartik smirk, as tai stands shocked. kartik rushes to his room. meher asks her to stay in her limits, and rushes to kartik. survi comes and smirks at tai, who eyes her furiously, while ranvir rushes after meher. Later, in her room, kartik tries to cut off his vein, just to show meher, while she snatches away the knife from him, and hugs him, saying that she wouldnt let him do this, as she believes and trusts him, that he loves meher and hates survi. ranvir comes and is distraught to see this, standing helplessly, while kartik mocks him, as he hugs meher. Ranvir asks him to stop this. meher rushes to ranvir, and asks him how dare he behave like this with her husband. ranvir asks why does sh see the truth. meher and ranvir fight amongst themselves, and kartik is amused. she blames him for the fact that kartik was trying to kill himself. he says that she doesnt understand what he is upto. she asks him to get lost. ranvir leaves in haste. meher turns to kartik, and asks what was he about to do, as he didnt even think about her, and asks how could he strand her, when they just got married. he carries on the facade, saying that he cant bear it anymore, and he feels broken. he says that her brother hit him, and crossed all limits, and that he is standing with his head hung low, in the hosue that he built, for her and their child. she says that she wont allow this, and asks him to trust her, as she would set everything straight. she rushes out, while kartik is amused.

Downstairs, meher asks ranvir to treat her with some respect, along with her husband. ranvir asks how can she side with him. she lashes out at him, asking for whom, this maid of the house. kartik and survi eye each other amused, as she asks him to apologise to kartik. tai and ranvir are shocked. ranvir asks if she is okay. she asks if he shall. he says that he shall not. kartik asks her not to to make him forcibly apologise, as its from the straight, and that he doesnt want to come in between a sister and brother. she says that its kaertik’s right to be treated with respect. he asks whats the way to talk to her brother. she asks whether he shall apologise or not. he denies. she eyes him with the knife, and says that then he should leave. he is aghast.

Hurriedly, Meher holds tai’s wrist and places the knife on her hand. ranvir rushes to her, while meher says that if he doesnt apologise then she would slit her wrists. tai begs him to apologise, meher continues her rant, while asking him to leave, if he shall not apologise, and also take this tai away. she says that if she stays here, she shall kill her. tai is furious. kartik and survi are amused. ranvir eyes them with disgust, while kartik mocks them. they rush out, while karti rushes to the lor, saying that he doesnt know whats going on.

Outside, Ranvir is shocked as to how, for the first time, meher didnt listen to her. tai says that there is much more to be seen, now that they both are in the house. she says that they have captured her and that they have trapped her in black magic. Survi calls them from behind, if they both are going. they turn around to confront her, while she comes upto them. survi tells ranvir that he is going away, accepting defeat, and that they won, along with their truth and love. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: survi says that she promises that till the birth of the child, she shall have united with kartik, and in the next five minutes, he would understand. she shows him the balcony, wherein meher starts to get on the railing, trying to commit suicide. ranvir is apalled to see this. she challenges him, that she shall start her life again, with her husband, in this very house, right in this house and that from this day, their fight start, in which he shall lose with his mad sister.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. Finally please let karvi be victorious lord..

  3. I won’t be watching this serial any more. It’s just wastage of time.

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