Yeh Vaada Raha 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As the police arrives, and tai and pyare are tensed along with kalindi, hema and lata are assured that once kartik comes, he shall set everything straight. but to their surprise, when krishna comes posing as kartik, he is strict on survi, and asks her to apologise for her rude behaviour with tai and beg for apology. she is distraught but complies, and then hastily rushes off. all are boggled. lata and hema leave dejectedly. tai does his tilak, and blesses him to always be successful.

Later, as he gets in the room, kalindi rushes in, for some proximity, but he tries to be unusually distant. this alarms her, but he gives one excuse after the other. she gets atop him on the bed. both are compoletely oblivious of the fact that khushi

is approaching towards the room. when she opens the door, she is tensed at what she sees. she finds him alone and then gives the birthday present and card, and records it all. krishna is overwhelmed to receive it, unable to fathom such love from his own family. as a happy daughter-father bonding moment ensues, he gets emotional. then she leaves.

Later, lata prays, while the weather gets turbulent. Lata prays to the lord, that after years, she feels that her son shall be found, and begs him not to disappoint her.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
When survi comes and relates everything to vikram and kartik, vikram is amused, and says that krishna conned them as criminals dont change in a day and turn over a new lead, and tells them that they are merely decepted by him. he says that now they shall follow his procedure. but kartik says that he is responsible for krishna’s pain, and asks him to be lenient on him. survi hears tensedly and asks him not to blame himself, as they have to together sort this out. they suddenly find krishna standing right in front of them. he starts talking emotionally overwhelmed that he accepts their offer, and wishes to have his family back. krishna arrives at kartik’s doorsteps, while they are emotionally overwhelmed to see him. both the brothers progress towards each other, and hug, as they cry ther hearts out, at such a happy reunion. they address each other as brothers, and then kartik apologises to krishna fopr suffering this, while krishna too apologises for committing such heinous crimes against him, when all of them were his own family. they decide to forgive each other and let bygones be bygones. survi smiles through tears. vikram smirks, and krishna comes to him, and asks whats it. vikram says that he shall not be befooled by him or his deception. Survi is emotional, as vikram doesnt become lenient on krishna, while he tries to talk about the emotional torment that he has been through, and how it caused him psychological damage, that sent him on the wrong track. he then goes to kartik and also to survi to try and explain as to how his family’s trust shall now make him turn over a new leaf. kartik tells him that he shall definitely get his family’s trust. krishna apologises for the conspiracies against him, and asks for forgiveness. she is apalled. she then shows the gifts and card that khushi gave and swears that he shall always keep them safe and smooth. then they start talking about getting it all in their control. krishna produces a tied up kalindi to them, and they are shocked. he provides her as a guarantee, and says that vikram can easily arrest her, and thats the first step towards proving that he is doing right. she swears and threatens him that he is doing much wrong in going against them. but he shoves her away. he tells that vikram shall keep this girl, till he is done with the right thing. they all comply. Krishna promises to kartik that the first thing he does shall be to give the property back to him. then survi promises that she shall help him in that. the screen freezes on Ganesha’s idol.

Precap: As kalindi struggles to get free, krishna tells survi that they shall all pray together tomorrow, for the first time, as one happy family. she is overwhelmed to hear this. she finally gets free and starts running on the road. Meanwhile, survi prays to the lord, to unite their family together. Krishna and vikram are asleep, and when krishna wakes up, he finds kalindi gone. he is shocked. Meanwhile, kartik gives the property deeds to survi, and asks her to go to the lawyer to get the new ones. she says that now noone shall be able to stop tai from going to jail.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Saasha123

    This is not the precap in the precap tai brainwashes krishna against survi and karthik even vikram helps tai. Krishna takes an unconsious khushi and leaves her in the same temple where krishna was left. Vikram says to karthik to go and khushi in every temple which 100 m far.

  2. Kurshna and kartik ka twice when this end kartik both survi kind happy life khab show the serial very nice kartik both survi very beautiful couple

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