Yeh Vaada Raha 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Summary :-

Tai acts all motherly to Kartik and feeds him while Survi watches. Tai notices her and once again tells Kartik that she won’t ever leave him . Survi prays to Bappa and asks what wrong they have done to deserve such a fate (Poor Survi & Shrikant were not even at fault . And Kartik, he loved Tai so much ). Aniket gets the doctor and the doctor reveals that Kartik recieved mental torture. Doctor tells them not to put stress on him or the vein in brain can burst & Tai says she’ll take care of him. Everyone is tensed downstairs and Tai tells Survi that as she separated everyone from her, she too separated her husband from her. She reveals how she met Iccha in jail and even laughs at Aniket as he easily fell in love with her. Tai reveals how and what she had planned to trap them with Iccha and Bindu’s help. Tai says that she took help from the Devil instead of Bappa this time (It doesn’t matter who you take help from Tai.. Bappa will always ruin your dirty plans )

Khushi and Hema talk about the gift they bought for Kartik. Hema notices Bappa’s statue and prays that everything gets fine . She calls Kishore and Ani but no one picks up. Khushi tells her that it’s because of the pooja.

Precap: Kartik throws Survi’s stuff saying that a servant shouldn’t keep her stuff in his mother’s room shouldn’t keep her clothes in his mother’s room. Hema asks Survi about her next step (Khushi-Hema come back! What will be their reaction? ) and Survi reveals that she’ll stay as a servant in the house and use the opportunity to make new memories with Kartik (This sounds good though!).

Update Credit to: Awaaradil

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  1. Where is this going to . is it just trying that love is all well then I think its bull madness now love n love is just a waste if time

  2. Are these writers for real..not original at all …so you basically bringing kumkum bhagyas role of abhi and pragya here as well..OH COME ON GEEEET FRIGGIN REEAAL!!

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