Yeh Vaada Raha 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kartik asks the doctor how is tai now. the doctor tells that she took a heavy dose of poison but fortunately the poison didnt spread to the blood stream, and he has taken out the poison. he asks him not to get her to take mental stress as she can lead to this kind of behaviour again then. He agrees and then rushes to tai’s room. he is apalled as he remembers the way he had curtly spoken to tai and then had her out of the house. he eyes her sleeping and remembers her vehement justifications that he didnt pay a heed to. he falls on her feet, while survi and shanti come in. tai wakes up and asks whats he doing. He apologises profusely for the mistake rather the sin and crime, of him accusing her of things. She says that in anger, people often

forget the good and the bad, and that once she is okay, she shall leave the house forever, starting with the melodrama. he gets startled and says that if she goes away, he wont be able to forgive himself. He asks and pleads her not to go. After much melodrama, she says that she shall forgive and forget everything and that she shall start with him afresh and that its good lata wasnt a witness to this, since she wouldnt have been able to forgive him after this. She tells him that if he ever doubted her again, she wouldnt just leave the house, but the world too. he is horrified and rushes to her and says that never will this happen again, and he wouldnt even trust god, if he speaks against her. She is inwardly happy. he says that he knows his tai wont ever turn against him. She smiles. he apologises. survi and shanti are apalled. survi comes and apologises too. tai says that she doesnt need their apology, but their trust and then asks them all to go and leave her alone. She asks him to close the door, after he leaves, as she doesnt want to be disturbed. they comply and leave the door, closing it behind them. After they are gone, she gets up and guffaws loudly, thinking that she did a superb act. she then calls up the inspector, who has misled kartik with the call records, and then commends her immensely for her genius brain. she says that she would send him the money for this work tomorrow. she cancels the call. then she gets furious at survi, that due to her, she had to drink poison and her blood was shed, and that she shall teach her a lesson for every drop of her blood. she swears that this Diwali, shall be her last night in the house and the world.

As she comes down at the breakfast table, she finds hema engrossed at the mobile phone. she asks why is there no breakfast. hema says that lata isnt here hence no food. tai asks her to order then. survi comes with food, saying that she cooked since lata wasnt here. she is surprised and praises her galore, and asks hema to take a lesson. she asks why did she cook so much as it shall go to waste. kartik comes in saying that it wont as now he shall take care of his diet. tai asks how did he get so conscious. shanti says that its due to survi, as he promised her that he would take care of himself. tai is shocked but pretends to be happy, saying that survi is maintaining her friendship. tai gets frustrated and asks hema to get the other kids too, so that they can all sit and eat. hema complies. kartik says that he shall serve. a verbal scuffle ensues between him and survi as to who shall serve. tai watches this, irritated.

Outside, the children are upset with the heat. Aniket says that they should go in, but bindu gets her ego in the way saying that she cant stand survi, even if tai has asked them to come to like survi, for the time being, as she is good in kartik’s eyes right now. Pyare mohan sees bindu and then comes to her, and tries to get chatty and close to her, while explaining that he did miss her, when they had gone, as she holds an important place in his heart. Hema comes to ask them to come for breakfast. he goes to bindu and says that he feels at peace now that she is here too. she is boggled. he does the same iteration of romance with hema as he did with bindu. aniket and bindu are frustrated. Bindu comes and says that he is actually trying to flirt with two sisters at the same time, and asks him to fear tai and her ire, if she gets to know this. hema is angry at his double crossing nature. they all go in, while the guy says keeps lewdly commenting, that he is after Bindu.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
While lata and raghu are driving on the road, a bride rushes in from somewhere, and falls right on the windsheild of the car and they are both shocked. The bride is tensed too. lata gets down and asks if she is okay. the girl begs and asks for her help, as otherwise her life shall be ruined. lata is boggled and asks her to explain. the girl asks and begs her to take her in the car and to the home, where she shall explain everything. lata agrees. raghu says that they shouldnt pick up strangers like this. But lata, out of humanitarian sake decides to help her and they all sit ion the car to drive off. but once seated, they find themselves confronted by 4 goons that shocks them. the goons come to them and they pull down the windshield. the goons ask they saw a bride and they deny, while the girl hides behind the backseat. the goons ask why have theyn abruptly stopped here. lata says that the car stopped, and then raghu says that they got the fault right and are ready to move. Tehy are asked to leave. They comply. the goons search ahead. lata then asks the girl to explain who is she, and whats the matter, and why are the goons after her. she asks why are they after her. The girl gets nauseatic and becomes unconscious. lata and raghu are tensed. they decide to hurry home.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
the bridal girl is sleeping in the room, when she wakes up to find pyare mohan hovering over her. she starts screaming and rushes out. he asks her to listen atleast. The girl rushes through the corridor, and tightly hugs kartik, coming from the opposite end, taking him aback. She begs to be saved, while he is shocked, to see her clutching at him. he asks whats happeneed, and who is she trying to save herself from. Pyare mohan just then comes from behind. she points to him. he says that she had a misunderstanding, as lata asked him to check on her. She asks which place is this as she cant understand anything. he is tensed.

Later, as the entire family sits, tai keeps asking her who is she. Lata says that she might be tensed and scared, and then cajoles her to talk, and not be scared. the girl says that she is vishakha and is about to talk more, qwhen tai shuts her, and asks her to get to the main topic, as to what was she doing on the road instead of the altar. she says that her uncle and aunt were getting her married to an old man, for the sake of money. Kartik says that he shall call the police. but she begs him not to do so, as she cant send her relatives to jail. she thanks them for what they did. lata says that its just humanity and no favour. she then asks where would she go, as she has no parents, and she cant go back to her uncle and aunt. tai asks lata not to be bothered, as she shall decide herself, since the girl definitely cant stay in the house. the screen freezes on tai’s face.

Precap: Tai says that she shall not stay here at any cost. kartik tells tai that the girl may have lied to them, but where would she go at this point of time. tai says that she can go wherever she wishes to, but she shall not stay here. he begs her to reconsider and let her stay here temporary as she isnt here permanent. she says that he can do whatever he wishes, but she shall allow the girl for only two days. he smiles. As she gets in her room, she gets a call and she says that the game hasnt even started yet and she shall get much amusement now, and she shall be after kartik now. survi hears this from the door and is tensed and surprised too. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This show does not make any sense. A old middle aged 60 year old woman bullying and abusing a 9 year old child.. how disgusting.. she is such a damn drama queen and gets away too much. Tai my foot. Survi needs to get brave and stand up to her and those 3 other idiots

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