Yeh Vaada Raha 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Survi comes in aniket’s room and finds him wearing shoes, and asks whats he doing. he atunts her as if she cant see. she asks where is he going. he says that he is going to his friend’s party. she says that she needs rest and he needs to stay here, and cant allow. he asks her not to be a spoil sport, and not be his mohther. he says that he isnt partying, but just wants to go for sometime outside, with friends. she says that she cant allow, as he has to take meds, and cant take outside food too. he pretends not to be able to listen. She threatens that she shall tell tai and kartik then, to fulfill her Duty. he takes out her pistol stealthily. While survi is taking care of stuff, and working, aniket springs on her from behind, saying

that she is deeply concerned for him, and she wants to take care of him. Survi is startled and taken aback, as he leans in closer to her. He puts a pistol pointed at her head, while she is boggled and scared, and asks him whats he trying to do. He threatens her that she left him no choice, and doesnt let her speak, pointing the gun. he then leaves out with her, with the psitol at her back, scared and tensed. he says that since she is here, noone is tensed, and that he shall be back soon. He makes her sit in the car, and then goes off with her. The nurse sees this and decides to tell this to tai. Tai comes and asks whats so urgent, and the nurse says that survi went out with aniket, and narrates what she saw. tai is boggled, and thinks that she cant understand. Tai asks her not to think much as she shall deal with it. She eyes lata, as its good that simi went away, as she can take this golden oppurtunity now. She talks to lata and asks her to get up and talk to her, and asks if she is angry at her. tai decides to play with her, taunting at her. Lata is taken care by tai and the nurse, who tell her that the only lifeline that she had, Simi is now gone too, and that the only person remaining here to take care of her, are the people like her and the nurse who want her dead. she then thinks that today she shall end this long tale forever. the nurse asks if they can tamper the medicines. Tai asks her to stop, as she would be cvaught, and that lata’s death should look as an accident. the nurse asks how. tai says that life is directly controlled with breathing, and once that stops, life stops too. She kisses lata on the forehead and then with the scissors, cuts off the oxygen pipe that lata is breathing through, and contaminated air starts getting in, which make lata suffocate and have breathing issues, while tai and the nurse watch on amused evilly.

Later at night, when kartik is drinking, he is taken back to his memories with survi. He keeps eyeing the distress monitor, but it doesnt beep, whereas actually lata keeps suffocating for breath as her pulse drops. tai wonders if he is going to lata’s room, and emotionally blackmails him about her problems. tai continues to pretend to be emotional, about bindu’s home wreckage and successfully manages to distract him. He sits tensedly, and asks her not to talk like this. She continues with the drama hoping that soon the nurse shall come bearing good news, as she cant keep him for long.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Aniket keeps the gun pointed at her, while she backs into a corner. She finds that the gun is a spoof, and she is disgusted, while he has a good laugh at her scare.

Scene 3:
Location: Aniket’s friend’s residence
Survi is tensed as aniket enjoys with his friends at the party. he finds her looking at the time, and asks her not to spend time on the mobile. She finds simi calling her and gets tensed. She rushes in to receive. a guy leeringly eyes her. Simi asks her why if she not home yet, and then asks if she is going to come home early or not. Survi says that she shall be late. Simi is asked by srikant to make him talk to survi too. Srikant asks her when shall she come home. she says that it shall be slightly late as its urgent, but asks him not to worry. He looks at the time and is tensed. She says that she shall come and then cancels the call. she is relieved, even though still tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Simi’s residence
Simi and her mother are shocked when they find out that survi works at kartik’s house, and decide that with one meeting, they shll get the ticket to their stardom and fame too. Simi is hopeful that she meets kartik soon. her mother says that she to wants to meet him too, as they both can fulfill their acting dreams together then.

Scene 5:
Location: Aniket’s friend’s place
Outside, survi comes out and finds him busy with friends. She rushes to the kitchen, and finds only junk food, and decides to serve him Dal-rice, and turns around to find the same guy stopping her, and leeringly introducing himself. When she shakes hands, he doesnt let go easily. she is at discomfort and wrenches her hand away, and he tells that they are best friends and share everything, leering suggesting other things. He says that he knows she is his caretaker, and is on his beck and call at 24* 7 and asks if she cant keep his care too, as he is sick too. She gets uncomfortable, and walks past, but he holds her hand, and asks her to give an answer. he asks her not to behave like this, while she asks him no to do this again, and walks off. he fumes. Survi comes to give food to aniket, and finds him playing and betting with his friends, and then stops him from eating junk food, and gives him plan food, for his meds. he is made fun of by his friends. she eyes the time angrily. She wonders whether the nurse have the med to lata, as she should have been there not here. she asks him to come home, if he doesnt wish to eat here. he asks her to go whenever she wants to as the car is waiting outside. She says that she cant leave him here to eat such junk food. he says that she can decide not to go, but he wont be ordered by her. He says that he shall throw the food the next time she gets it. he says that he shall eat if he wants to. She goes to the kitchen. the guy follows her, and says that she has made the plate with such care, and even if aniket doesnt appreaciate, he shall. She pushes him away. The guy continues to try and and get intimate with survi, while she shoves him away. He wrenches her around and holds her forcibly, trying to take advantage of her. When she tries to screams, he gags her with his hand. While aniket is mingling with friends, his friend gags survi and forcibly drags her across the floor. the screen freezes on her and kartik’s faces.

Precap: Aniket steps in and finds his friend taking advantage of survi, as she lies on the bed, with him on top of her while she struggles to get free. she is relieved to see him, while aniket comments that he didnt know she would adjust to his group so easily. Survi is shocked. he asks them to carry on, and apologises for disturbing. Survi is apalled and distraught, while his friend leeringly smiles. meanwhile, Kartik asks the nurse where is simi, and she pretends not to know. He reprimands her as to how can she be so irresponsible, and not see that lata’s condition is deteriorating. tai eyes them tensedly. he then finds the cut wire, and angrily eyes the nurse, while tai is worried.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. what rubbish !!! I thought aniket would help survi !!! Hate aniket !!!!!

  2. Episode is truly bullshit!!!

  3. everyone in this serial is sick……… b it physically or mentally… and bechari Survi is the only nurse… seems like they need no hospital.. their home is a hospital… everyone gets treated here by Survi…. if anyone is sick and wants to b in this serial, go to the sets of Yeh Vaada Raha and get treated and also get a chance to b in this serial

    1. LOLL so true. You nailed it.

  4. This show will be great only when Kartik changes back to his old sweet friendly self.. 8 years is more than enough for him to realize that kamla , his nasty disgusting tai is such a crazy mentally sick woman… i do not like how kartik is being so mean to survi. He is reacting as if he saw survi with his own eyes pushing his mother ( lata ) off the roof… But I think soon Lata will start to recover and she will be on a wheelchair and she will support survi in exposing kamla ( tai )

  5. survi is not soo cute as 8 years before………………..the show is becoming booring lots of boooring yak.,,..they should give the role of survi to aastha of is pyar ko kya naam doo dobara

  6. idiot aniket !! Oh !! Almost forgot he is the son of the hell tai how can he b nice

  7. Rubbish that’s all I see. Sweet Kartik has turn someone else. Guys y are u still watching this serials? As for me I have stop watching for sometime now, I only come here to view written updates until there’s an improvement. Kkb is still slow not talk of satranghi sasural Hmmm the worst with qubool hai JM we are still hoping they won’t spoil it with that language call twist, interesting sarojini turned bored, TS is pls don’t mention. The rest I don’t follow. Pls writers find a way to remake some scenes in other to meeti our expectations. Thank u.

  8. Tai is soo old n she does not have not a strand of white hair n kartik is soo much younger compared to tai n he has so many strands of grey hair

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