Yeh Vaada Raha 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence and Government Hospital
Tai is shocked at what sirvi insinuates that kartik is still alive. just then, the police comes and asks tai not to try and be oversmart, as if she does anything, she shall land up in jail and be seen that she rots there forever. tai is tensed. Meanwhile, ranvir wakes up in the ward, and find the doctor engrossed with the police inspector, oblivious of his awake status. he grabs the oppurtunity to stealthily take the pistol from his holder, and then knocking them unconsciousness, he hastily leaves from there.

Meanwhile, tai and survi hear meher’s petrified rants, begging hema to spare her. she rushes to the temple, and then prays to the lord to save her. hema says through kartik, that the lord shall never take

her, as he only emans well, and since she pained his devout people, he shall never forgive her. she says that she shall never be forgiven for her crimes. hema asks if she thinks that she shall go in the temple, and be saved, and since she is a pious soul, she can land anywhere. she tells meher that she has come to take her, and meher shall have to come with him.

Meanwhile, ranvir arrives at the front gate and finds the police surrounding the house, and thinks that he should take the back door, to get inside the house. he leaves.

Inside, hema continuously approaches meher, while she begs her with folded hands, accepting her mistakes. hema tells her that there is only one way out. meher asks what. hema says that she shall have to confess to everything, that she put him and his family through. meher hurriedly and frantically complies. hema then asks her to first spill out who is she. Kartik and survi’s plan brings them success, and they corner meher so much, by hema’s help, that she gets close to confessing her crimes. meher begs hema to spare her, as she confesses everything. she says that she never was aashima khanna, and she is meher, and she incited kartik to kill himself, and also killed rahul with her brother, and also implicates tai’s name in whatever she was involved with. tai is shocked, while kartik feels victorious. she goes on recounting everything she did with ranvir. kartik comes in smirking. tai watches in shock. survi is amused. hema takes off the earplugs, and kishore too takes off his disguise. meher is boggled. they then point to her as to how she fell in their trap. the police tells her that this confession is enough to get her chargesheeted and then punished too. survi thanks the lord, while kartik thanks her, while she is shell shocked. Ranvir stealthily sneaks in the house, and then hides behind a pillar to hear everything. kartik comes, while meher is shocked and says that she accepted all her crimes and that this is what they wanted. hema too thanks her, and then thanks kartik amusedly, for having given her the oppurutnity to act. all are amused. survi turns to meher and asks her to always remember that good always prevails over the strongest of evils, and points out how she stands alone, while confronting her confessions, in her video recording, and tell that they did this for her confession. survi announces to meher that she is trapped in her own net, and she cant come out of it, even if she wishes to, and that her jig is up. she informs meher that her brother is unconscious in the hospital. she then files her for lifetime imprisonment. tai starts on her rant, as to how she shall land up in jail now too, and then asks meher why she dragged her too, in the wake of helping them. kartik asks her to stop her crocodile tears as she didnt have enough even when he gave her everything, and now she shall have to face her doom. tai is tensed. kishore asks bindu to understand too now that evil doesnt sustain for long, and that ut leads to wrong in the end. bindu apologises begging to be forgiven, and says that she knows she doesnt sound being believed for, but not with tai being in jail, she begs to be forgiven. tai starts ranting as to how her life is ruined now. survi reminds her that this is why she needs to be aware of her actions, since as you bow, so you reap. tai eyes her tensedly. the lady constable arrests meher, while she resigendly complies. tai watches helplessly.

As kartik and survi get going too, ranvir hollers at them from behind. they turn around in shock to find him standing there, confronting them. he asks them if he thinks that they shall live in peace now, having ruined his sister’s life. he loads the pistol yet again, and then says that if kartik cant be his sister’s, then he shall not be anyone else’s too. he then picks up the pistol and fires in rage. all are shocked and aghast. survi skirts aside, and the bullet grazes past tai, as blood gushes down from behind the brain. she collapses as bindu and hema rush to her. she folds her hands in apology and then goes unconscious. all are distraught. ranvir is about to fir again, when the inspector fires and aims at his hand which gets injured.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Srikant comes and asks how is tai, as all are tensed. they find the doctor coming out of ICU and ask about tai. he says that she is out of danger, and shall regain consciousness too. but he asks them not to stress her in any manner, as she has sustained heavy injuries. hema asks if she can meet her. he denies saying that they can meet once she is shifted back in the ward. hema begs the lord to keep them safe. survi asks her to be patient. hema says that she had to be punished for what all crimes tai committed. survi asks her not to think so, and reminds her that lord always forgives those who feel sorry for what they did, and repent it with a sincere heart.

Later, when tai is shifted to the ward, they all rush to her. she opens her eyes and finds them all standing there, for ehr, waiting for her to get awake. hema thanks the lord that she is fine. bindu asks tai how is she. pyrae too nudges her. but she doesnt respond back. finally she asks who are they all, and why are they addressing her as tai, as her name is…and then tries to recapitulate her name but isnt able to. survi asks the doctor whats happening to tai, and why is she behaving like this. he says that they were scared of amnesia. this shocks them all. he says that the patient is in trauma. survi asks for how long. he says that nothing can be said for certain, and there is a possibility that she might never regain her memory. he leaves, apologising. they turn to her, while she complains of headache, and asks how she landed here, and who are they all, and why are they hovering around her. she asks why the bandage on the head. hema reminds how she had said that lord repays back for whatever you do in this life itself. survi asks her not to do or talk like this, as god takes away all sins aned crimes. tai asks what crime did she commit. they are all tensed and aghast. she then says that she feels that she has done loads of wrong, hence the lord took away her memory. she folds her hands in apology, saying that she apologises for all the sins and crimes, that she doesnt even remember what she did wrong. she says that the lord didnt even render her this capable enough to pull and frame her life back together. survi rushes to her, and begs her not to do so. hema rushes to kartik, and asks how can this be. he eyes her tensedly. she asks what can be a bigger punishment, and begs him to forgive tai. he eyes tai and then hema crying, and places a reassuring hand on her shoulder, saying that he did forgive her. all are shocked at his sacrifice. he says to survi that he knows tai never meant good for them. he says that she tried many murderous attempts on them, but she did save survi and their child, by facing the bullet ranvir meant for them, and that its a sign that the lord has even forgiven her. he says that he might have forgiven but he wouldnt force her to forgive tai. she says that when everyone has forgiven tai, then who is she not to. tai thanks them overwhelmingly, and then says that she shall never give her another chance to complain about. bindu too apologises to kishore, who says that she shall have to apologise to kartik first. when she complies. kartik asks her not to ashame him, and then asks her to take care from now on. just then, raghu asks kartik and survi to come aside. they leave.

Outside, raghu gets kartik to verma, and talks about how abdly he has been searching for kartik. Kartik introduces his construction busines partner, Mr. Verma to survi, who greets him with a heart welcome. Verma comes in with good news and says that after he went, they went through losses and profits. kartik apologises and says that he cant be of much help now. he says that he isnt here to talk about losses, but about the successes that they got back, and happily he says that their profit has earned them 300 crores. they are ecstatically overjoyed. verma says that it was their right, as he remarks on verma’s honesty. after verma leaves, kartik places the cheque in suvir’s hand, saying that she shall be able to keep it nicely. she is overwhelmed. Kartik tells survi that sometime back, they didnt have anything, and now all this, merely because this child is lucky for them, who is bringing back all sorts of prosperity to them, saying that they wont be short of anything, and they shall live like one big happy family. the screen freezes on survi’s happy face.

Precap: As survi is working hard in the kitchen, kartik comes with a briefcase, dressed for office, asking her whats this, and why is she working, since she needs to rest. she says that with his care, she shall fatten up. he says that he would like her like that too. they start romancing yet again. he turns to leave for office. she gets stuck in her saree, and falls on the ground, flat on her stomach, and lets out a yelp of shrieking pain. he is shocked and picks her up. they all rush to her, while she is antagonising pain. they rush her to the hospital. As she struggles in the hospital room, all wait tensedly out for the result.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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