Yeh Vaada Raha 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik opens his eyes, along with survi, and they both compose themselves. she retreats and stands up. he asks whats she doing. she gets defenseive and says that it was due to his snoring and explains everything. he denies it. She makes a snide comment. he vehemently resists, while she says that it could be due to tensions. but he shoves off her comments. he says that he doesnt wish to argue and begs to be left alone, so that he can sleep. he lies down, while she is apalled. hema hears this from outside the door, and happily narrates it to tai, who is amused too. she says that she wanted this only, and after that, she would be so ecstatic when it goes to ruins.

The next morning, kartik wakes up hearing snoring noises, and then comments

that survi herself snores, and was reprimanding him. he finds a vdieo of his snoring in the night, and is embarassed. He turns around to find survi, amused smiling at him. he rushes to her asking about the video, and she amusingly tells that its evidence to prove that he snores, and asks him to get ready for office. She leaves, while he is tensed. survi then prays at the temple, and lata comes to the temple with tai and bindu and hema. Survi touches tai’s feet, while she blesses her to be happy, when wshe keeps everyone happy. survi is tensed. lata then tells about the ritual, wherein she has to make something in the kitchen, and then present it to the lord, and then give it to kartik. tai elaborates on the importance of this ritual, as one mistake shall loom on her marriage forever. lata and survi are tensed. lata asks survi why she doesnt have vermillion on her forehead. Tai asks if she knows what a big omen this is, as its signifies kartik’s ill health. survi apologises, saying that it shall never happen again, and leaves. lata leaves too. tai fumes as survi goes in her room. Hema says that she cant bear their happiness. tai says that she too wants to see kartik reprimanding his wife, and asks hema to mess up the kitchen, before survi enters. hema decides to ruin this ritual for survi.

Meanwhile, survi enters the room, and is boggled to see it in a dishevelled state. later, kartik comes and throws the towel on her face obliviously, and then is shocked to find the room clean, and she holding the towel in her hand. She is amused, while he is tensed. he asks why she cleaned it. She says that she shall do his clothes from tomorrow. he is about to fire up the drycleaners, but survi asks him not to be angry. he asks her that this isnt her work. she says that this is her room too, and she can arrange it. he asks her to do it then, and slips, on the coat kept on the floor, and as fate would have it, falls on the bed with her. A romanctic eyegaze and embrace follows. the video starts playing again, while she is amused, and he is enraged. As they get up, her blouse gets undone, while both of them look awkwardly at each other. he is unable to take his eyes away, as she tries to tie the blouse. she finds him gazing at her, and then he rushes out of the room, composing himself, while she tries to get it done. he is surprised to find raghu coming up, and stops him from entering survi’s room, saying that she is busy. He tries to ward off raghu, but he stays adamant that he shall wait here only. Kartik tries to get in, and then hurriedly closes the door behind him. raghu is boggled and goes down. Inside he comes to the dressing table, wherein survi tries to tie the blouse, not noticing him. he takes the straps, while shocking her, and then ties the blouse, while she clutches at the saree, and closes her eyes, as a shiver of excitement runs down her spine. after doing it, he is about to go ou, when she stops him, and turns around. she asks him to don the vermillion on her forehead, and holds it out for him, while he stands tensed, remembering tai sad and upset for aniket, who lost his true love, and goes out. survi stands apalled, as she remembers kartik donning the vermillion, and does it herself. She says that she shall wait, till he again himself with full rights, dons her forehead with vermillion, and that day, her marriage shall be complete.

Meanwhile, kartik walks out of the house, in the garden area, where raghu is getting work done. he comes to him, and asks why isnt survi here. kartik asks whats the work. Raghu says that survi wanted some renovation. kartik asks if they asked tai, as she is the final authority in the house. Raghu lashes at the labourers venting out anger. kartik rushes to them, and then takes the axe and begins to cut the log of wood, viciously, while raghu is apalled. kartik wonders what kind of dilemma is he in, as he loves her, but cant express it. raghu sends away all the labourers, and then stops kartik, asking whats the matter, and if everything is okay, and why is he paining himself so much. Kartik says that pain found a way to search him back yet again, saying that he loves someone, but even if he wants, he cant express it to her, or attain it, and leaves. raghu is tensed.

Survi, inside, prays at the temple, and says that she is going to make food for her new family for the first time, and requests his blessings, so that she succeeds nicely in it. Then she heads over to the kitchen area. Kartik and survi both try to take blessings from the earthen diya, thats alight near the Ganpati idol. as it almost douses, they both reach out to save it. their hands meet, and an awkward, romantic eyegaze follows. In this, he is distracted and slightly burns his hand, and she immediately attends to it. he is tensed to see her concern.

Later, Survi prepares food in the kitchen, and decides to garnish it off with coriander. she leaves to get it, and hema comes and mixes loads of chilli powder in it, thinking that now kartik will reprimand her, when he eats this. she turns around and is shocked to find survi confronting her. The screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: tai falsely accuses survi of wrenching hema’s hand, when she went to the kitchen, in front of kartik, and tells survi that if she didnt want to make it, she could have told so, but not wrench hema’s hand like this. kartik, much to her shock and despair, standsup and tells tai, that survi can never do something like this. tai is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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