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Yeh Vaada Raha 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
While they are giving justifications, kartik and meher realise that they are walking in sleep. he is amused, saying that she doesnt let him be, even in sleep. they taunt each other, that if she wakes up, she would want her wedding night, which shall be a black night for them. he takes her out, and gets her to the room, while survi watches them. but in the middle, ranvir stops them, while survi hides in her room. ranvir asks whats he doing here, outside, in the middle of the night. kartik asks ranvir to atleast have told them, that meher sleepwalks. ranvir apologises for not telling him. kartik asks him to tell anything else if there is, first she is mental, and now the sleep walking. ranvir is irritated, while kartik says that she is his wife

now, and he deserves to know everything. he takes her to the room. ranvir eyes them and then eyes tai, who smirks, and goes in. he wonders why she smirked, and follows her, and finds her waiting for him in her room. she asks him to come. he finds the daughters snoring. he asks her to come out. she says that he can talk here too. he asks why was she smiling. she asks whats he here for, to ask her how dare she smiled, or the purpose of her smile. she says that whatever he questions, she shall answer accordingly. she is about to drink a glass of water which he takes and throws at the snoring girls, who wake up hastily. He reminds her that he asked something. she points at the watch, which looks expensive. he throws it at her. she then asks him to listen clear, that kartik and survi are seasoned players, as he hasnt stopped survi here forcibly, but the truth is the couple have made it seem so, since meher is mad and innocent, and they have taken advantage of this situation, to fool meher, and this is a known fact, that till survi is here, meher shall not lead a peaceful married life. he is frustrated that she is again talking the same. she vehemently insists, and says that she has proof of what survi is upto. she shows him the glass of milk, and the sedative tablet, half mixed lying at the bottom of the glass. he is tensed to see it, while she points out that its a sleep inducing medicine. he asks how is she so sure, that survi did this, with kartik. tai smirks, and says that she doesnt like it, and asks him to be clear, as she hates survi by the guts, and he neednt doubt her, and if it so happens, she would have spoilt survi’s marital lifeand asks why would she interfere. she gives him back the watch, saying that its of no use to her, and demands for a cash of five lakhs. he asks her how shall she prove this. tai asks what all shall he buy in five lakhs, as this much shall fetch him this info only, but she shall work more, if they can strike out a deal. he asks her to come in the room, tomorrow to take the cash. he leaves. Bindu urges that she should have spilled more, to earn more. Tai comments that noone should doubt her shrewdness, and asks her to be patient, as she needs to trap him first, and that its enough for today, but tomorrow, she shall get back 15 lakhs.

The next morning, kartik is woken up by survi’s arti, downstairs, and finds meher in the washroom, probably bathing, and decides to use this time to meet survi. he hug her from behind, and says that its best if they can start every morning like this. she turns around, and he is shocked to see meher with the thali. he then finds survi standing at a distance, fuming. meher asks what happened, and asks him to hug her again. he is tensed. he asks what about the shower in the bathroom. she says that she must have forgotten. he asks her to save on water. she asks him not to worry, as she would just go and close it. after she leaves, he eyes survi, who is still angry. he apologises to the lord too, while survi comes to him, and reprimands him, while he vehemently gives her a clarification, and she doesnt spare him any reprimandings. she continues to taunt him, while he says that he had no idea she was there. he asks her not to joke. then they find her coming down, and they immediately start quibbing, while meher comes down and asks him why is he fighting. Just then, ranvir comes and asks him not to be so angry, as its injurious for health, and asks if they had a good sleep. she says that she had a nice sleep, as she was tired. ranvir says that he has a gift for them, and says that he has booked a honeymmon suite for them, in a six-star hotel, for the next 24 hours, and asks them go and enjoy. survi and kartik are tensed. ranvir is thanked profusely by meher. he asks kartik to go with meher rightaway, as he shall have his clothes sent. he tells everything is there, and he wont need to step out of the room. meher is overjoyed, while survi is disturbed. kartik resignedly complies. meher teases him about their double honeymoon. she takes him along, while survi is shocked. ranvir calls her, and asks her to rest, while they celebrate their wedding night, in the hotel. he says that once they consummate the marriage, he shall be relieved. he asks the guards to guard the house today, as noone shall go in, and no one shall go out today. survi is shocked. they comply. he then asks her to go and rest, and if she needs anything, then she can tell him, as he is here onoly. he leaves. she turns to the lord, wondering what to do now, and how to stop, ranvir’s planned honeymoon for kartik.

In his room, ranvir asks tai, that he did exactly as she told, while she is busy counting money. he asks what next as per her plan, and tai says that it shall never fail, and that she shall prove that they are befooling them and the day they are separated, they shall become more dangerous, but he neednt worry, as tai shall counteract with them so badly, that kartik and survi shall be taken aback.

Scene 2:
Location: Honeymoon suite
While kartik is immensely tensed, meher ecstatically opens the gifts that ranvir has sent, and finds a wonderful lingerie, and shows it to kartik. he asks if ranvir sent it. she asks if he didnt like it, as this is blood red. he asks if it isnt too bold. she says that he knows its only meant for his eyes. he comments on her brother’s modern thinking. she says that he treats her like a princess. he says that he knows. she says that she loves him immensely, and then taking him by the shoulder, she cups his face, and says that she loves him more. she says that she shall go and change, to look beautiful for their impending honeymoon. as she goes to the bathroom, he immediately calls up kartik. she hurriedly asks if he reached. he explains his pitiful situation, and asks her to do something. she explains what ranvir did, as she is helpless. he asks her to do something, and again chants the magic words, that survi told him, would work, but survi apologises that they wont work this time, a ranvir stumped them with his planning. she apologises, and says that this time, she has no way to ruin his honeymoon. tai hears all this from a distance. he says that he shall run away then. she asks him not to do so, as that would alarm meher and her brother, and ruin their plan too. tai begins to approach her, while survi asks her to think of shanti, as the reason they lied, was so that they could reach to shanti through meher, and till they dont get to her, they would have to out up with this charade. tai hears everything, and then pushes her, to make her fall down the stairs. her mobile falls down. kartik is tensed to hear commotion. he asks if she is okay, and doesnt get a response. he dials yet again but doesnt get through. he gets immensely worried, tensed as to what to do. he rushes back to the house, after which meher coems out having blindfoled herself, oblivious that he isnt there. the butler comes in, and she doesnt realise, and asks him to compliment on how hot she is looking. he says that she looks beautiful. she is shocked to hear his voice. she slaps him, and asks how dare he, and asks him to get lost. she is distraught.

Scene 3:
Location: Meher’s residence
Kartik is extremely tensed about survi, while running frantically on the road. dishevelled and out of breath, he rushes in, and finds survi sitting on the bed. she too rushes to see him suddenly. they both rush to each other. he asks if she is fine, and hugs her, while she is boggled. she says that she is fine, and asks why he returned. he says that she shouted after which her phone wasnt going through, which made her tensed. she talks about how tai pushed her when she was talking to her. but she saved her, even though her mobile was broken. tai smirks that she didnt let her fall, but the phone fell, and she shall buy her a new phone. tai smiels evilly, and the leaves. he is enraged to hear this, and is about to rush to her when she stops him, saying that she is confused, if she pushed her, then why did she save her. she says that she doesnt feel instinctively right about this. She says that before anyone sees them together, he should leave. he complies, and turns to leave, asking her to take care of herself. Just then, Tai taunts them, that they cant hide true love even if they want to, and calls ranvir to come. as he comes and stands behind her, they are both shocked. The screen freezes on survi’s shocked face.

Precap: Kartik vehemently says in front of meher, that he only loves her, and not survi, and he shall kill himself also, just so to prove this. survi is tensed to hear this. before he can do anything untoward, tai comes and asks meher not to be influenced, as he is merely playing her, and that this is just a facade and a pretense. meher slaps tai, while survi and kartik smirk, as tai stands shocked. Later, in her room, kartik tries to cut off his vein, just to show meher, while she snatches away the knife from him, and hugs him. ranvir comes and is distraught to see this, standing helplessly, while kartik mocks him, as he hugs meher.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. I dont like this serial? I mean wats going on……??? at first I was interested in it but now? l am totally confused…..hmmm..

  3. I think the plot is good now because before it was just tai and her annoying tricks but now karthik is brainwashing Meher and stupid ranvir can’t do anything about it !!!

  4. I was interested only because survi and kartik need to be together for anything to make sense meher and ranvir twist need to stop. Kartik and survi are a team so their broken relationship and shanti issue making me lose interest. ..

  5. Y r they playing with their lives n kartik n survi should no better

  6. Very nice episode. Maher is crazy.

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