Yeh Vaada Raha 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: kartik’s residence
Kartik’s condition improves, while they are all happy, as the doctor says that soon he shall fully recover. lata thanks the doctor and then tells of a puja, for the well being of the family. survi and khushi get to helping lata out. later, survi gets emotional as she prays to the lord, at the temple, to restore their happiness. hema is apalled to see this, she meets aniket and kishore, who all blame themselves for kartik’s condition, and swear that they shall bring him back along with the happiness of the family.

The next morning, khushi ties a ganesha necklace around his throat, as he lies asleep. days pass and he continues to recover. On diwali, the entire house, is decorated and all are getting ready, when khushi comes

and tells survi that she gave him meds, and asks if she can go out with hema to get a gift for kartik. survi complies. MEanwhile, in his room, Kartik behaves mad and distraught, as he hears the same voice calling out to him, and the same girl, behind her bedpost. he rushes down berserk and douses the hawan kund, and then shatters all the puja material. they are all distraught as they fail to try and calm him down. he asks all of them to get out. ichcha watches amused from the balcony. finally tai arrives with a bell in hr hand, and smiling. he rushes and starts hugging her, as she comes with a bell, and attracts him by its sound. all are aghast. bindu smirks. tai caresses him and pretends to shoo the spirit aay, while they are aghast. she then lovingly talks to him like a mother. survi confronts tai and asks her to stop this drama, as this is all a farce, and asks why is she doing this. she tries to talk to kartik, but he continues to stick to tai, and asks her to save him from survi and others. survi tries to drag him to them, but he clutches onto tai, who smiles evilly. he refuses to accept lata as his mother. he asks tai to come along, as he doesnt feel safe here. she tells him that they wont go anywhere, as this house is his and everythin belongs to him. he is shocked to know this. survis aghast as she stands stunned. she tells him that they shall stay here, despite his reluctance. he asks tai to stay here with them. asurvi tries to assure krtik, but he doesnt listen a word. but he holds onto her. survi wrneches tai around, and to get hold of tai he pushes her awy, and she get hit on the ground. but tai stops him saying that this isnt right. as he starts losing the mental balance, she gives him another dose of the bell, to keep him under control. she tells him that good children dont argue. as he starts behaving like a young child, they are apalled to see his condition. she reprimands them all, saying that if anyone tris to act smart, then kartik himself would throw them out. she then takes him to the kitchen. survi goes aftr them. she finds tai lovingly feedim him. Lata is apalled at what tai has done to kartik. aniket thinks that maybe the brain is bleeding and tries to consult a doctor, but bindu comes saying that its futile. kishore comes and slaps her tight. bindu is apalled. they start fighting amongst themselves. the screen freezes on kishore’s tensed face as he apologises to survi.

Precap: Tai vents out all her anger and frustration, at survi, in front of everyone, and says that now it isnt a matter of p[roperty and money, but the revenge of how she and her father ruined her life, and now she shall understand the same pain that she went through, when survi’s father took her husband’s life and then survi came ib and turned her ownb amily against her. they are all tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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    If things like this happened in real life the world would have end by now. Writers please show good wins over evil.

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