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Yeh Vaada Raha 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
Kartik arrives home, in the car, while tai continuously tries to talk. when he doesnt listen she shouts at him. he stops along with survi. She tells him that sarojini is lying and asks if he actually feels she can do so as they are trying to trap her. he asks her to shut up, as he cant bear anymore, and cant believe he tried to take survi’s life. he starts to connect all the dots together, and then says that whatever happened to survi, since she came here, is all because of her. she denies. he says that it happened right before his eyes, but he believed her, saying that everyone can betray him, not her. she keeps trying to convince him, while he asks her point blank, that she got srikant falsely implicated, then gave him money, then helped

him escape and finally killed him too. she vehemently protests that she didnt do all this. survi watches tensed and worried. She eyes survi and says that without evidence, she cant prove anything, and when she has proof, then she shall talk, but it hurts her that he doesnt trust his tai, and asks the lord to help her die, as he forgot everything of all the years, for this one single accusation. She says that she wont stay in this house now anymore. She blesses him and then goes ahead, while he stands tensed and mute. she goes past survi, and says that she doesnt know who is after her life, but she definitely knows that the person took the life out of her relationship with kartik. she walks past her too with her melodrama that noone stops her, as she is a stranger now to everyone. survi is tensed and boggled, as she eyes tai and then kartik, who is teary eyed himself. tai turns around to see the impact, and finds kartik walking away inside along with survi. She is shocked and angry too, as she retreats backwards, and the guards are about to close the door, when she asks them not to close the gate as she would return back. Meanwhile, Pyare Mohan is shocked to find both the daughter and then the mother out, and wonders about his future.

inside, kartik paces tensedly, while survi eyes him worried. He rushes to the temple, and asks the lord what is he being punished for, as the mother who did everything for him, is exposed like this, and that one truth ended everything. He says that he cant believe in the good anymore, and doesnt wish to live on. he collapses on the ground, saying that he is bitterly hurt and wonders what to do now. she is apalled too. he apologises to her, saying that he couldnt fulfill his promise to srikant, by bringing her near to her death. in rage, he says that he never thought, tai would do this to her, and then breaks off a glass table in disgust, hurting himself with the glass shards. she is shocked, and screams at shanti to come. she comes out and is apalled to find kartik like this. Survi asks her to go and get first aid. she hurries off. He says that it isnt major and asks her to leave. She says that she wont leave, as he cant hurt himself like this. She takes out the glass shards, and then asks for his hankey. When he gives, he adds that the pain in the hand shall atleast lessen the pain in his heart. he says that he cant bear this truth of tai, as he shall die. She asks him to be quiet. he narrates what tai did all this while. she asks him to calm down. When he goes on a rant, as to how ashamed and aghast he is, she asks him to stop as he is going on surrrounded by what he feels and asks if he is even bothered with what she is feeling seeing her like this. He tries to speak, but she asks him to stay shut, and not speak another word. She immediately starts bandaging, when shanti comes with the first aid. He apologises to her, saying that he should have arranged for her living without telling tai. She asks why is he sorry, as she should be thankful, as there are lots of people who promise but very few who actually keep it. She eyes him overwhelmingly, while she bandages him, as he eyes her distraught. he gets a call, saying that he has got a lead on th case. he says that he shall just come. kartik gets in the car and drives off. They shut the door again. tai eyes them going and then reprimands the guards again for keeping the gate open. She then eyes the bottle of poison in her hand and walks in, with venomous rage and evil plans. she thinks kartik showed her the gate for survi, and swears that she wont spare her.

Inside, as tai enters with the poison bottle, survi and shanti are shocked to see her. tai descends down the stairs and comes in the drawing room, eyeing survi angrily. Survi is a little unsettled, out of scare. she says that she talked with him and soon everything shall be right, and fumbles while talking. Tai holds her hand firmly, while she struggles, and says that she has come to end everything with a solution and shows the bottle of poison. survi is shocked while shanti is surprised. tai says that he used to consider her as over her mother, and vowed to never leave her and her children, but now everything is finiashed and that she is ruined, just due to her, and that she always writes her destiny, and when things dont happen accordingly, she ends her destiny itself. she lets go of her hand and survi falls back on reflex. shanti rushes to her. Tai tells her that its time to end the story, and that the poison shall end all the troubles and miseries. She tells survi that she didnt get this poison for her but for herself, and says that with poison going on, her life shall end. Survi is boggled. tai says that this poison is a punishment for her inability to prove her innocence. tai gets on an emotional drama, and tells survi to tell him, that she was innocent which she couldnt prove while alive, and hence she shall prove the same by dying. Survi and shanti are shocked, and desperately try and stop her from drinking it. tai struggles to start drinking it. she finishes the bottle and then throws it away, while survi and shanti are distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: Police Station
Kartik is told by the police, that its confirmed that the person tried to kill the girl and that they got a mobile from him, which contains call records that might tell them more. he gives the phone to kartik to ask him to confirm the voice, so that they can further detail their investigation accordingly. he hears the recording, and then is shocked to find a man orderinmg the person to kill survi. he asks who is this. The police says thats what he is here for, and asks him to try and identify again. As kartik again listens to the entire conversation, and asks if there’s anything more, and then finds out, that there is some caller who tells that he did it out of revenge on tai, by falsely implicating her in front of him. He sits down remembering how tai was protesting her innocence, but he didnt listen. he is distraught and feels disgusted.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence and the police station
Meanwhile. survi and shanti find tai’s condition worsening, while she asks them to take proper care of kartik. Blood starts gushing out of her mouth, while survi goes unconscious. Survi asks shanti to call kartik. She does so. Shanti calls and tells kartik that tai consumed poison. He is shocked to hear this. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Tai doesnt respond when she is shaken by survi and shanti, and they are shocked. While lata and raghu are driving on the road, a bride rushes in from somewhere, and falls right on the windsheild of the car and they are both shocked. The bride is tensed too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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