Yeh Vaada Raha 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
When simi requests survi to introduce her to him, just once, she scaredly hesitates and then says that he doesnt meet her, as she is merely a nurse, and cant attend to her whims. She begs her to do something, but survi says that she shall try bu the hope ios feeble, as she rarely gets a chance to talk to him. She asks simi to leave for now. She complies. then after survi goes insaide, simi knocks and tries to get in, the guards stop, and she identifies herself as Survi’s sister. She is let in, and marvels at the grand house, and his majestic spread, and tries to find a way to talk to kartik.

Inside, Survi while tending to lata, finds that kartik is sitting there sullenly. shanti comes and asks him why isnt he coming out as there

is a big issue. He says that he cant decide what to do, and is hence not going out, since on one hand, he cares for the comforts and luxuries of his sister, Bindu, and knows she wont be able to adjust in the small house of her husband, after being habituated to this kind of lavish lifestyle, but on the other, he likes that her husband wants to be self independant, and he finds it apt that he should be able to take his wife with him. Shanti is tensed. survi hears on intently too. In his state of dilemma he walks out.

Outside, simi hides when she finds kartik coming out, and then is surprised to see survi after him too. As he is working, she finds survi stealthily approaching him, and then hesitaatinglt bringing up the topic that she wishes to say something regarding bindu’s case. he permits. She says that she understands that he loves his sister and cant bear to see her in trouble, but the truth remains that she is married to Kishor, who is a self reliant respected man, who wants to live life independantly, without being blinded by their lifestyle and falling tempted to it. Survi tells kartik that after marriage, sister or a daughter’s house is her sasural only. She says that understandably, staying in the sasural is difficult, but these problems bring the couple together, and by denying bindu that, he shall forever stop them from becoming one, and solidifying their relationship. he thanks her for having cleared his confusion, addressing her as simi. the actual simi, hiding behind the bushes to catch a glimpse of him, is shocked to hear her name. She thinks that survi lied that she doesnt meet him, wherein she is actuially giving him advise for his personal stuff, but doesnt have the time to talk about her meeting instead. She is also boggled as to why is survi being addressed as simi by kartik. When he goes, survi is relieved that he shall take the right decision. But then she spots simi hiding behind the bushes, and rushes upto her, shocked. When she meets survi, she gets tensed asking whats she doing here. She asks survi why is she addressing herself as simi inside. Survi stands tensed. Simi asks her to explain why the fake double identity, and survi begs her not to harass her right now, and never mention her name here in the residence. she asks simi to leave and that she shall explain everything in the evening. Simi complies and then leaves.

Inside, kartik sits with tai, facing the sisters and their grooms. Bindu tries to speak, but he shuts her up saying that he doesnt wish to hear anything, and they need to hear him instead. Survi comes too. tai is teased by aniket that now he shall throw bindu out of the house. tai is tensed and tries to speak, but kartik asks her to listen too. tai shuts up tensedly. He then proclaims that bindu shall not leave the house, relieving bindu and tai, while shocking survi completely. He continues that he cant see bindu suffering for a single second, and that he doesnt believe in the orthodox notion that a girl has to break off her ties, and stay at the husband’s place. He also continues to elaborate as to how, she already proved her love for kishore by running away with him, against her family, and now its time for him to reciprocate by proving his love, by staying with them as the househusband. Bindu smiles. aniket and survi are boggled. Shanti watches tensedly. Kishori however denies, and says that love never demands exams and he has nothing to prove and that he shall go back to his house, awaiting his wife’s return. Bindu is shocked. pyare tries to convince him otherwise to relent and give in, but he doesnt, saying that he wont compromise on his self respect for love. kartik when confirms that its his final decisions, asks him to get lost. he complies and leaves respectfully. survi is tensed. Survi rushes out and kartik goes after her too. tai teases aniket about kartik’s changed recation, and he walks out confused still.

Outside, survi accidentally collides into aniket, who reprimands her for her carelessness. she gets tensed. He asks whats the matter as she seems terribly tensed, and worried, as if she got the shock of her life, and asks if she is shocked at his decision, as he wasnt expecting this from kartik too, but he doesnt realise why and how it changed. She says that its wrong and he shall have to change. he asks her to stick to her own work, and never interfere in kartik’s decisions for her benefit only. She is tensed. She says that his decision was wrong, but he being a family member should have said something, as she being an outsider cant say anything in their family matters. He says that she hasnt seen kartik’s anger at those who dont agree with him. She says that just because he is scared of kartik’s anger, he let his sister’s life be ruined. She goes in. he revels at her bravery and guts.

Inside, survi comes and checks the meds, and asks the nurse to give the proper meds instead of the wrong ones that she is giving. she reprimands her for paying attention to the phone instead of the patient. she goes to check the chart. As the phone starts beeping, Survi also asks her to keep the phone ringer off, as it spikes the blood pressure of the patient. the nurse denies that its his. Kartik comes in saying that its his, and then takes it, and says that he shall call back. she gets back to working. He asks how is lata. She says that lata is better. he asks her not to take out her anger on someone else. Kartik comes and says that he knows she is angry with him, as he did exactly opposite of what she suggested him. She is tensed but doesnt respond. He tells her that he does what he feels right. she stands tensedly, while the nurse attends to lata. He asks her to speak up as he is talking to her. He is informed by the nurse that she went long back. he wonders how dare she go out, while he was still talking. The screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: While survi is taking care of stuff, and working, aniket springs on her from behind, saying that she is deeply concerned for him, and she wants to take care of him. Survi is startled and taken aback, as he leans in closer to her. He puts a pistol pointed at her head, while she is boggled and scared, and asks him whats he trying to do. Inside, lata is taken care by tai and the nurse, who tell her that the only lifeline that she had, Simi is now gone too, and that the only person remaining here to take care of her, are the people like her and the nurse who want her dead. she then thinks that today she shall end this long tale forever, and cuts off the oxygen pipe that lata is breathing through, and contaminated air starts getting in, which make lata suffocate and have breathing issues, while tai and the nurse watch on amused evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Eight years is a long time for wickedness to reign, It is time Tai is exposed and Lata regains her senses. Kartik cannot be that stupid.

  2. It is also now gone like other serials. All Hindi serials are on same track everytime. Only difference is characters and their names. Lol

  3. oh dear, getting bored of this series already.

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