Yeh Vaada Raha 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Hema tries everything to scare meher, that kartik’s soul is avenging hi death. meher says that she didnt kill kartik, as he committed suicide. hema asks who instigated him, she and ranvir, who forced him to do this. bindu asks why is she scaring her. hema syas that she isnt but he is. she tells meher that there is only one way out, some KHOPDI BABA. bindu is frustrated. but meher shuts her, and tells her that she is right, and asks hema to get ahead. hema leaves to get the baba.

Outside, hema meets kartik in the grounds, where she says that everything worked as per their plan. he thanks her for her help, while she asks him not to shame her, as this is the penance for everything she did against kartik. she says that its very difficult

to side with the truth, while he is amused, as she tells him of the torments. she asks him to call survi and give the update. as he calls, survi says that tai has already left with ranvir to be taken to the hospital. he says that hem too is leaving to get kishore as the baba, for the next stage of their plan. she says that they both shall scare meher so much, that she shall confess herself, by which time, he shall get there with the police, and record everything.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Tai brings ranvir to the hospital, on a stretcher with the inspector and pyare. he is taken inside. then the doctor who tai has already fixed, comes, and tai signals him to act according to the plan. tai continues to try calling home, but it doesnt get through, and wonders why isnt anyone picking the phone. she decides to leave, but the inspector doesnt allow her to leave. she asks why. he says that she incites trouble, as she created a ruckus, when ranvir vomitted, and she might start insulting them again, if ranvir’s condition worsens. she asks when does the law say so. he orders her not to move, and then leaves to talk to the doctor. tai is tensed.

Inside, the police asks the doctor, whats he doing. the doctor apologises for consorting with the wrong side. he says that he got distracted but now everything is okay. The doctor comes and after administering the injection to ranvir, he says that he has been given the injection for subconsciousnes. as ranvir is about to get up, when he hears survi’s voice, and is shocked to see her in marital state. she comes to him, and taunts him, that he needs to stay in the bed itself, as thats better for him. she then tells about how he must be feeling helpless right now, with everyone by his aide, but noone there to help him. she says that he shall lose consciousness in sometime. she then whispers in his ear, that the hallucinations that he sister is having ragarding kartik’s ghosts arent real, as its kartik himself. a stern voice calling for survi makes them both turn. they look at the door, wherein stands kartik, who eyes ranvir tensedly and angered while survi smiles at him. he then continues and asks ranvir, why the colour drained off his face, as they outsmarted him in his own plan, and the real fun is when his sister, meher aka aashima, shall confess to everything, with hema;s help. ranvir tries to get up to grab him, but gets dousy as the med starts working, and goes unconscious. survi asks kartik to go, while she comes with the inspector. th police tells the doctor, that the police is with kartik and survi, that he shouldnt dare to try anything wrong.

Outside, tai and pyare start getting frustrated and asks why is the treatment for mere vomitting taking so long, and begs to go inside and see ranvir once. the police however dont listen to her. he says that he shall not listen either to the doctor or her. she says that he must have gotten beter by now and requests him to check. he goes in. tai slights leaves the door ajar, so that she can hear and see through the ppehole as to whats going on. tai overhears how the police and the doctor are togethr, and discuss as to how they shall drug ranvir back, again if he wakes up, and tai and pyare shall be made to wait outside. she collapses on the sofa, shocked to hear this. tai understands that the police and survi are in this, and that there must be some problem at home. tai cites nature’s call and excues herself, as the inspector sends a lady constable with her.

Scene 3:
Location: Meher’s residence
Kishore dressed as Khopdi Baba, comes with hema, in disguise, while all are shocked at the weird appearance. he signals meher to come close, and she complies. meher and kishore are amused, while bindu is frustrated. he tries all sorts of tricks and stuffs to scare her, by placing a bone on her head, and chanting some mantras, and then utters betrayal, that she dared to betray Khopdi Baba, and asks how dare she got an innocent soul out of the body, and curses that nothing can happen to her. hema begs him not to say so, and help them out in this situation. he again starts his chants and weird mantras, and asks how dare she try to lure him, thinking he is greedy. bindu sees to think that she has seen him earlier. he gest tensed. but hema distracts her, asking her to sit down quietly. oblivious of the police’s presence outside the house, recording everything on tape, meher starts the rituals with the baba. survi compliemnts hema’s acting, while he is doubtful that her overacting shall give them away. survi says that nothing like that shall happen. kishore complies to hema’s request, and says that they need to do a hawan, which cant be disturbed. they comply. having arranged all the stuff, kishore starts the hawan, asking them to stay in circles desigend for them, and that they cant step out of the circle. bindu again says that she has seen him earlier. he pretends that she is inciting rage in him. hema reprimands and shuts her. Outside, survi tells karrtik that its time for him to get in. he asks the inspector to record everything, as this is their last hope of evidence. the bulbs and lights start flickering, and finally, the entire house darkens. meher is petrified, as in the light of the hawankund, bindu and meher are shocked as they find kartik approaching in a ghastly manner, as if he is a ghost. bindu is shocked. kishore addresses kartik. he asks kartik why is he bothering meher. kartik speaks in ghostly tone, asking them not to get in their matter, and then talks about how meher forced him to take this step, accounting all the tragedies that she put them through. kishore says that she didnt kill him. he says that she didnt but she did incited, and he shall take her. kishore guffaws, and says that as long as he is here, noone can do anything to meher. hema asks kartik, pretending to be scared, begs kartik to spare meher now. kartik guffaws and says that he shall spare noone, as they are all responsible for his death, anger in his eyes. hema gets up suddenly, and then steps out of the circle. the lighst turn back on. kishore reprimands her why she stepped out, as he had warned her not to. bindu and hema are boggled as hema stands stoically. Mehere is furthermore petrified, when hema pretends to be captured by kartik’s ghost and says to meher that till now, he didnt have a body, but now he has one, and that now he shall not spare her. In the balcony, survi thanks the police for this wonderful technique to make it more believing. he then points at bindu and says that she shall first start with bindu. bindu suddenly falls unconscious. then kishre tries to attack hema, and she raises her hand, and he is thrown away. then he turns to meher and addresses her. she is petrified, as he approaches her. meher in her scare, steps out obliviously of the circle. hema points out that she herself stepped out of the circle, and asks who shall save her now, bindu, hema or the baba. she says that she shall definitely get her with him now. meher is scared.

Meanwhile, oblivious to whats going on, tai arrives in the auto. she fumes at having been deceived, as she remembers how she tied the lady constable in the washroom, and ran off. while walking in, she is surprised to find survi outside, and asks whats she doing here. survi says that she is here to protect how a married lady protects her husband. Tai tells survi that her marital status is long gone, as kartik is long gone, and she is a widow now. survi points out and asks her to see nicely how she still adorns the mangalsutar and the vermillion, which she didnt take off, as her kartik is still alive. tai is aghast to hear this. The screen freezes on survi’s determined face.

Precap: Kartik and survi’s plan brings them success, and they corner meher so much, by hema’s help, that she gets close to confessing her crimes. meher begs hema to spare her, as she confesses everything. she says that she never was aashima khanna, and she is meher, and she incited kartik to kill himself, and also killed rahul with her brother. kartik comes in smirking. tai watches in shock. survi is amused. Ranvir stealthily sneaks in the house, and then hides behind a pillar to hear everything. kartik comes, while meher is shocked and says that she accepted all her crimes and that this is what they wanted. the lady constable arrests meher, while she resigendly complies. tai watches helplessly. as kartik and survi get going too, ranvir hollers at them from behind. they turn around in shock to find him standing there, confronting them. he then picks up the pistol and fires in rage. all are shocked and aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think he will kill himself since meher tell the truth

  2. Tai needs to be sent to jail or something. They keep letting her off the hook

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