Yeh Vaada Raha 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartik is going outside. Tai asks where he is going. He says to Survi’s dad as his heath is not good. Tai says what to expect when daughter is like Survi. He asks where Survi is. Tai doesn’t know what to say. She says forget Survi and go to her dad. He leaves.

Tai and Pyaare come to Durga Rani’s place. Tai asks her to return to her home. Durga Rani says not so easily. She makes Tai apologise to her and puts more conditions in front of Tai that if she doubts on her again then she will charge double. Tai agrees to her demands.

Shanti was trying to give medicine to Survi’s dad, but he wasn’t taking. Kartik comes and gives him the meds. Durga Rani comes there and apologises to dad. Survi’s dad says it’s not about hurting him, it’s about

being in her limits. She needs to respect her relationships. Kartik taunts if she knew that, then today this situation wouldn’t arise. Kartik leaves.

Durga Rani comes and sits in his car. He asks what is this. She says she wants to go home too.

They arrive at their place. Durga Rani makes face saying she will have to see Tai again. Kartik asks why she came here if she didn’t want to see her. Why she hates her so much. What she knows about her that he doesn’t know. She tells him he won’t be able to hear her truth. He tells her go ahead and tell him the truth. Durga Rani accuses Tai of something (she shocked someone? didn’t catch properly). Kartik fumes again and says Tai took care of everyone. He will never hear anything against her. He goes inside and throws stuff. Tai comes and asks what happened. He says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with Survi. She keeps blaming Tai. He doesn’t want her in this house now. Tai gets happy. She acts that Survi is their bahu, house’s respect. She will talk to her. She asks where she is. Kartik says she may live in the house, but shall not expect husband wife relationship now.

Tai comes outside and praises Durga Rani. Durga Rani asks why she told her to say bad about herself in front of Kartik. What if he had trusted her. Tai says it’s not possible. He will never believe anyone saying anything against her. This way she just wanted to hate Survi and when he will have enough, he will throw Survi out and after that it doesn’t matter whether Survi is alive or dead. No one will be bothered about that.

Durga Rani comes to Kartik’s room to apologise to him, but he fumes and asks her to leave him alone. He has no place for her in his room or heart. If she still comes in front of him, then it will just hurt him. Durga Rani leaves.

Tai asks why she went there. She says she went to make herself safe. She wanted Kartik to say to leave the room. She didn’t want him to misuse powers of being a husband.

Later, Durga Rani sleeps on the floor. Kartik sees and comes to cover her with blanket. She wakes up. Kartik again fumes and asks what she wants to prove by sleeping on floor. All this drama won’t work in front of him. He leaves. Tai sees and becomes happy. She tells Durga Rani to keep doing stuff like this. Tai goes to check Kartik and sees him sleeping on floor as well. Her smile disappears.

Precap: Tai tells Durga Rani to torture Shanti, so when Kartik sees that, he hates Survi even more. Durga Rani asks for her money. Tai secretly tries to take money from Kartik’s room and he catches her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. plz guyz dont’t seem it wrong but nowadays that excitement is not there to watch yeh vaada raha just like kumkum bhagya.Now they don’t show karvi scenes and fun is not coming……… anybody update ff.

    1. Yes lovy true they are showing really less Surthik scenes nowadays but the show is not dragging at least uff that’s why YVR is better than KB according to me for that reason I read the updates and if there is Surthik scenes I download that episode and watch it as m quite busy nowadays
      And I have written my episode 9 but not getting time to publish it

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