Yeh Vaada Raha 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
meher manages to convince kartik, to take off the mangalsutra from survi’s neck, as she doesnt have the rights to it anymore. he does so, while they both eye each other helplessly, as he through eye signals explains to her, that they have to sacrifice this to protect their relationship. survi resignedly complies. then he places it in the feet of the lord, and swears o himself, that he shall give it back to survi with all respect. then they are tense as they eye each other. meher takes kartik up to their rom for their wedding night. he is frustrated to see the romantic decor, and calls up survi, who is thoroughly amused. she is super joyous while he is frustrated and tensed as to what her reaction shall be. she is oput on hold, when meher

enters and start romancing and seducing hr, as he gets increasinyl uncomfortable. he somehow manages to make her drink the milk that she had brought, drinking which she doses off. he picks up survi’s call, on hold, and gets to know that she had mixed the milk was laced with a sedative. while she ias fast asleep, he rushes down and finds survi, and they both eye each other romantically overwhelmed at this new event in their life. just then, ranvir passes, and survi hides kartik down, while the bed lamp falls due to this. they are shocked to find ranvir coming their way, and he ducks while she is successfully able to distract ranvir, by standing upto him, defiantly saying that she wont let anyone cast his hand on her child, who is solely hers. saying that they shal see, he leaves off. after that, survi takes kartik and they both rush inside.

In the room, kartik explains why he had to take off the mangalsutra. she doesnt hold him responsible and says that she knows he did it, since he had no option. Meanwhile, they are oblivious that meher has woken up and is headed this way. Kartik and survi keep bantering and discussing about their unborn child, and hug each other lovingly, in the room, but they dont realise meher is in the doorway. she is shocked and aghast to see this, while they too are stunned to see that she caught them. but her non reaction, boggles them completely. the screen freezes on survi’s perplexed face, as meher eyes them distant and emotionless.
Precap: Tai shows ranvir, the glass which survi mixed the sleep pill, so tht survi wouldnt allow their honeymoon night, as it shows stains of some meds under the bottom of the glass. he stands tensed. then the next day, while blessings them,. ranvir announces that he has booked a honeymoon suite for them, in the six star hotel. survi and kartik are aghast while nmeher is over the moon. ranvir smirks evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I think kartik will go n then call up survi to come there

  2. Love this show but hate this meher and ranvir track Surthik conversation so cute one thing I like about YVR no unnecessary dragging

  3. This show is bull. I think the writer is bored as hell. How could someone just take someone husband like that.

  4. Would someone please get rid of Meher this story is going downhill for sure.

  5. Guys this shall decrease TRP!! Get a life you writers. Please write proper stump

  6. why dragging this serial so bad????? i always loved Survi and karthick….Twist are needed…but no irritating twists…..

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