Yeh Vaada Raha 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Unidentified Location
As they open the door, survi and kishore are apalled to find him tied in ropes, while kartik is in a bruised state and unconscious. they ruish and free him, while kishore leaves to get water. she holds him and continuously assures that she is here now and wont let anything happen to him. kishore comes back and after giving him water, they take him outside on their support.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Survi and kishore rush kartik to the hospital. she continuously assures that nothing would happen and everything shall be fine. as he is taken in, survi begs the doctor to save kartik anyhow. he says that he shall try. he goes in. as she watches him dearly, she hopes everything gets okay soon. then when khushi calls, she gives

her the good news too and asks her to take care of herself, while she is taking care of kartik. khushi complies. Meanwhile, khushi is ecstatic as she talks about kartik with the rest of the family. kishore rushes in and asks lata to hurry along. khushi asks where is kartik and why didnt he return rightaway. they are all tensed at this question. when the operratiion ends, they rush to see what the doctor has to say. he says that he is critical and once he gets stable, then they can meet him. she is apalled and distraught as she watches him from the glass partition in the room, while he is being bandaged, while remembering their past moments. then she determiedly gets up, saying that she wouldnt let anything happen to him. kishore seeks leave and says that he shall be okay soon. survi prays and says that its enough and gets on her knees. she starts chanting ganesha’s name. while she is on the road, kartik flatlines. lata and khushi are aghast. khushi cries severely, as to remembering her moments with her father. Survi tells the lord, that she shall hurt herself, if he tries to hurt her kartik. she starts walking on hr knees, saying that she needs his help and wishes for kartik’s good health, and shall come to meet him in his place, on her knees. while continuing this arduous journey, her knees start bleeding, but regardless, she continues on her journey. just then, kishore calls her up asking where is she. she says that she is going to the temple, for kartik’s sake, and asks him if he is fine now. he tells her that kartik’s life is in danger. she is apalled to hear this. suddenly, the pulse comes back on the monitor, at the same time, when survi falls on the road and looks around matches the vermillion like blood, which smears right beside the forehead. khushi too continues crying, while she is shocked when a pulse is registered. the entire family watches tensedly.

Later, survi rushes to the hospital, and finds them all near kartik’s bed. survi is emotionally overwhelmed to see him. the entire family leaves. she commends khushi that she didnt let him go anywhere. khushi shows that she has still held his hand, and wont let anything happen to him. they both eye him as he sleeps. he starts regaining consciousness slowly. khushi leaves to call the doctor. survi asks if he is okay, but he again doses off. when the doctor comes, he starts checking while survi watches anxiously. he says that he has borne mental trauma, but dont know to what extent. he says that his nerves have become vbery weak, and once he is slightly better, they shall do brain mapping, to find out the condition of his brain. he says that the maximum they can do now is take him home and take good care of him. after he leaves, khushi assures him that they shall take him home, and take care of him, and he shall get better soon. they assure each other. khushi promises the same to her father, along with survi.

Scene 3
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik is brought home, by survi and his family. as he rests in his unconscious state, survi and others eye him. khushi prepares a WELCOME BACK PAPA card and shows it to survi. she places it on his chest while kissing khushi. survi ardently continues to try and take care of him, while khushi assists in the best way possible. they then amusedly banter. the screen freezes on their tensed faces.

Precap: Kartik behaves mad and distraught, as he hears the same voice calling out to him, and the same girl, behind her bedpost. he rushes down berserk and douses the hawan kund, and then shatters all the puja material. they are all distraught as they fail to try and calm him down. finally tai arrives with a bell in hr hand, and smiling. he rushes and starts hugging her, as she comes with a bell, and attracts him by its sound. all are aghast. >

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. So he is under her control now I think survi will have to find out Wat tai is doing to him

  2. indera sanichara

    What a shame writers we have another mad man I guess you writers are happy now all the serial will have a mad man soon. So boring.

  3. So boring. Please change the story

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