Yeh Vaada Raha 25th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residene
Survi says that she shall stay here only till all get better. kartik smirks and says that some wounds lessen only when the person is wounded, who inflicted the wounds. tai fumes that she had a glimmer of hope, but it was taken away too. he says that he shall get the meds. She immediately takes the list and says that she shall get them. he says that he is leaving for office, and then leaves. Survi eyes him going, emotionally. Tai breaks her trance and survi says that she thought well and knew that she couldnt pay this off. tai asks her to have dol the earings then, as she had told him. Survi remembers when he had gotten the gift and her moments with him, and says that she couldnt, as there are lots of memories involved with these earings and cant

sell them. tai comments that she has had a solid broken heart and asks her to go and tend to aniket. Survi says that she wants 2 hours free to get her father back home from the hospital. Tai allows, but first asks her to finish her work and give aniket meds, before she goes. Survi complies. tai leaves. Shanti thanks survi for having changed her mind, as she now has full hope that lata would get well.

Raghu tries hard to get aniket to take meds, but he is busy chatting on mobile. Aniket insults him, saying that he doesnt like seeing his face in the morning and asjs him to get lost. raghu is tensed. survi comes, and raghu immediately hands the meds to her, and take care of the patient. Aniket smiles at her, while she asks him not to be childish. He continues to stare at her while she reprimands him. Survi tells aniket that he wont get better if he doesnt take medicines. He says that he doesnt want to get well. he says that even though he finds the meds bitter, but he has started liking the sweet lady who gives it, and if he gets well due to the meds, then the girl who makes her take meds, shall go, and hence she has to stya with him all the time, therefroe he cant take the meds. She says that she doesnt understand anything. he says that its whats in his heart, and then holds her hand and takes the medicines, smiling at her, while she stands boggled and tensed too. He then breaks into a guffaw while she is confused whether he was joking, and he turns it away casting as a joke. kartik eyes this and gets tensed.

Later, bindu is slapped tight by tai, while others watch on tensedly. Aniket comes too. tai reminds her of her unconditional love and hos this guy was the perfect match, then what happened now, as he has already started controlling her. He says that there is no drama, as he is only asking bindu to go home, as his wife. Bindu shuts him up. Bindu asks if he is out of his mind to assume that she shall stay with him in a small house, when she has all the luxuries here. She says that in this bathroom, his entire house can fit in. he tries to teach her about the moral values being imp over money, since finances do not make a home. Pyare asks him to agree to stayhere. he says that his opinion is different than his. Tai asks them both to shut up, saying that she wont stand this nonsense, and tells that bindu wont go anywhere and he might leave for all she cares. bindu complies. tai sends her off to her room. Aniket stops her saying that she shouldnt rush to her room and unpack, as kartik hasnt come yet and when he comes, his decision is well known, and she might have to pack again, and tai cant go against kartik’s decision as it is. Tai is tensed to hear this.

Scene 2:
Location: Simi’s residence
Survi’s friend along with her and srikant, come home to find a girl in tears, beside the dead body of her mother. they are shocked and stunned to see this. The girl is actually simi, whose name survi used at kartik’s residence, who is her friend’s sister. he too is shocked to see his mother dead. The girl is berserk and distraught with grief, while survi comes beside her and comforts her. she narrates to survi if she knows who caused this and points to Lord Ganesha, who first took her father and then her mother. Srikant asks how did this happen suddenly. The girl tells that it was a heart attack. Survi asks how is that possible as she was perfectly happy and fine. the girl points out about the unpredictability of life, and collapses in her arms. her brother too gets into crying severely. Just then, the dead body starts smiling, and the girl too into guffawing. Survi and her friend are boggled. simi and her mother continue to banter about how they were just enacting a scene and wanted to see what reactions they got. Survi smiles. Simi has dreams to become India’s best heroine. Her mother blesses her too. Her brother is irritated by their rant. He is asked by his mother to encourage her a little. Survi gets to going, and simi says that she shall come along too.

Simi then comes back and asks srikant how is he. he says that he is fine, and wishes her luck for her audition. they both leave. Her mother asks srikant, how survi manages such a huge money deposit in an instant. He tells about her job. she gets suspicious and asks what job pays like this. he says that its a loan. She keeps asking how stranger can give money like that. Her friend intervenes and asks what she wants to say. she says that she is happy for them.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
Survi arrives with simi in the auto. then she pays off the driver, while simi comes out, and is shocked at the extravagant house where she works. survi hurriedly leaves. simi finds the guard respecting her. She talks to survi and asks her to lend 200 which she shall return later. Simi takes while survi smiles. Simi says that she remembers their pending amount, while survi asks her not to bother and give when she can. Then simi asks if these people paid for the treatment. a car hollers and then pulls in, and simi finds kartik in the backseat, and is shocked to see him. Simi goes berserk with excitement as she finds that survi works in her heartthrob businessman, Kartik. survi gets tensed to hear this. She goes into a rant, as to how much she likes and is a fan of him. She begs survi to get her to meet him just once, and badgers her for it. survi is worried, as she remembers lying about her name to tai. Survi thinks that she cant ever know that she uses her name only, to be in the house. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: survi tells kartik that after marriage, sister or a daughter’s house is her sasural only. he thanks her for having cleared his confusion, addressing her as simi. the actual simi, hiding behind the bushes to catch a glimpse of him, is shocked to hear her name. later, when she meets survi, she gets tensedasking whats she doing here. She asks survi why is she addressing herself as simi inside. Survi stands tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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