Yeh Vaada Raha 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence and Police station
Meher paces nervously in her room, remembering what has happened. someone places her hand on her shoulder, and she screams in horror. its actually hema, who asks her if she actually saw kartik. meher complies, and says that noone believes her. hema says that she too is scared in this house and scares her furthermore, by talking to her about how people talk about ghosts prevailing till after their mission is over. she tells meher that she doesnt seem mad. meher asks what can they do, to get kartik away from this house. hema says that they can only turn to the lord, and asks her to freshen up, while she waits downstairs, for her, to join her in prayers. meher asks if thats a sure shot method. hema asures her, and then says that

she shall wait for her, and then leaves. while meher is petrified, hema smirks, and then stealthily dials survi, to say that she has reached tai’s place and got the permission to stay here. hema says that she remembers whats to be done, and asks her not to be tensed. she tells her that tai has left for police station. survi thnks her for this info, but asks her to be alert. hema complies. she cancels the call.

Survi then turns to the police inspector, as she is in the police station already. she tells him about tai already being on her way to the station, to help and aid ranvir escape the jail. Survi begs him to be with them, so that the truth can be exposed, and tai isnt allowed to take away ranvir. he says that they shall help her in every possible manner, and thats why they have given her and kartik this oppurtunity to prove their innocence. she decides to start the plan.

Meanwhile, tai arrives at the police station, and after having had permision for giving ranvir food, which the hawaldar nicely checks, she comes to ranvir’s cell. tai asks ranvir to eat the tiffin that she brought for him. he eyes her tensedly. she asks him to eat soon, as she has mixed a medicine, and after taking it he shall fall on the ground, due to nausea and once he does that, she shall start her next drama, so much so, that the police shall be forced to shift him to a government hospital, wherein the doctor who has already been bribed, shall term his condition as critical, and say that he needs to be shifted to a better hospital. and while its being done, the lawyer shall get the bail papers submitted. he athen indirectly asks about meher, not taking her name. she talks about her extra alcohol intake and the hallucinations thereafter. he is startled to know that meher saw kartik last night. tai asks him to take meher to a hospital, as they cant continue this mental illness furthermore. she asks him to eat the food first. meanwhile, through a cctv footage, survi along with others, watch their movement, andnote down every info.

Scene 2:
Location: Meher’s residence
Meher, in her bathrobe, goes to the bathroom, to have a nice bath. Meanwhile, downstairs, hema finds bindu sitting in the drawing room, studying some magazines. she decides to badger bindu about making food, as she is very hungry. hema says that she is too tired and exhausted, since last night. she continues to badger bindu till she finally resignedly complies, and rushes to the kitchen. after she is gone, hema rushes outside, to get kartik inside through the front door. she informs that bindu went to the kitchen and meher is upstairs. he rushes up.

In her room, while meher takes a sauna, she is shocked as she remembers kartik’s appearances in the room. kartik comes outside the gate and through the magnet manages to unlock the door, while meher is too scared at seeing it happening on its own. she starts the chants yet again, to get rid of ghosts. she is petrified, as she tries to open the door, but kartik locks it from inside. meher is distraught and frustrated inside. then he turn up the thermostat too and starts talking into a ghastly tone, saying that he came back to her, since she loves him so much, and hence he had to come to her after his death even, since she loves him so much, that she separated him from his wife and child, and says that he shall not leave her alone now. she begs to be forgiven, as she hasnt done anything, saying that she shall die. he says that he too ded, but still is here with her, and now she shall have to die with him. he says that he wont let her die so easily, and she shall die slowly and painfully, suffocating from within. she gasps for breath. downstairs, bindu is alarmed to hear meher beating the door, but hema distracts her by beating the sofas, saying that she was making the noise, as she was dusting off the furniture. bindu goes back to the kitchen. she then takes off all the wires for telecom connections, thinking that tai wont be able to call now. as hema continuously hears the noises from upstairs, she puts on the FM radio, to douse meher’s scream and beating the door. kartik eyes the door enraged, and then silently opens the door. she rushes out dishevelled and distraught, and is then petrified, as she finds him making his way out of the mist. she asks if its kartik. he pretends to be ghastly, and begs her to come closer. she asks him not to come closer. he keeps scaring her, asking her to come close, as she cant stay without him. she screams for someone to come, but her screams dont reach downstairs, since hema puts the loud music, and also engages bindu in dancing so that she is distracted. Upstairs, meher gets the gun, and then asks him not to come close. she says that she shall shoot him, and asks him not to come closer. but he is unaffected and keeps walking. she fires twice but it doesnt have any effect on kartik. she is shocked. Kartik remembers how he had already removed the bullet, thinking that she would resort to this, and then tells her that bullets can hit the body but not soul, and since she cant stay without him, he has come to take her with him too. she starts gasping for breath, as he grabs her by the throat, and coughs her, while she continues chanting, apologising profusely. downstairs, bindu is alarmed to hear the gunshots. hema is tensed. they rush up. as they open the door, they are shocked. they find meher clutching at her throat, closing her eys, chanting mantras. they nudge hr, and smirk that she has gone mad. meher talks about what happened, and hema scares that she must have seen kartik’s ghost. she scares meher that when a person died and sacrifices her body, after much sacrifices, torture, then it bcomes a greater soul, very difficult to get rid of. bindu rubbishes her statements, and asks meher not to be worried. bindu decides to call tai. but hema stops her, saying that tai is there to take care of ranver, that they shouldnt disturb her. she says that he shall think something.

Scene 3:
Location: Police station
As expected, he eats and then starts vomitting. tai pretends to be concerned and tensed. survi and others watch the footage. survi smirks and think that the game has started. survi asks the inspector if he is ready. he complies, and says that he might try and be smart all that he wants, but ranvir shall get to go to the hospital only when they allow him. they eye the cctv footage. tai asks for water to be gven to him. she then starts her drama, and raises a hue and cry as to how it must have created a food poisoning, and begs them to call an ambulance so that he can be taken further for treatment. she asks the lawyer to do something. the inspector comes and the lawyer asks him to allow ranvir to be taken to the hospital. the inspector says that they need to talk to the senior officer, to get further instructions. she asks him to act fast. he asks her to lower her tone. he then leaves. he then asks whats to be done next. survi asks him to let ranvir be tortured furthermore, as he has bothered them for so long. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: The doctor comes and after administering the injection to ranvir, he says that he has been given the injection for subconsciousnes. as ranvir is about to get up, when he hears survi’s voice, and is shocked to see her in marital state. she comes to him, and taunts him, that he needs to stay in the bed itself, as thats better for him. she then whispers in his ear, that the hallucinations that he sister is having ragarding kartik’s ghosts arent real, as its kartik himself. a stern voice calling for survi makes them both turn. they look at the door, wherein stands kartik, who eyes ranvir tensedly and angered while survi smiles at him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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