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Yeh Vaada Raha 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning, Srikanth comes inside with some men and a notice. Kartik and Survi read it and tells Lata that it is a notice to empty this place in the next 24 hours. The place belonged to Patel, and he with Tai had made a partnership with Tai. Kartik goes to talk to Tai.
Mehr comes outside the office, the man who was nailing the name plate drops it. Mehr sends him away scolding and herself nails the name plate. She cleans the office decorated with red roses and thinks Kartik had said he will arrive at sharp 9. She thinks only 5 minutes are remaining for him to arrive.
Tai tells Patel that she doesn’t care about anything but the money they will get from the temple. Kishore watches Kartik coming inside, Tai says he has been doing this all for that Kartik. Patel stands up watching Kartik,

but Tai scolds him asking if Kartik is a minister. Kartik says to Tai that he has bear everything she has done to him, but he doesn’t stay alone there. 200 more families also stay there. He says he has given Tai everything he had with him, now why is she doing this all. He also has a right to live happily. Tai says no she can’t, Survi ruined her mood by coming there. She could have forgotten if she had stayed in jail for two or three days. He made her bend that day, and Tai doesn’t like bending; it gives pain in her back. She is doing it for revenge. She will get a huge temple made at the place of his living. Kartik says he can’t let her do this. Tai says she has done it all legally. She offers him to give something even today, she brings him a pot from the temple and says she had given him a rupee the day he left, it won’t help him, she today she is giving him this pot; a source of income. When the temple is made, he must sit with it to beg there. She laughs hysterically and kicks Kartik, holds his hair from behind and asks if he will interfere with Tai’s plan he will have to repent. She calls his goons and asks them to beat Kartik. Kartik holds the stick and was about to punch the man with it, then thinks about Survi and leaves him. The goon beats Kartik hard. He keeps on looking at Tai, Tai watches him being beaten. She stops her men and tells them to throw him out. They take Kartik out of the house.
In the office, Mehr clutches everything around and says Kartik has done really wrong, this isn’t done. It is 11 o clock, and he didn’t think about informing her. She has been waiting for him for two hours and leaves the office. Injured and beaten, Kartik comes back. Survi and family watch Kartik back, Survi runs to him and asks what happened. Kartik says he didn’t hold a hand on them, she says two mistakes can’t correct anything. it was their mistake, but he didn’t fell down. Survi helps Kartik inside. Kishore comes behind there. Survi puts on medicine over Kartik’s injuries. She says if he didn’t have to hold hand he could have stopped them. He is in so much pain. Kartik holds her hand and says if he had stopped them he wouldn’t have got beaten, and he wouldn’t have got this love from her. Survi hits him on his arm, it aches.
Mehr arrives and hears some men talking about Kamla Tai and Kartik being beaten.
Survi cleans the bruises of Kartik. Mehr watches him from outside and leaves.
Tai boasts about the project in front of her family and Patel. She asks if Pyare now accepts her talent. They hear water fall outside, Tai asks Pyaare if their tank is overflowing. A group of men come inside, Tai asks why are they coming inside? She watches Mehr throwing liquid over the walls of the house. She asks what she wants, what is she doing here in her house? She asks what she is throwing in her house. Mehr says petrol. She smiles and says it is unhyralated petrol, Kartik came just to speak to her then why she beat him? Tai was shocked.

PRECAP: Survi says to Kartik that he must achieve the right to be a husband, today he has got it. Mehr comes to kartik’s room with a rose and watches him putting sindoor in Survi’s head partition. Survi explains to Mehr that there was a fight between them so she lied. Kartik is her husband.

Update Credit to: Sona

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