Yeh Vaada Raha 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence
Tai does the griha pravesh ceremony, with survi and kartik, by doing their puja. Tai then explains the rituals, and asks survi to step in. she is about to do it, when shanti stops her, reminding tai about another ritual, which means the bride shall say good things about the husband, while hitting the kalash, and then with the same leg, coming inside. Survi remembers their marriage, and says that she shall live with him and be by his side, in all walks of life. Shanti compliments her and then asks him to do so, and he is tensed. He says that he doesnt promise easily, but when he does, he gives his life too for it, and that with survi, he is tied in another promise, which is to be by survi’s side in every aspect of life. after that, she

hits the kalash and makes her way in the house. Shanti asks him to hold survi’s hand while coming in. Survi is tensed, while he takes her hand and clasps it, and then they walk in, while tai silently fumes. bindu and hema watch disinterestedly. Then tai asks bindu and shanti to go up, and ready the room. they comply and leave. He asks whats all this. tai says that its nothing special, and that she shall give her room to him, which is the largest. He asks why the need to do this. she says that its her gift for them to start the new life, and since survi is the new owner, then its her right on that room, and if anyone later tells her to vacate the room, getting dramatically emotional, she wouldnt like it, and hence she vacated the room. he tells her that its all hers only. She emotionally says that its enough that he said this to her, and she just wants happiness and peace in the family, and then teases him not to change after marriage. he gets emotional and hugs her, while she eyes survi angrily, as she stands scared and frightened. he asks her not to talk like that, as she had and she shall always have the first right on him. They find lata there with them, in the wheelchair. tai sdays that she brought survi and kartik in their house. lata silently listens. they come to seek her blesings, and she blesses them happily. he apologises that it all happened in a hurry and she wasnt well. lata says that its okay as what happened was good, and what shall happen would be too.

In tai’s room, hema stands and fumes, while shanti ogles at the romantic set up for their room. She finds some candles not lit, and lights them up. hema tells shanti that she must be very happy today. shanti gloats that she is very happy, that her best friend is her bhabhi now. hema angrily burns shanti’s hand while she is lighting the candles, saying that survi shall never be able to become the owner of the house. she says that survi can never be the owner of the house, replacing tai. she says that tai cannot be dismantled from her throne. she also threatens shanti that if she ever tells anyone else, then she shall burn her completely. Shanti is shocked and aghast. they come down, while shanti is distraught.
Tai asks shanti what happened to her, and why was she upset. hema says that she burnt her hand, despite several warnings. tai and bindu understand whats going on, but others are tensed. Hema takes shanti away for medicine. Tai asks bindu to take survi to the room. she complies and they both leave. Bindu gets survi in the room. she is tensed to see the romantic decor of the room. Survi sits tensedly. Bindu says that tai shall soon send kartik to the room. She comes down, to find tai asking kartik to go the room, for his wedding night, as survi is waiting. He asks whats the need for all this. She asks him not to argue as she is always right, and asks him to go on. he leaves tensedly. Lata thinks that tai is oversweet and maybe she is upto something. tai eyes kartik going up evilly. Tai signals bindu, and she dials tai’s number, which starts ringing. Meanwhile, kartik enters the room, opening the door, and eyes survi, looking away, shy. But just then, he hears tai dishevelled talking to the pretense kidnapper, asking not to hurt aniket, and he rushes down. Lata thinks that she was right as tai’s game started. He rushes down. survi eyes the bare door. He asks tai whats the matter, and tai says that the kidnapper wants 20 lakhs. He says that he shall just get it, and rushes up the stairs. tai eyes him tensedly, and smirks at bindu. he rushes to his room, and goes past her, ignoring survi. She asks him if everything is okay. but he doesnt listen to her, and rushes down with the money. Survi is tensed, as she comes out and stands in the balcony. tai tells him that he wont go anywhere, as she shall not be responsible for deserting survi on her honeymoon night. He says that this time, she wont get away with her way, and he is going. Tai asks him and bindu to go, while she comes after visiting the temple. After they leave, tai turns to lata, and eyes her evilly, saying that survi shall never be able to consummate the relaton with kartik, and she shall be the bahu, but not his wife. She leaves. lata fumes. Survi eyes them tensedly from the balcony, and then comes to lata. Survi and lata get emotional. Survi asks if what they are doing is right.

As they leave in the car, pyare wonders how to tell her that kishore is after his life. He calls up tai, who fumes, and pretends tjhat its the kidnapper’s call, and asks him not to hurt aniket. Pyare talks about kishore’s problems, but tai shuts him up, and says that they shall deal later. Payre, is shocked when he turns around and finds kishore’s hand on his shoulder. He is terrified and rushes away.

While survi questions to lata, in the house, if what they are doing is right, kishore comes and wipes his makeup, and tells that they are right. survi is shocked to see him. Kishore tells survi that she is sympathetic for those who dont even deserve it. Raghu too complies. Survi is shocked. Lata says that they shall play this game, till tai is exposed in front of kartik. Raghu asks if the way they killed kishore was right, and talks about how he came in the jungle at the right time, and saved kishore. The screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: survi tells kartik to sleep on the bed, and she shall manage on the floor. He complies., as he is preoccupied about something. First he complies, but then asks what did she say. she repeats. He aasks her to sleep on the bed, and he will, on the floor. She asks him not to argue, as he is used to sleep on the bed. he says that he can sleep. they again get to their verbal arguements.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. pls friends watch yeh vada raha daily on tv at 10pm. Last week trp was 1.4

    1. request u aman ur all frnds to watch yeh vaada raha plzzzzzzzzzzz

      1. sorry to say but matsh trpp is 3.0 i think ishveer always rockzzz pls check their chemistry upcoming epi will be rocking guys and yeh vaadha raha also i like it and i watch repeat only

    2. hi aMan , Zee tv nOt activate Our Set -o- box….

  2. I really love how the story is unfolding. It’s very different than the other soaps. I enjoy the fact that good characters are strong and smart as the evil ones.

    One request, pls update it soon.

  3. I hope kartik hears about his evil tai n wat she did

  4. Wow…a nice episode…..Dear Tai much you try to separate them, they will come close…..And what a company???? Survi,Lata,Raghu and Kishore…..bttr if they join Shanthi too…..very interesting….

  5. Who is raghu?? Cn anyone say pls..

    1. karthik& survi frd or karthiks driver ….

    2. Thank u lifna for ua reply.. tx a lot..

      1. itz ok pathanga… 🙂

  6. Heyyy………………karthik and survi should separate becoz of tai and after the leap survi and karthik have the first meeting at the hospital where survi is operating shanti.karthik should apologize to survi for blablabla and should enter the house with a wicked plan of destroying tai.kya maza aaenga

    1. How delusional you are…

  7. I just like this show a lot , n hope this tai gets exposed ASAP Tai is so funny , and Survi just love her character who at least know what is going on and doing the right thing by teaching that Tai a lesson I didn’t know that Survi who always cry n cry will do something like this well done Survi , now they will show Surthik nok-Jhok 😛
    And I think this week trp will definately increase due to surthik’s wedding as weddings are quite good for trps in Hindi serials 😛 at least thy deserve to be te slot leader

  8. hope… episode….. should bring some thing good….but I just love karthik..but he is not understanding…. what doing..and I think tai have fix the room so that…she can see or listen everything…. but in today epsiod we will see about bad..fight..and that new pic is amazing….butwhen simmi will come that karthik and survive married each other than she will also become villan …….because simmi love karthik…..waiting for next

  9. I loved kartik during the train scene when he was apologizing to Survi, it was so adorable. I hope the writers will bring those cute survi-kartik scenes back. 🙂

  10. Tai will probably lose her mental balance once exposed then everyone will have to take care of her.

  11. What’s gonna happen next!? Just can’t wait for new episode! I’m in love with this serie. Kartik and Survi all the way ❤ love them both

  12. next epsd plz,…plz i cnt wait i lv surv so much ya!

  13. Please update faaast waiting for it eagerly. ……. What will happen?????

  14. PLS UPDATE!!! 🙂

  15. I really love survi&karthik. Bt i think it will take some time to expose tai coz of her evilness nd i wonder hw will Bindu react after knowing that her mom killed her husband?

  16. Where is the next episode updat? I just can’t wait if someone watched the episode can tell me what happened in a short summary?

  17. guys here is the short summary of yesterday’s episode…..,
    the epi start with Lata Raghu kishor and Survi exposing their plan to bring out Tai’s truth.Later kartik along with Bindu and tai returne home without bringing anni back with them ….inside the house tai shows her fake concern for anni and kartik…..blabla…..
    kartik enters in his room and finds survi arranging her bed on the floor and on this they have an verbral argument and finally kartik decides that survi will sleep on bed and he will on floor……during night kartik starts snoring loudly due which survi was unable to sleep so she goes near him to do some remedy …but then mmediately kartik wake up and they share and awkward moment and then survi tries to run from there by mistake she falls over kartik and after that they share an initimacy as kartik goes close to her for kissing….

    precap .-in the morning survi points toward vermillion to kartik for filling her maang

  18. In 26 jan epi,lata tells 2 raghu n kishore tat srv should not know tat we had kitnap anni. kartik n tai come back n tells to lata tat no 1 came 2 take the bag.Now kartik goes in the room n the precap happen.Kartik sleep on floor n survi is watching kartik.Then after a 5 seconds when kartik take his quilt off his face he ask srv can’t u sleep then srv say tat are u sleeping by wearing jacket n shoes I had taken out clothes 4 u .u wear tat.Kartik changes n sleep.At late night srv hears the noise of kharrate which krtk is taking.She goes 2 him nd hold his nose. Kartik’s eyes open.She gently stand nd mover bt bcoz of her lehnga she falls on kartik . Both of them have an eyelock the screen freeze.*…………………………………..Precap: In the morning,kartik hears kharrate sound he wakes up n says last night she was telling me n 2day she herself he sees the video in which he was taking kharrate then srv smiles.srv shows the sindoor 2 fill in her maang.

  19. i thought bindu knows the truth of pyare and she is showing fake intimacy with him so that he will confess his crime but this shown that i am wrong and after knowing bindu s truth will kishore accepts her can any one clear my confusion what will this hema do this thing is enough to spoil enter family of tai such a nasty family i felt sorry for hema but she proved that she deserves it by burning shanti s hand disguisting

  20. tkz siyali and lovy

  21. @siyali and lovy thank u so much or the update 🙂
    @lifna Tai’s daughters r like tai and Tai’s son is like her husband(I think her husband was good if I m not wrong)

  22. Thnx siyali&lovy 4da updates.i dnt knw hindi.but i luv watching this i always depend on telly excited 2 see surthik scenes in da upcoming episodes .

  23. thank you friends…..pls Rimjhim update the episode…..we all want to get the updates ASAP

  24. pls Rimjhim

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