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Yeh Vaada Raha 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
Kartik pretends to be angry at her, while survi says that she wont stop. As kartik stops her, ranvir asks him to stop, as such anger isnt good for health. he says that he is his sister’s husband now, and that whether survi shall stay here or not, shall be decided by the fact, whether she is pregnant or not. survi is shocked. Kartik says that he knows survi, and she doesnt know how to lie so big. ranvir asks him not to bother of the child, and he should have trust in him. tai and others are distraught. ranvir says that if he can get them to change husbands, he can get the child too, but for that, she needs to be pregnant. survi says that she wont let her child come in it, and that she is leaving, but he stops her saying that there isnt any

haste, as he has just formed a relation with her ex-husband. survi eyes kartik helplessly, after which they can decide what to do. she thinks that now their game shall be up. tai too favours ranvir, but meher shuts her asking her to stay in her limits. meher says that kartik, being her husband cant play any games, and that noone shall doubt him. ranvir emphasises why the test, but meher insists. he says that he needs to confirm after which they can do what she says. meher says that he can get any test on her, but not doubtkartik at all. survi and kartik are tensed. Ranvir calls the doctor and asks him to come home immediately, as he needs to conduct a minor pregnancy test for someone. kartik and survi are tensed as to what to do now. meher eyes them tensedly. When the doctor comes, Ranvir asks survi to go along with the doctor who shall conduct a minor test. survi resignedly complies, and leaves with the doctor. kartik waits tensedly. as she croesses the temple, survi hesitates and eyes the lord. she thinks that if the truth is out, their planning would go down the drain, and they shall lose shanti. tai eyes her boggled, thinking that this time survi is definitely going down.

While downstairs, kartik waits anxiously, the doctor starts her test on survi, as she lies on the bed. he eyes the lord, while survi complies with the test helplessly. finally, the doctor comes and tells them that she has done the test on survi, and she is pregnant for a couple of months. ranvir doubly ensures, and kartik is aghast herself. all others are shocked. kartik remembers how she had fainted, and that she is actually pregnant. as she steps down, they both are overwhelmed to see each other, as they both think about her impending motherhood. survi smiles and places a hand on her waist. meher asks tai never to doubt kartik again, and tells ranvir that she told him, kartik was right. survi thanks the lord for having converted their lie to a truth, and completed the woman that she is today, and that there is the perfect time for the child to come, so that he can be a unifying bond between her and him. meher comes to survi and says that they still hasnt had her wedding night even, and asks her to leave them alone. survi says that she too wants to go, and not stay here at all. kartik agrees, and thinks that now he has to do something to get survi here only. he rushes upstairs and meher follows him. ranvir comes to survi and says that he doesnt know what to say, whether to congratulate that she is pregnant, or be sad that she shall lose the child, the moment she gives birth as the child shall go to kartik. he asks her to come along. survi eyes them all, and walks out.

Meanwhile, kartik comes and finds his room, done for their wedding night. meher comes and asks whats the matter. he says that he is shattered. she begs him not to do this. he says that the lord has played a joke on him, by giving him happiness, and then stripping him of it. she asks how. he says that he was very happy to start a beautiful life with her, and now how can he do it, and asks her to try and understand the emotions of a father, whose child is being snatched by the betrayer survi, and that he wont even see the child’s face. he says that there is noone who is more unlucky than him, and says that maybe its destined that he lives with this burden of guilt and pain. she kisses him, and asks him not to feel depressed, and she wont ever let that happen, as the child shall be with him, once survi deliver. she assures and promsies him. he says that she doesnt know her, but he does, and once she is gone, he wont get the child. he says that he hates her, and asks what right does she have to take his child, as only she can have the right to be the mother of his child. he says that being married, they should start together, and that he wants to take away the guilt, and asks if they can start afresh. she happily complies. he begs her to stop her then, so that the child doesnt leave. he hopes that she agrees soon. he asks if she would be the mother of his child. she is overwhelmed at the gesture, and says that seh shall be the child’s mother. he emotionally blackmails her into agreeing to b here only, and that they have to stop her, as what if she runs away and hides with a different identity, then what would they do. seeig her not reacting, he says that he had the high expectations of her, but its not her child after all, and why would she accept him. he says that he shall be able to live with the guilt. she rushes out, while he thinks that he has to try something else. seeing her gone, he is amused.

Downstairs, tai is boggled as to what survi is upto, as kartik and survi themselves didnt know that she was pregnant. she tells bindu that they wait to see what mystery this drama unfolds now.

Outside, as survi walks towards the door, with ranvir, she hopes that kartik does something to ber able to stop her, as otherwise she wont be able to come back. ranvir starts the car. he asks her to sit in the car, so that he can drop her off. survi hopes that something happens. as he starts the car and drives off, meher pushes tai away and rushes out, and stops him. they are all boggled. tai rushes out to see whats the next twist. she gets inside, and tells survi to come out, as she isnt going anywhere taking kartik’s child. ranvir comes out boggled, and asks whats she upto.meher says that she cant see tears in kartik’s eyes, and that survi shall bear the child in this house. she says that the child is his and hers, and till she doesnt give them the child, she wont be allowed to go anywhere. survi pretends to be enraged, and says that she wont stay anywhere, and would
leave, as she is feeling suffocated. meher forcibly takes her inside. ranvir goes after them, frustrated. tai is amused. Bindu is unable to understand, while tai says that some things are not understood by people. tai is determined that she shall take her revenge, at the right time, but till then, she shall watch the drama.

Inside the house, ranvir asks meher if she has gone mad. meher asks him not to interfere, if she wishes to do somthing to keep her husband happy. survi is told by meher that she is just here, and that doesnt eman she can try and seduce her husband. meanwhile, kartik descends down the stairs. she remembers what kartik had instructed her to do. survi turns to the lord, and asks what punishment is he giving her. kartik comes and asks her to stop blaming the lord. survi demands to go. kartik says that this is her biggest punishment. Kartik tells survi, in front of everyone that she shall face doomsday, when she gives the child to meher. survi says that she wont let this happen at any cost. kartik is about to slap her, in his rage. Meher stops him, and promising, she says that this woman shall not step out of this house, till she delivers. he pretends to be tensed. survi smiels, thinking that their plan did succeed, and now their next motive is to find shanti. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Kartik and survi keep bantering and discussing about their unborn child, and hug each other lovingly, in the room, but they dont realise meher is in the doorway. she is shocked and aghast to see this, while they too are stunned to see that she caught them.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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