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Yeh Vaada Raha 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residene
Kartik comes to find the temple empty and wonders where simi went. He goes to the kitchen but doesnt find her there too. raghu comes inside and tells him that simi went away somewhere, as the watchman told her. he looks at the time, and wonders where and why she went at 2:30 in the morning. tai comes and asks whats the matter. raghu teklls about simi. tai says that she doesnt even have the number of that girl, and that she must have ran away with the money, and starts getting frustrated. he is tensed too, but asks her as it isnt about the money and tai says that she doesnt feel the girl, is like this. He wonders why did simi go out at this time of the night.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Survi remembers kartik, raghu and

shanti’s frustration and venom against her, and walks listlesly on the road, crying, as she also thinks of lata’s condition. She thinks that its best she refrains herself away from that house, as she needs to keep her promise made to tai, even though she might get tempted to break it. She finds a car stop right in front of her. she composes herself, as he finds her coming towards her. He asks her to come home, but she denies. He asks if she needs more money or whatever it is, he shall solve it. he says that he shall give her everything she needs, but she needs to go home with him, to lata. She fumbles and says that she cant come home. He asks why. she says that she doesnt have a reason but she cant. he asks how dare she say no to him, as he isnt habituated to listening to a no. she begs him not to force her, as she cant stay truly. She gets to go. he stops her. she turns around, and he says that she can go if she wants, but before going, the money that she took, 50000 from them as a loan, she needs to return it right away right now, or else, he can also take it away from her ailing father, fighting for life and death in this hospital. survi is shocked and apalled, as they both confront each other. She says that she shall return and begs him to trust. he says that he doesnt and cant, not on her or anyone else, as when faith is betrayed then the maximum pain is to the person who trusted, and hence he only trusts his family members, and he can go if she wants, but it would be better if she returns the money. she is shocked at his callousness, and requests that he has to trust her. he asks who is he, and whats she to her, and why should she trust him. he says that some hours back, she came stealthily, and still wants him to trust her, as he doesnt know anything except for her name. he gives her two options, either return the entire money, or till she isnt able, she should come back to the house, and take care of lata and aniket. She excuses for a minute, and then takes off the gold earrings, that he only had given her, and asks him to go and sell it and get his money. he remembers having given the same earrings and refuses saying that he needs money. he asks her to sell it tomorrow morning, and then pay off but till then, for the night, he shall have to stay with his mother, and take care of her. He gets to the car and motions her to sit too. She has no option but to comply. He then drives off.

Scene 3:
Location: Tai’s residence
tai thinks that its good simi went, as she revived back lata when she wanted to get rid of her, and had made so many plans of killing lata. she is surprised to see him returning with simi. tai asks where had she gone. shanti comes too. he says that she shall take care of lata and aniket till tomorrow morning. Tai asks why. he says that she doesnt want to work here and isnt interested in knowing the cause, but she wont go till she hands the money back to him. He leaves with shanti after him. Tai eyes survi, amused within, and then asks what happened, as she had agreed. Survi fumbles, and tai asks her to explain. She manages to say that she is scared here. tai is boggled, and asks from whom. She says that she is very tensed, and lots is happening, and she doesnt want to do something wrong due to that, and if something happens, she wont be able to forgive herself. tai says that this is right, as he wont spare her if anything happens to lata. She then asks simi to go, but after returning the money. Survi complies. tai thanks her for taking care of aniket and then leaves. She then over hears kartik and shanti talking and goes towards there. Shanti tells him that he cant forcibly stop her, and if she wishes to go, then he should let her, for lata’s sake. She says that if lata is there today, its due to simi. he looks to her, and says that he doesnt want simi to go, as he has learnt one thing from simi, and thats to prioritise his pain and troubles over anyone else’s, and hence his and his family is paramount, and if lata needs her, then she shall have to stay here, comw what may, whether she likes it or not. he says that he has made his decision and she shall go when he so desires. He says that he wont treat anyone else like survi, as she went away, leaving him wounded, filling him with pain and didnt even bother to turn around and look back, if he is alive or dead and thats the biggest mistake of his life. He says that simi knows well, she can take care of lata, and make her better, and hence she shall leave now only after lata is okay. he says that he doesnt know what all he can do to keep simi here, but she shall have to stay here. He says that after 8 years, he has realised that the wounds, and pain that survi gave him, only simi can take them away, oblivious of the irony. Survi is apalled as she begins to walk towards the corridor, and then goes upto the temple. She thanks the lord, that her voice went to him, and he showed her the way. she says that she always used to escape trouble, as she never thought she would wound his life with her troubles. she says that she doesnt know why he holds her responsible for lata’s condition, and she knows that he holds survi responsible, but has faith on simi, and hence as simi, she shall take away every pain of his, and she shall stay here till lata is better and till he is happy and smiling man, after which she shall go away from this house, and thats a promise. She prays.

The next morning, tai talks to bindu and hema, and asks them to come home soon, as they have gone to khandala for their honeymoon. Kartik comes, all dressed up. Just then, Shanti comes and tells kartik and tai, when they are talking that simi isnt anywhere to be seen. Tai starts spewing out venom against her Frustrated, he says that there is a limit to arrogance but just then, they are both shocked to see survi standing in front of them, with a bunch of papers in her hand. They eye her tensedly, as she approaches them. he asks if she came having sold off the earrings, and asks if she has the money. He comes to her, while she stands curtly. he asks for the money and asks her to get out of his house, and never look back at this place. he then finds that the earings are still there, and is surprised. She shows him a paper, and he asks whats it. She says that its the prescription of lata’s medicines, of those that arent available, and asks him to get those. he takes a look at the papers and understands what they mean. she tells him that she isnt going, from this house. They are surprised, while shanti smiles. She says that she shall stay here till she doesnt pay off the loan, and this shall be off only when lata gets better. tai is irritated to hear this. He eyes her tensedly. the screen freezes on survi’s tensed face.

Precap: Survi tells aniket that he wont get better if he doesnt take medicines. he says that even though he finds the meds bitter, but he has started liking the sweet lady who gives it. She says that she doesnt understand anything. he says that its whats in his heart, and then holds her hand and takes the medicines, smiling at her, while she stands boggled. kartik eyes this and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wts wrong with writers why they always spoiles nice stories ..
    Its stry of two people bonded by promise .. Now its like revenge. hate series…
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