Yeh Vaada Raha 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Funeral Grounds
All are apalled and distraught, as the last rites are going on, as the police officials place kartik on the funeral pyre. tai arrives with bindu and pyare and are shocked to see that its actually real. she watches him burn, and then the people gather around the pyre, and obstruct her view. she gets disgruntled and leaves with them. the women cry distraughtedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As they come back sullen, meher asks them what did they find. bindu starts talking that whatever he was, he was their brother. tai too gets emotional and says that she has hurt him bad, and hated him terribly, but he always cared for her. meher asks whats she saying. tai says that there is nothing more to be said, as he turned into ashes

right in front of her eyes, and bindu too is in tears. through her tearsm she stats smirking evilly, and guffawing at the prospect of him being dead, and commend meher and her evil ways, through which she did successfulyl managed to get survi separated from kartik. she is happy that tomorrow ranvir shall give them 1000 crores instead, and they need to celebrate. they all toast their victory with alcohol. Later, after she has had her full meher retires for the night, and then passes by the temple, taunting him that he separated survi and kartik, by killing him. tai and others are amused.

Meher goes to her room for resting. but gets nightmares about kartik killing himsef, and wakes up with a startle. she is disgusted that he isnt letting her live even after his death. then she hears the faucet running open and is startled. Meher opens the door of the bathroom, to find the tap of the bathtub open, and after closing it, the lights go off. she is scared and shocked as she finds a silhouette in the doorway. she asks who is there and then after much courage, she shifts the bucket making a noise, and then finds it gone. she switches on the light to find the shadow gone. she again looks around and when she reverts back to the original positionshe gets up and lets out a shrieking scream, as she retreates back petrified. she is shocked as she sees kartik under the shower. Petrified, she runs out of the bathroom, and down the stairs, right into tai’s arms, who is frustrted to see he distraught like this. pyare and bindu are tensed too. they assure her that they themselves saw him burning down, and it cant be him, since he is definitely dead. meher is still unconvinced and tensed. she forcibly takes them to the bathroom, and shows them the bathtub filled with water. but she is shocked when she finds that the bathtub is absolutely dry. they are amused thinkin that she is already a nutcse, and is now going mental having taken more than she can consume. she asks meher to lie down, so that her hangovr goes off, and when she wakes up, she wouldnt find anything. tai begins to leave, when meher asks her to stay with her for tonight, and sleep on the floor with her. tai asks her to remember that she isnt her servant anymore, but still she would sleep with her, but on one condition, she shall sleep on the bed, and meher on the floor. meher requests her, but tai begins to leave. when she doesnt comply, meher agrees to sleeping on the bed. bindu and pyare leave. as meher lies on the bed, she again finds kartik in the window, and again screams. but when tai gets up, she doesnt find him. meher is shocked and berserk, and again tries to emphasise as to how he is gone and it just alcohol playing in her mind, and asks her to go to sleep. meher is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
all come depressed and distraught, as survi eeys their pic together. kishore asks her to let fate take its course, and that life moves on. he says that words wont heal her pain, but he would always be by her side. survi goes to her room and says that she wishes to rest for sometime, and retires.

Meanwhile, in her room, survi extends her hand to kartik, who comes up, very much alive and hugs her. thy discuss as to how it was their plan all along, to befool tai and others, assuring them of their death. but they also are thankful of th police who beliesves in them, and gives them 72 hours to prove their innocence, and plays a pivotal role in their drama enactment, of his fake death before the media, and then the funeral, wherein, he jumped of, right fter the fire, when the people circled around the pyre, blocking tai’s view. they are hopeful that their tit for tat treat shall help them get meher and ranvir to justice, proving their crimes, as being scared, she shall herself blurt out everything. he s hopeful too, and says tht they have to win this anyhow, for the sake of their relation and their baby, in the next 24 hours. she assures that they shall, and then hug each other.

Scene 4:
Location: Meher’s residence
The next morning, meher stands before the lord, while turning around, she is shocked to find hema there. hema replies that this is going to be her mother’s house soon, and then she can be here, then why is she asking. tai comes along with bindu and pyare, and smirks when hema says that she understtood that her profit is with them and not survi, since she cant live without these luxuries. tai then asks meher to be assures as hema herself saw kartik burning. meher asks her not to spill the truth to hema, but tai assures that hema is with them, and then asks hema not to say anything. she again points out how she saw kartik, but they ridicule her, branding her as mad. sje is unable to take it anymore and lashes at pyare. tai asks her to keep her volume down, as this is her house, and she wouldnt stand her, and she better behave if she wishes her brother to get out, and more importantly, she not being sent to the mental asylum. she says that she has has enough of her nonsense for kartik, and asks her to shut up, as she has heard enough. she says that she shall first get property papers signed and then get her brother released. The screen freezes on tai’s face.

Precap: tai asks ranvir to eat the tiffin that she brought for him. he eyes her tensedly. she asks him to eat soon, as she has mixed a medicine, and after taking it he shall fall on the ground, due to nausea and once he does that, she shall start her next drama. meanwhile, through a cctv footage, survi along with others, watch their movement, and think that the game ha started. survi asks the inspector if he is ready. he complies, and says that he might try and be smart all that he wants, but ranvir shall get to go to the hospital only when they allow him. they eye the cctv footage.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Great episode i love it well done. First time the showing that the police not as corrupt as we think.

  2. Beautiful, nice, interesting keep it rolling I can’t wait for the next episodes

  3. This is what I like to see ….realistic
    ….. karvi episodes ..
    ..if the leap like this I support it

  4. I knew it kartik can’t die

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