Yeh Vaada Raha 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Jatin sits beside khushi, feeling emotionally overwhelmed unable to see khushi in pain. when she finally wakes up, she keeps mumbling about her father in her sleep, and is greatly disturbed as she remembers what happened earlier in the day. she opens her eyes and finds jatin, and turns away, asking on a rant, who is her father. the mental stress and trauma causes her to start suffocating for breath. jatin in unable to see her like this, and then in an ultimate attempt, he blurts out that he is the father. just then, tai, who is progressing towards khushi’s ward, overhears jatin’s statements and is shocked. khushi is tensed and boggled. he makes her a makeshift story, in which her mother and him, love each other for the past 8 years, but never pointed

it out, since her husband broke off with her very badly. he apologises for not having accepted her, and neglected her, but not anymore. she hugs him, as khushi is very happy to have found her father. just then, survi comes in and rushes to khushi’s side. she is stunned whn she gets to know what jatin did. sensins, some tension, her heart starts beating vigorously yet again, and they pretend to be normal, so as not to upset her. both leave, on the nurse’s instructions. the doctors start inspecting her. Outside, survi gets to know what happened to khushi inside, and since he saw no other way out, to stabilise her shallow breathing, he had to say that lie. he says that now she seems happy, and that he too loves khushi too much. he says that he was very tensed, just like her, and hence he said this lie for her sake of the happiness of khushi, and for that evene if they have to pretend thet shall. she says that khushi should know the truth. he asks her to go and tell the truth then, and be prepared for what happened later on. he asks how can she even think of telling the truth, and asks her to keep this secret for khushi’s sake only. he says that he shall be punished for this mistake, and takes all the blame on himself, but begs her to do this for her daughter. he folds his hands and requests her to agree. tai thinks that she got stuck in her own trap, and that now she shall see what tai does. On the phone, Tai pretends to get emotional, and hurriedly narrates to kartik, that khushi has come to senses and asks him to come immediately. he hurriedly complies.

In the hospital, khushi sits with survi and jatin, while kartik rushes dishevelled and arrives. Khushi tells survi that now they shall all sty together, as a happy family, with her father. kartik and tai, outside the room is boggled. survi says that now their shall all stay together, with their father, as she is jatin and her daughter. kartik, who is just about to come in, is shocked as he hears this. however, tai is amused as she says this. Survi doesnt realise kartik’s presence. tai instigates him that this is survi’s reality, and sh pointed something else. he leaves from there in a huff. jatin continues asking her if she wont leav the house now, as everything is perfect now. Khushi smiles.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik arrives in a dazed state, with tai, after him. she hurriedly goes to the temple, and takes burning camphor in her hand, she asks the lord, why did he do this to kartik, and blames herself for having pushed kartik towards such a betrayal. she demands for all the pain thats in his share. lata comes and asks what happened. pyare wonders whats she upto now. tai tells about khushi’s father. lata is u nable to believe this, while tai says that she wanted misunderstandings to resolve, but she was mistaken, and now she has caused kartik more pain, by caslling him there. he rushes to her and takes of the burning camphor, asking her not to blame herself. tai says that survi has been trying to betray them, but today she crossed all limits, by slapping him, he remembers and gets unnerved. he rushes to his room, visibly tensed and upset. she successflly manages to instigate him, and that it was her fault to have called kartik here. tai is amused, and asks lata to let kartik be.

Back in his room, Kartik is frustrated and enraged. he starts breaking and throws everything away in his room. he collects all of survi’s memories, and burns them away, screaming out in angst and frustration, as he remembers the past.

downstairs, tai tries to convince lata of survi’s lowly life. lata leaves from there. tai smirks and thinks that today she shall finish the same. The screen freezes on her, survi and kartik’s faces.

Precap: Kartik comes to jatin’s place and taunts him, that he took everything of his, even his wife. he asks her that she must have had one small corner for him. he again points out how she even took the name Khushi from him. he says that this can only mean, either she hates him, or she loves him like hell. survi sis disturbed. Jatin comes to her, and lunges at his throat. survi is distraught to see this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Wat the hell is wrong with kartik he should take a good look at he wicked tai before he does or say anything to survi

  2. Absolutely Leila I angry with you on this. I hope Tai’s reality is exposed soon

  3. Karthik is insanely adorable and cute when he smiles in the precap he is doing this to see if Survi loves him or not and I think and know she will tell Jatin to leave Karthik and he will get happy and will go home and recall his memories with her and do it all over again,

  4. disgusting .. what ws d need 4 jatin to mention hself as her father .. soon khusi will think about mother charactrr dat she was engrossed with another man while she waz married nd she is an illegimnate child .. shit what s goin

  5. both karthik (YVR) and raman(YHM) are same in behaviour , they always taunt others for mistakes without asking what happened etc…they feel only them right….also they find their wrong actions are right make all others around them too sad. atlast they say sorry to their wives after giving pain…
    Anyway both are running as 7 saal baat..and also behind daughter.
    These are only my view point if any mistake is ther then don’t feel bad.
    And the new track of both YVR & YHM is nice, pls unite the pairs with their daughters don’t twist anymore…

    1. Nita D

      Yup shruti. Good point. N in YRKKH also akshara trying to convince her daughter. Same like YHM. N that too after a leap.

  6. Indeed. Why can’t we have a great soap without all these plots that prolong too far.

    1. Coz then how will the serials run for years.

  7. Absolutely sruthi!! I kept thinking d same postleap!! Raman and karthiks characters seem d same!! Karthik YU were so cute,how come u became so senseless!! Itz not too late,think before YU act and get a life,apologise to survi,she went thru so much!!

  8. Saasha123

    I want the old lata(radhika harshe). This new one not fit fr acting.

  9. I think writter don’t get good story only dragging and if 1 show take leap all will take leap

  10. I feel lata will go to suvi and find out the truth she will not lie to lata. And the whole thing will start again, Kartika has no sense to see tai reality that she had the baby kidnapped. He still trust tai after all the things she did she pretending she has no recollection of the past.same way she mulapated his she doing it again. He has to get some kinda sense that tai along with mehra tried to separate him and suvi. He is too trusting towards tai wake up Kartika like you haven’t learned hie lesson. And that b*t*h tai should pay for all he crimes.

    1. you’re right…I think Lata would go to Survi and find something out.

  11. I wish there’s a special place in hell for Tai!! now, has Kartik forgotten everything Tai did? she killed him. he forgave her cuz she’s pretending like she’s lost her memory. But trusting her again is a whole different story. everybody look so brainwashed and dumb. what’s wrong with the writers of this show? they keep making everyone pick on Survi and Kartik acting recklessly like there’s nothing in his head and doing worst to these two. ridiculous!

  12. Wrossttt…!!! Whats wrong with writers…?? Show somthing intresting men..

  13. Bt i love kartik n survi

  14. Hey stop it guys it’s not a reality …you are behaving like that ,just enjoy the show.
    Thanks!But I now love the show ek tha raja ek thee rani yaar I really love rajbir….

  15. 27th update please! thank you!

  16. 27th update, please???? thx!

  17. I don’t know why some writers always test the patience of we readers?
    2 episodes, no Updates??

  18. I used to watch this show on and off until the crazy meher entrance. Recently, I came across it again n I love the little girl kushi.. well, I love cute kids acting it’s always a delight to watch young talent.

    The funny part is, if Kartik n survi had a baby in real life it would look like kushi lolzzzz she resembles the actor n actress hehe.

    Can someone please give me a summary of why Kartik n survi separated? ?? Mean a quick update so I can be caught up. And y kartik believe tai after so much happened pre meher track?


    1. And what happened to Lata and kartik’s sis?

    2. Zoya

      tai acts like she has memory loss so karthik once again trusting her
      karthik and survi’s is baby kidnapped aftr brth nd dy frame like she was killed karthik blames survi as reason for that nd hates her as she is murderer

      1. Thanks Zoya. ☺☺☺

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