Yeh Vaada Raha 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kidnapped Grounds
Kartik stealthily approaches the kidnapper, with khushi. but just then, survi arrives with the police. the same thing is played out once again, as with the first kidnapping, but this time, with role reversals, with survi calling the police, and kartik coming to meet the kidnapper. This time around, its kartik’s turn to behave irrational, and he turns the pistol on his head, to allow the kidnaoper, and in that bid, they lost the baby yet again. the police and survi are tensed. as with the last time, this time too, the kidnapper escapes free. they are aghast and distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Kartik and survi return back disappointed, and all are aghast to know that they lost khushi yet again. Later,

they get blood stained clothes of khushi, and tai is shocked thinking that seh ordered for keeping the kid alive, but they killed her, after having seen the blood. survi and kartik remember the last time they had to deal with this.but survi comes and starts reprimanding, a kartik, who is already deeply grieved. then she tells about how she likes the role reversal this time around, and that now, because he did exactly what she did wrong according to him, seven years back, he should be held responsible. lata and tai are upset, when survi reveals that she is the person who framed the kidnapping. they are all shocked. kartik is furious and asks how could she do this, just to prove her point. he raises his hand to slap her, but she holds it in the middle. she then says that she isnt afraid anymore to point her finger at the person responsible. it leads to tai. all are petrified while tai is aghast. she then also brings in the kidnapper, and as pyare’s face is revelead, by the police, all are in shock, while tai is stunned into silence. then khushi makes her entrance with kishore. all are overwhelmed while kartik is ecstatic to see her safe. he rushes to her and hugs her. survi comes and apologises too but khushi says that she trusts her and that she knew her mother would have had some motive. then khushi eyes pyare and Khushi identifies pyare as the kidnapper. survi is tensed, and then starts casting allegations as to how tai got her kidnapped, just like she did seven years back. all are shocked. tai asks how can he love a girl like this, as she has no clue whether pyare did this or not, and asks him to see, whether tai can do something like this, as she has left everything materialistic, but if he still wishes to believe survi, rather than her, then she would find it amusing, and demands for proof. all are tensed. survi decides to go ahead and do exactly that. she hollers for kishore, and tai is boggled. he then discloses a secret video cam, placed at the temple. when the video recording plays, at that time, all of tai’s activities inside the room, like drinking, kidnapping plans and other things surface in front of everyone. all are shocked to see this, while tai is devastated. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: an enraged Kartik organises a puja and hawan, and says that he wishes a shradh to be done. the priest doing the havan asks whose is it. he says that its of a promise that he made 18 years back, to tai, that he would always take care of her. then he venomously takes her bags and throws tai out of the house. tai fumes, while survi holds his hand, and watches her victoriously.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. QueenB

    OMG am i dreaming? or did this really happen?

  2. Woooooow finally I love this

  3. Wow awesome episode ?? Tai deserves more. Hope it’s not a dream ?

  4. Omg thats really goof epi guys now this soap coming of use n now karthik is doing sumn good hats of to u survi n little kushi for being brave

  5. Love it….keep it up….great job survi….come up with twists like these that end like this and I am happy….they are my favorite perfect jodi…karvi

  6. very good writers. its about time Tai’s manipulations got exposed. well done Survi. Fight for your family.

  7. Wow survey you got your courage and come up with such twist to expose that evil old woman in ur house ‘s reality. finaly !

  8. I love it. Best episode so far. Survi, you are wonderful. I am happy Tai is finally being exposed for her evil deeds. Keep it up Survi.

  9. hope it is not a dream.i liked this episode.

  10. Finally Tai’s exposed and wanna see Tai suffer more than this. I dun wanna see her anymore.
    Well done, Survi. Well done.

  11. rekha vaghela

    Sure it is a dream sequence of survi or tai

  12. Finally & at last we see good win over evil on this show. Well done Survi.

  13. I think it is a dream because they will not move it forward so easily

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