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Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residene
Survi tries to revive Tai by electroshocking, while tai is overjoyed, as she comes along with the nurse and shanti towards the toom. meanwhile, kartik too wakes up dizzily. raghu comes inside the house and asks whats the matter. Shanti keeps crying. Tai says that lata is dead. they rush to the room. Finally, after much shocks, survi gets a pulse and she is relieved. tai comes in and is angry, and asks whats she doing. Survi asks for a minute and then starts checking lata, while tai eyes the nurse angrily, for having left her there. Shanti asks if tai is okay, and survi says that there’s a heartbeat though feeble, and they need to call the doctor asap. tai reprimands the nurse for her carelessness and asks her to go call the doctor. She

then turns to survi. tai asks whats she doing here, as she was to take care of aniket only. She says that she was going but she met kartik, who was inebriated. Tai composes herself, and says that its good she came here, as they would have lost lata otherwise. She thanks survi for the favour. Survi asks how did this happen. tai says that her work is done and she needs to go now, and take care of aniket, and not ask unnecessary questions. but Shanti asks her to stay here only till he wakes up and comes here. tai fumes but agrees on face. She also tells raghu to go and call him. tai rushes out to see the doctor.

In the room, raghu wakes kartik up by throwing a bucket of water on him, as he wakes up shocked and startled. kartik asks him if he has gone mad. raghu taunts him, that he might be asleep, but lata might have slept today forever, and blurts out in aggression as to what happened. kartik is shocked.

In lata’s room, Survi asks shanti as to how and when this happened, and why is she secluded like this in the outhouse. Shanti doesnt speak but keepy crying. Survi is tensed. Just then, Kartik comes inside the room, highly tensed and worried. Shanti taunts him too that she was trying to wake him up, but he didnt. She tells about survi’s reviving effect on lata, and thanks her profusely. he comes to her and thanks her immensely for what she did. She says that its her responsibility. he says that few people understand its true meaning, and to care for everyone till death. Kartik tells survi that eight years back, survi didnt realise the meaning of promise and trust. he says that if lata is like this, its all because of the betrayer that survi is. Survi is apalled to hear this. he tells her that survi made lata a living dead and he wont ever forgive her. He says that not everyone understands responsibility, and she being a stranger, has already saved lives of aniket, and then lata too. She hears tensedly. He keeps comparing her noble character to survi, who was the apple of lata’s eye, but she took lata’s life with her, when she left the house. She is shocked to see such rage. he says that lata considered her a daughter and in return for love, she gave lata a life worse than death, as lata made the biggest mistake by considering her as a daughter. he says that good things are unexposed, but bad things always are, and that they werent able to see the evil that was in survi, and they had to pay the price of it, as she made lata handicapped. he says that he isnt helpless, as one day he would find her, and then the world shall see what he does to the betrayer survi, and give her a punishment that shall scare her. she remembers his earlier anger and rage at her. finally, tai comes with the doctor, to come and check lata. She asks them all to go outside, as they need to conduct tests. he says that he shall stay here. She complies and asks others to leave. Survi is about to speak, when he says that they shall talk later. Survi continues to try and speak, but tai asks her to go and attend to aniket, as there is a doctor here already, and she should attend to aniket’s care. She eyes them and then leaves.

Outside the outhouse, survi comes out with shanti and raghu. Shanti breaks into bitter tears. raghu is tensed. survi composes her and says that everything shall be alright as the doctor is here. She thanks survi as due to her…and survi says that its due to the lord. He too vents out her his frustration that the lord shall never forgive survi, as whatever is happening in the house today is due to her, and that she spoiled kartik as well as lata’s life, as he is always full of suffocation, sadness, pain and troubles, which he drouses in the limitless alcohol that he drinks. he says that survi made a mistake, but he punishes himself for it. Survi is tensed. shanti says that for the past 8 years, she has been trying to understand this all, as to how her friend, could have done this to her mother. survi speaks that it might also be that maybe survi….and then trails off. they get tensed and ask what she wants to say. she doesnt finish and then gets up and leaves. they are boggled.

Inside, the doctor tells him that she is stable for now. She tells her that they need to be careful, and for that, she shall send in a qualified and experienced nurse. He denies, as it isnt needed, since there is simi. Tai is shocked to hear this. He says that the way she saved lata, he doesnt think that anyone else can take better care of her, and as it is, aniket can be taken care of by the doctor and further he says that he is more comfortable with her around. tai fumes inside, and says that simi is indeed right. he says that she is god sent and has come as the lord’s blessings, as she has already done two favours, by saving aniket and lata’s life. He leaves to meet her. tai fumes.

Then, kartik comes out and asks shanti where is simi. They tell her that she just went inside the house. he goes in, after her too.

Meanwhile, Survi comes inside the house, his raging words still resonating in her ears. She is tearful, and then eyes the idol of lord ganesha. she comes by the stairs of the temple. She laments and questions, that she is being wrongly blamed for something that she didnt even know happened and how, as she never could have imagined that this could have been the scenario, where he holds her responsible for everything that happened, when indeed she isnt. She asks the lord why is he still silent after seeing such grave injustice being done. she asks why hasant he clarified kartik’s misunderstanding when he knows everything. Tearfully, she says sadly that she ardently wishes that that she could tell him that she is survi, and then take away all of his troubles. She wishes that she could have cleared this misunderstanding at all, and that she wasnt responsible for what happened to lata. she says that he doesnt speak, and she cant even if she wants to, as she is bonded by tai’s promise, as if she says the truth, then she shall break the promise, and tai shall ruin kartik’s life, but if she stays quiet, then forever he shall hold her responsible for the sin that she didnt even commit. She is completely oblivious that kartik has come inside just then, searching for her only. The screen freezes on kartik’s tensed face.

Precap: Kartik tells survi that the money that she took, 50000 from them as a loan, she needs to return it right away right now, or else, he can also take it away from her ailing father, fighting for life and death in this hospital. survi is shocked and apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. I think he got to know the truth as Simi is actually Survi…

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