Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police Station
Kishore and survi rushedly arrive at the police station, and beg for a chance of mere two minutes to be able to talk to him. the inspector complies. they rush to kartik in bars. kihore expresses that kartik took the step for self defence and to save her, and this is what they shll prove in court. he asks her not to worry. kartik says that now any punishment doesnt matter, as he know that survi is safe. she says that its makes a difference to her, and she wont go. he asks her not to be adamant, and asks her to go. kartik is surprised as he looks behind her to find ranvir coming wih the hawaldaar. kishore asks where was he found. ranvir is told to be handed over himself to the police. he steps inside the bars. Ranvir tells kartik as he too enters the jail,

that he took away from him his only prized possession, his sister, meher and avenges that he shall ruin him and his famly, the same way that he ruined his, by killing meher. he says that he shall take away everything he has. survi, on the other side of the bars is shocked to hear this.he asks where should he run away and who should he live for, as kartik took away his sister, and now his only motive is to ruin kartik’s life. survi starts getting uneasy, but kishore holds her, and kartik begs her to try and understand and leave for home, as she needs to compose herself. she turns back, and he gives her an asuring glance as she leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As survi and kishore comes back, shanti is in tears and tells survi that lata’s calling continuously, and she doesnt have the guts to tell anything. she says that everyone is so broken, particularly srikant, that he has secluded and locked himself. kishore assures shanti that everything would be right and right now, survi needs to rest. he says that they can tell lata later on and makes survi sit. then he leaves with raghu to meet the lawyer. after they leave, survi tells shanti to stop crying, as everything shall be alright, since the lord is with them. she tells her that kartik can never do anything wrong, and soon he shall be out. she begs the lord to keep kartik safe. she rushes away and then locks heerself in her room, to let go of tears, that she had held for so long. she remembers their past romantic moments.

Scene 3:
Location: Police station
Everyone in the police station is shocked, along with ranvir and kartik, and inspector, as they find meher, in plain india clothes, stepping in, calling out to ranvir. she comes to him, while kartik gets berserk, saying that meher is alive, and they are putting him inside for no reason. ranvir says that she isnt meher. kartik is shocked. he then shows them all that his youngest sister, Aashima is alive. kartk refuses to believe it saying that this is another one of their conspiracies. ranvir asks him to shut up, as he is unnecessarily casting allegations. he introduces them, to the girl, who is from south africa, and has just returned. survi and kishore come in too, and are taken aback. ranvir says that they are twin sisters. they smell conspiracy yet again, while the girl says that its no doubt, that she looks exactly like meher, but she is indeed AAshima, and also presents her passport and Id. the police asks them all to calm down, and then calls her aside. she leaves with the inspector. she is asked to give the fingerprints, for verification, and she silently complies. then they try to match it with meher’s fingerprints. while the analysis is going on, the inspector checks the passport and visa, and other ID proof too. she complies in every possible manner. after being thoroughly convinced, they confirm her identity, saying that they even spoke to afrcan embassy and that her residence in south africa has been verified too, and the finger prints dont match, and that whatever was found with the dead body was meher’s only. survi again tries to emphasise that they are capable of anything. she remembers meher’s death, and says that they didnt see her after the fall. Ranvir says that guilty people dont come back, if they have done something wrong. but survi says that he can do anything. the police asks them to give it rest, as they cant help her anymore, since its confirmed she is ashima. ranvir then asks aashima to go and get prepared for all the final rituals of her sister’s funeral, as he isnt even sure whether he would be able to get out or not. she leaves. after she leaves, kartik grabs hold of ranvir’s throat, and asks if he is planning to ruin their lives furthermore. to stop the scuffle, the police has to intervene with the guards and they order ranvir to be locked in a different cell. after they leave, kartik tries to tell survi that they are trying yet again, when their last attempts were unfoiled. survi says that she did see, but right now, thy need to act very smart and cautious. she says that if this is meher, then who was it, who died, as they saw her falling themselves, then how can she be saved. they are all boggled.

Scene 4:
Location: Meher’s residence
Tai evilly and happily serves drinks to aashima, who is actually meher, as she too confirms the same, by getting back to her old ways. meher applauds the way she is against kartik. she reminds the way, she had kept the whole plan implemented step by step, as they had planned. she says that when she fell, there was a net, and they all took her inside, and in place of her, right in her clothes, kept a battered dead body. tai and others think that they did manage to get back and survi and kartik are ruined for lives now, as they got easily scammed by aashima, whose character she wonderfully painted out. she says that she proved to everyone that she is aashima. she says that meher is dead and now no one shall be able to prove that she is alive. she says that this is the best punishment for them, and now that they are separated, no one can unite them. they drink on their victory. then meher tells tai that kartik’s ruins would be all over th news, as his chargesheet would have to be filed today. tai puts on the news.

Scene 5:
Location: Police Station
Later, as the chargesheet is filed in the case, and lots of media hype surrounds the case, kartik comes out after his hearing, assisted by police guards, and in an impulsive wave of action, he swings and manages to grab the pistol of the police and placing it against his chest, fires off, and then falls dead on the floor, after saying that the entire game is up now, and now that he is going, they both, ranvir and meher wont survive too, and that they too shall burn in the fires of punishment, and wouldnt be able to live in peace. all are stunned. the media at the scene, covers this live. the police inspector is told by the hawaldaar and it creates a ruckus inside, about kartik’s death. when ranvir hears this, he is thoroughly shocked. He refuses to believe it completely, when the hawaldaar says that he shall get him out where he can see for himself, how his wife, survi is lamenting over his dead body, as he pulled a bullet to his chest straight. he leaves to see for himself.

Outside, ranvir is aghast to see that he is actually dead, and how survi is crying on his dead body, begging him to get up. she then eyes ranvir standing there. Survi tells ranvir that whatever happened today is due to him, and that he is responsible for kartik’s death, even if he killed himself. she then gets swoony and dizzy headed and collapses on the floor, along side kartik’s dead body.

Scene 6:
Location: Meher’s residence
At home, tai, bindu and pyare listen to this. they are unable to believe that kartik is dead. tai and meher are thoroughly boggled. tai says that she would find out and leaves with pyare. The screen freezes on meher’s tensed face.

Precap: Meher opens the door of the bathroom, to find the tap of the bathtub open, and after closing it, she gets up and lets out a shrieking scream, as she retreates back petrified. she is shocked as she sees kartik under the shower.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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