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Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartik comes home, Survi walked angrily. She hands him his dinner and water and shuts the door. Srikanth asks how she is behaving with him. Lata tells him not to blame Survi, if he has so much pity on Kartik he can also go out. He says there are so many mosquitoes out there and goes inside. Kartik calls everyone, but Lata doesn’t allow anyone to go to him. They all go inside. Survi was the only one left. She comes to Kartik and says if he really wants to right of husband, he must earn it. Kartik listens to all her lecture, and asks her for a coil. She says it has ended, and curtly shuts the window door. Kartik sits on the bed, he says today wasn’t a good day; he lost both the job and the girl. He was happy he will apologize tomorrow morning and eats his good. Survi watches him from behind, then

goes inside.
At night, Survi lay on one side of the window while Kartik was asleep on the other side. Both were awake. They sleep only when they face each other.
There, the GM girl gets ready in front of the mirror in heave makeup layer. She comes to Kartik in cloth shoes, sits beside his bed and watches him sleeping. Kartik was being disturbed by mosquitoes and scratches himself in sleep. The girl goes to the garage, breaks the lock and comes back with a net in hand. She kills the mosquitoes for Kartik and was happy watching him sleep peacefully.
Kartik wakes up the next morning and finds a net nearby. He thinks Survi loves him and doesn’t show, she fought with mosquito’s whole night for him. He cheers the the door opened too and goes inside. Shanti appreciates the fragrance of breakfast. Lata asks her to learn from Survi some cooking. Survi says everything is available on internet today. Kartik comes inside and tells her to make Shanti just as she is. Lata goes out of the kitchen annoyed. Kartik wish Srikanth, he doesn’t reply to him even. Kartik does sit stands saying sorry for a hundred times. Kartik says to Survi what else he must do, he stared at moon all night. He will think a hundred times from now on before doing anything. He says he is talking to them all, why they don’t talk to him. He will think a thousand times now. He begins the sit stand again. Srikanth advocates him to Lata. Kartik’s pant tears at once, they all laugh as Kartik was alert. The GM girl also laughs on the door. Kartik goes inside and asks Survi to get him a new pants. Lata gets the girl a glass of water but she doesn’t take it.
Tai was curt at Kartik and Survi. An old man comes there, Pyare asks why he came here? Tai introduces him as Patel and says he is their business partner in construction. She will construct a temple, people will pay there. Pyare asks where she is going to construct that temple. Tai says the same house where Srikant, Kartik and Survi live. That is on Bhao’s land. She says now Kartik and Survi will beg in front of the same temple.
Kartik accuses Survi in the room angrily that this is because of Survi and then Survi laughed at him. Survi says alright, this is also her mistake. She tells him to go out, she has to stitch his pants. His friend is waiting for him outside. Kartik hands her the mosquito racket and says she always bites him during day, and at night fights with mosquitoes for him. He asks how many mosquitoes she killed. Survi says she is watching this racket for the first time. He wonders who brought it then. Shanti comes to call Kartik come out as the girl was waiting outside.
Lata asks the girl how she knows Kartik. She doesn’t listen to Lata and stands up watching Kartik come out. Survi also comes out and goes to kitchen. Kartik asks how she came here. The girl says I am sorry Kartik. She moves towards him while he backs up and asks her to have a seat. The girl says she knows everything about Kartik, how he named all his property to his aunty and is living here. Kartik says this is a personal matter, she must not be concerned about it. He says she didn’t come here to say this, what she wants from him. The girl says he!. Survi and Lata were curious.

PRECAP: The girl asks Survi who is in his family. Survi says he isn’t yet married, she is just a maid. The girl cheers. The driver had been shot, the girl says he committed a mistake as she won’t allow anyone between her and Kartik.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. well that new girl was a freak more than me…

  2. This new girl is quite annoying even
    More than Tai

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Yes yaar now this show gonna make me cry like etretr show!!


  4. Isn’t she lajjo from lajwantie well she look like another shabnam from jamai raja

  5. my Karvi is so cute. they make this show worthwhile to watch 🙂
    that villain woman is completely crazy.. she’s such a nuisance and yet funny with those looks on her face trying desperately to get a man who already has an owner. ha just another stepping stone to make Karvi stronger than ever.. yay!

  6. yes,diz villain has really gone crazy of kartik from a very first sight…No matter, how much she tries her luck in getting close wid kartik she can never get herself close wid him..coz it’s kartik who will fight with those obstacles b/w him n survi’s relation..really eager to see kartik win survi’s heart…By da way,why is survi telling a lie to dat villain dat kartik is still unmarried n she is just a maid in dat house….is diz one of da way to catch diz villain feelings for her kartik or to check how truthful n trustful is her kartik wid her???? or to see if kartik is really capable of winning her heart???it’s just my desperate to watch tonight’s episode…

    1. I think she’s putting her Kartik into her trials to see how trustworthy he can be though he already is proving his love for her. Just Survi being Survi ? she once told Kartik to earn his place as a husband, as far as I remember.. and Kartik will do eth in his power for that and i hope Karvi will fight together this time (that’s the way it should be) they’re better together against each other.. love them so ?
      that crazy villain woman is nothing more than another pathway

  7. finally Sid has shared his secret wid roshni n dey both are working together against diz joker yash…two hands are better den one..since both Sid n roshni are together now,very soon yash who is fighting himself against Sid will soon get himself trapped in Sid n roshni’s plan… till den let’s wait n see Sid n roshni’s next move against diz joker..

  8. why survi is avoiding karthik as he did all this for her sake,for her love sake
    but i like this as surthik ki nokh jhook main unnka pyaar hota hain

  9. I litrully watched ‘Pyaar tune kya kiya’ because Mehar’s character was based on ria (the pycho in the movie)………….BTW I know I’m a bad speller….. Also you wrote cloth shoes– they are called slippers and also it wasn’t a net it was a racket…..

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