Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi wakes up from sleep. She looks for Kartik everywhere. Khushi says where did he go? His phone is off. Khushi says where can he go so late?
Kamini says arrest him. Now you see what I do you mad man.
Khushi asks poeple in neighbourhood if they have seen Kartik. Khushi looks everywhere.
Police brings Kartik to police station.

Khushi comes to chawl and asks a man. He says police arrested Kartik. Constable came here and asked for you. Your phone was busy. Khushi says why did they arrest? Kaka says Kartik hit that Abeer. Khushi runs towards police station. Khushi sees Kartik and says what happened papa? Why are you not looking in my eyes? Why you did that? Kartik says you promised survi you would take care of me? But it is my responsibility too. That abeer

made you cry. I don’t care about myself. I won’t let anyone make you cry. Khushi says what will happen to you if you leave? When that abeer fooled me into that marriage I wanted to kill myself but I thought of you. You are the most important for you. But I should have died. Kartik says don’t say that. Khushi says you won’t do any such thing again? Promise? Kartik says promise.
Khushi says inspector my papa. He says knock first and then come in. Khushi knocks. He says yes come in. Khushi says my papa has accpeted his mistake. He won’t do this again. He says your papa has a charge of attempt of murder. Khushi says he is embarrassed. He really beat Abeer. What is between your papa and him? Khushi says please tell me the solution. He says there would be a case. But we can solve it out. We know whats between you and abeer we see TV too. You have only one hour, if in that they withdraw their complaint we will release your papa.

Kamini dresses Abeer’s wound. He recalls everything Khushi and Kartik said. Kamini says does it hurt? Abeer says leave it mom. Kamini says don’t take stress. They have crossed their limits. Servant comes and says ma’am Khushi came here. She wants to talk to Abeer. Kamini says I am coming. She says Abeer you just relax. I will be back.
Kamini says to Khushi it takes time to come out of bad times. I didn’t know you were coming. I would have done your arti. Khushi says please listen to me. Kamini says your dad hit my son. I wont sit quite about it. I have raised my son with care and I won’t let you ruin his blessed and fortunate life. Khushi says please. Kamini says you both dad and daughter played a good plan to fool my son. You wanted my property. Khushi says please save my dad. After that I will do as you say. I just have half an hour. Kamini says so sad. If you want me to forgive you, you have to bow down on your knees. Khushi bows down on her knees and says I am sorry. Kamini leaves. She comes back with a paper and says sign it. Come on. This is just protection and precaution so you don’t use this so called marriage. They are divorce papers. Khushi signs them. Khushi says please do something about dad now. Kamini says don’t stress. You did what I asked you. Your work will be done. Go to police station your dad will be released.

Kamini comes back to abeer and says how you feel now? Abeer says mom please let kartik uncle go. Lets end this. Kamini says you know this isn’t small. He says I am sick of these courts. I did bad with them. they had suffered. I went before Khushi because dad asked me. Kartik is a dad too. I felt someone’s pain and that I was totally wrong. It’s enough. I request you withdraw the case and let them go. Kamini says okay if that’s what you want. Your heart is so pure. I will take care of this. Abeer says thanks mom.
Khushi comes back to police station and says they took complaint back please release my dad. he says talk to sir. Inspector says they haven’t called yet.
Khushi says to inspector they are taking his mugshots. Please release my dad. Kamini will call you in a while. Inspector says we are preparing the charge sheet. Khushi calls Kamini. Kamini cuts the call. Khushi says you said you will withdraw from the case. Please let the inspector know. Kamini says when I was about to call police. Abeer doesn’t want your papa to be released. He stopped me.
Khushi says punish me but not my dad. Kamini says I did what my son asked me to. Nothing is more important than him. She hangs up. Khushi comes to kartik and says papa.. Kartik says don’t cry. I am okay. Constable says time to meet is over. Kartik says go home and don’t worry.
Khushi says I should call pratap ji.

Precap-Khushi says Abeer come out. She breaks stuff. Kamini says what are you doing stupid girl? Abeer says Khushi stop.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ugh yaar now this kamani is getting me irritated, she’s like a third wheel please don’t do that to abeer and khushi ki story, well she can have objects with them but she shouldn’t be like tai abeer must not be under his mother’s control. like tai used to do to kartik. Luv u

  2. I think aber has started to like khushi.

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