Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tai’s residence
As tai and lata leave, survi is tensed. lata prays to the lord to keep survi safe. The children eye survi thinking no one can save them now. they rush to the kitchen and make their arrangements, by splattering all the veggies on the floor, and then taking out chilli powder and intentionally keeping it on the top of the shelf. then hema intentionally throws the utensils on the fllor, causing everyone to come including survi. Bindu asks what she did, and starts to reprimand her, for her carelessness. Aniket asks why does she try when she cant handle the kitchen work. hema says that she was prepareing for her marital life. Aniket asks what if tai sees this. hema gets scared of tai’s name, and bindu asks her to clean before tai returns. hema

says that she has no clue what to do. Aniket and bindu leave. hema starts cribbing that she doesnt know anything. Survi comes and says that she shall do it all. Aniket and bindu are happy. hema says that she shall manage and starts creating a clutter again. survi intervenes and says that she is habituated to this since childhood hence it isnt a problem. hema thanks her for saving her from tai’s ire. Survi asks shanti to go and finish her homework while she does the chores. Shanti offers to help, but survi asks her to go. she complies. the children watch as survi gets to work and starts cleaning everything up to their heart’s content. Bindu whispers to aniket that 50% partner is working as a maid. She then cleans up everything. hema begins to go, when bindu and aniket signal her to get her towards the chilli powder. hema complies and asks her to keep the bottles and boxes inside the drawers. survi complies. as she opens the drawers of the top shelf, the chilli powder falls from the top and right on top of her, getting right in her eyes. They are thoroughly amused, while survi coughs tremendously and her eyes sting horribly. they pretend to take care of her and rush her to the washroom. They then get her to the basin and ask her to take a bath. She trudges blindly, and opens the tap, and says that there’s no water. they are amused, and says that they shall go for the water. Bindu goes to the fridge to find aniket having emptied all the bottles. she asks him to put the ice too. He complies. Bindu comes with a bucket of water saying that she managed with much difficulty. Survi comes and says that its chilly, but bindu says that she has no other option, but this fridge water only. Survi complies resigendly. Then bindu places a request that her friends are coming over, and if she could serve tea to them. she complies to that too. They smile. they leave her to take a bath.

Later, when bindu’s friends have arrived, she narrates the plan to them. they comply. Survi comes in with a tea tray, and the friends ask bindu if they kept a new maid. She taunts and says that she is indeed a partner to kartik. Survi is upset but doesnt show it. Bindu then asks survi to go and take rest as she has worked enough and must be feeling cold too, hence asks her to go and rest. She complies and starts walking oblivious of what aniket has planted in the garden, a prickly branch. Her feet lands on it, and she winces in pain. The children along with the friends are amused. hema rushes to get her to get up, but actually she throws her in the mud and then apologises. Bindu comes and sees this. Bindu reprimands her that she just had a bath woth cold water and now she has to do so again. After her bath and then having bandaged her leg, she comes out. bindu sees her and calls her. hema and aniket get alert too. Survi comes shivering. Bindu again reprimands hema. hema apologises. Bindu then tells survi that she has a solution for her cold, and asks her to start running as the more she runs, her body temp would catch up, and her cold would go along with the shivering. survi is tensed and says that once she rests, she shall be fine. hema says that with rest, people get fat and not well. Bindu tells survi that if she doesnt run, then shanti shall, as she already doesnt walk or run much. Survi is shocked. Bindu asks her to decide who shall run, Survi or shanti. She also tells hema to go to shanti. but survi stops her, saying that she shall run. She starts running, around the drawing room, her wound beginning to bleed immensely, but she continues on, while the children enjoy. She stops for sometime, but then they ask her to get on the stairs, up and down. survi does so helplessly too, complying to their wishes, wincing in pain at every move, her bandage having come off. Finally, she collapses on the stairs. Bindu goes to her, and compliments her on her stamina, but her body being cold, she would have to exercise a little more. she asks her to do sit-ups now. Survi is shocked. hema asks her to let be, as she wont be able to do, and they should call shanti. To save her, survi again starts to do so. shanti asees this and is apalled. She does the sit-ups with great difficulty while the children keep a count callously. Survi is apalled and then they place a vase on her head, to make her exert more, in the garb of making her sweat so that she exercises more and her temp goes high. kartik comes in just then, to find survi having collapsed. the children are tensed. he rushes to survi and helps her get up, and makes her sit down. he then takes a look at her leg and is apalled at her condition. raghu gets first aid and he himself attends to the injury on her leg while raghu and shanti watch tensedly. he then asks the children if this too is humour, and asks whats their problem, as this is the condition that people dont make of their enemy too. he tells them that they should be ashamed, as she wasnt at fault for what happened 4 years earlier, and why cant they get past that. he says that whats happening isnt right and he wont let anything wrong happen to survi. tai and lata come in. tai watches the drama tensedly and lata is apalled. he says that he has promised srikant that saurvi is his responsibility. tai is tensed, while lata is apalled. he rushes to tai after that, and narrates what the children did to her, as he forgave them last time, but this time no. kartik warns tai that what happened this time around, wont happen again as right now, he is taking away, survi, shanti and lata. all are shocked including tai and her children. he says that his going doesnt mean he shall forget his promise, and shall send money every month. tai thinks that she has to stop him. She asks lata to go and get the thali for arti, so that she can rever her children. she says that she has forgiven survi, then why are they punishing her. She then asks him, if he has grown this much, that he can go in another house, away from his tai, and punishing her for her children’s fault. tai tells survi that the mistake that the children did to her isnt right and then apologises to her, with folded hands. She says that their father died 4 years back, hence they dont understand right from wrong, and she copuldnt raise them like her father. She says that she would herself attend to her wounds. lata wonders whats tai upto. she asks raghu to get some water. he complies. Survi is hesitant, while tai says that its like her penance. She washes survi’s feet and says that the way Lord Shiva drank poison for the world, she says that she shall drink survi’s washed feet’s water similarly, to save her house. Kartik is tensed. She says that she knows this wont cure her wounds, but today she shall stop this rightaway right now. Survi is shocked, but tai drinks it whole, much to kartik, her children and lata’s horror and surprise. tai thinks that this is that poison that she may have drunk, but she would die of this. the screen freezes on her venomous face.

Precap: While the packers pach stuff in the truck,. survi comes along with shanti. The goons capture survi from behind, and she screams out. while kartik is taking blessings from tai, he hears the screams and then turns to find survi being kidnapped. tai is tensed, while he is shocked. he rushes after them but they drive her away in a truck, while he keeps lending out his hand for her to take, but the goons dont let her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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