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Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartik notices everyone worried and says it is alright, he will get another job. He soon gets they were worried about something else and asks about it. Kishore arrives then, he apologizes Kartik for telling the truth and that Tai filed a complaint and Survi is in jail now.
In the jail, Survi was being harassed by the fellow women. Kartik comes to her, he asks what the need to go to Tai’s home was. Kartik says Tai didn’t do the right thing, he will get her out in anyway. The inspector tells Kartik that the complaint is non-bail able, Survi will only be released if Tai takes her complain back.
Kartik comes to Tai’s home, Tai says she won’t be taking her complain back. Kartik points a gun at her, Tai gulps and stands up. She asks Kartik if he has gone insane. Kartik says he has really

gone crazy, if Survi doesn’t come home in half an hour; like he didn’t take seconds to give everything to her he will take her life in seconds as well. Tai says he is their child, can he kill them. Kartik says yes, he won’t take their life. He takes a page in hand in which he had written a note that Tai, Kamla and Hema pushed him to suicide, they took his property fraudulently. He had told Tai not to cross his way, Tai says this time Survi came here. Kartik says no one could have seen Ganpatti been removed from the house. Kartik says if Survi doesn’t come back home in half an hour he will shoot himself. Pyaare asks Tai to go and gets Survi here, else it might cost them heavy. If she wants to go to jail in accusation of Kartik’s murder.
Survi tells Kishore that Kartik was really angry, he must go to take care of him. Tai arrives there and asks the inspector to take her case back. The inspector says he needs to do paper work. Tai says she will file the case against him now, he has arrested her daughter in law. The inspector argues that he arrested her without warrant because of her only. Tai says right now, she wants her out of lock up right away. The inspector tells an old man to unlock the jail, Tai takes the keys from his hand, helps herself and drags Survi out of the station. Kartik countdown the last 3 seconds, when Tai comes there with Survi and tells him to take his wife here. Kartik comes to hug Survi, then tears the paper and says to Tai today he is leaving but if again she tries to mess their lives up, no one will be worse than him. He turns to leave, Pyaare tries to speak. Kartik shoots at Pyaare. Pyaare fell down saying he was shot. Kartik laugh and says this is just color, and wish him Holi in advance. Hemma also laugh. Tai was irked at the joke. Kartik says not money but mind actually works.
Outside, Kartik holds his ear to Survi. He says he couldn’t have got her bailed if he had money. Tai had to take the case back herself, Tai doesn’t understand any other language. He asks her to say something. Survi says that everything is a joke for Kartik, had Tai known it was a fake gun and had Tai not heed about it, would he shoot himself. Karti holds her with shoulder and seriously tells her he could have given his life for her as well. Survi stops an auto and goes to police station. Kartik also gets in the auto. In the station, Survi says she has to file a report against Kartik, he tried to suicide. Kartik takes her aside and says he did so much to save her and she is trying to get him locked up. The inspector asks them both to decide if they want to file the report or not. Kartik says he didn’t have a way, Survi says a man always select the way. She is also his responsibility now, he always crosses his limits. She says he must spend a whole night in the lock up and think what his limits are. Kartik jokes about his anger again. Survi shouts again that this is what she hates about him, he always takes her as a joke. Kartik asks her to speak low. She asks why, a husband may do anything but it’s not a wife responsibility to cover his mistakes ever. This evokes an argument between the station staff. The inspector tells them both to solve their matter at home. Survi leaves irked, Kartik asks the inspector if he can get a room here for one night, his life in endangered at home tonight.
The GM girl comes to touch Kartik’s video being played on projector. She smiles thinking about him, makes a call to her mama and asks how she is. She laughs and says there is something today, she tells her mom that today for the first time someone other than her and her brother has come. He has hijacked her heart and mind. She forbids her to tell her brother about him, if he knows he will get Kartik in front of her. Once when her brother comes back from Dubai she will tell him, till then she will know if it is really love or just an attraction. She was shocked at a news, she tells her mother that she doesn’t know if Kartik loves her; she was angry at him and he thinks she is a spoilt child of an influential father. She laughs hysterically and reconfirms if she is her dear child? Her late mother’s photo hung on the wall, the phone line had been disconnected.

PRECAP: Survi tells Kartik that there is no coil, he must sleep with mosquitoes. The GM girl kills the mosquitoes beside Kartik as he sleeps.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nice one except that villain woman part. I’m watching this show cuz I love Kartik and Survi so much. want more scenes of Kartik and Survi! Hope that irritating villain woman will find her exit soonest. How can someone be that irritating and annoying and what’s wrong with the way she talk? Just bring another better villain in.

  2. I think that new girl having some metal promblem did u seee that how she is talking to her mother and we saw that her mother is not alive …….she is having metal prombem right

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Same yaar she is somewhat mental I saw the promo also she is mad on karthik love. But survi wins at last becoz she is female lead and not new GM girl???happy hloi guys????????

  3. Hahahha so true I totally agree with u Mthis new villain girl I didn’t know who she was initially until I got to know she was the female lead of lajwanti( I didn’t watch a single episode of that show) , I thought maybe she is good but she is weird a positive or supporting role suits her more

  4. yah guys its totally correct this GM girl looks like a mentally disturbed one.her bro is in dubai may be he knows karthik. anyways whatever happens…
    surthik look really good together

  5. this khatti-metthi NOOKH-JHOOK is bringing them more close to each other

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