Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Survi disturbed by the events of the day,she keeps looking at this picture of hers with Khushi & cries herself to sleep

Kartik gets back home in the morning & soon has to face a volley of questions by everyone about where he stayed the night & his injury.Kartik tells them all about last night & so Lata decides to take it upn herself to try & make Survi come back.Tai & Pyaare are obviously flustered

Lata accompanied by Hema & Kishore is at Survi’s house to talk to her.Lata wants Survi to come back cause she feels Kartik has decided to put everything behind him & move on.Still Survi refuses to return cause she finds it hard to get over how Kartik took everything away from her 7 years ago & left her with nothing,that

she had to live with the pain of having to live alone all these years.And so she tells Lata that she can’t just forget everything cause you never know Kartik might do the same to her again if such a situation arises further down the road.Lata gets mad at Survi & tells her that she won’t forgive her ever

Back in Kartik’s room Tai wants Kartik to tell her as to how come he has decided to forget everything & move on & as in precap Kartik reveals that it’s all a part of his plan.Kartik feels Survi made Khushi hate him & so he wants to separate Khushi & Survi.Tai is relieved to know all her work hasn’t been down the drain yet

Lata comes back & lets Kartik know about Survi’s decision.Even Hema is mad at Survi & both of them want Kartik to sever all ties with Survi.To which Kartik tells them that Survi will have to come back to him & so he asks them to make the preparations cause he is gonna make sure Survi comes back

Kartik dressed as a housekeeper & speaks in Bihari accent.
Kartik brings the milkman along with him & tells Survi that this is what the milkman had to say about him

And when the milkman asks Survi to forgive Kartik cause he loved her a lot,Kartik goes ” Inhe humaara pyaar dikh raha hai,toh phir aapko humaara doodh jaisa swachh,nirmal pyaar kahen nahin dikh raha ” (He sees my love, then why can’t you, Survi).

Episode ends with Survi still sceptical & Kartik still not willing to give up

Looks like Kartik achieves the mission impossible
Khushi & Survi are holding hands as they enter Barve mansion

Update Credit to: Vanellope

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  1. Jada

    At least we know that Khushu won’t tolerate Kartik judging by her face

  2. How can survi trust kartik and go back to that house again.

  3. Best serial thus far “NA BOLE TUM NA MAINE KUCH KAHA” on colors. Love you Kunal Karan Kapoor. All serial on Zee TV at the moment are stupid, evil and not worth watching.

  4. Jada

    July 25 update plz 🙂

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