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Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Survi pushing Tai and escaping while her veil drops and gets stuck in a table. She tries to take it out. Tai comes from behind saying she won’t let her go easily. Survi gets her churni out and covers her head again. Tai catches her and right then they hear car-horns. Tai says that kartik has come; now she must count backward. Survi is tensed. Tai locks her in store room. Kartik, hema and Bindu enters in house. Tai says to Kartik that she has caught Aniket’s kidnapper and locked inside store-room. She also lies that her name is sakhi and she tried to attack her. She takes kartik to the room while Survi thinks if kartik finds her then her game will end.
They enters in storeroom but don’t find survi. Tai asks her to come out being puzzled. Kartik gets

confused. Tai tells him about the walking doll and a girl named sakhi. Then she notices a window and says she must have escaped through it. But the window is locked. Seeing the trio sceptic tai swears that she isn’t lying and she can prove that. She then takes them to temple where she has thrown the doll’s head. But there also they find nothing. Kartik asks how she looked. Tai says exasperating that she couldn’t see her face. They still don’t feel her. So she asks them to turn on the main switch. bindu does so and the house gets enlightened again. Tai says the kidnapper has done this too. Kartik tells her to relax as he’ll now search for her and asks Hema to get some water for Tai. While drinking water Tai looks behind Hema and stares with wide eyes. Hema turns and lata is seen standing there, scowling at tai.
Here, shanti asks Srikant to take medicine and foods. Srikant is worried for survi as she stays in room alone and doesn’t drink or eat or talk. He says his daughter got married but couldn’t go to her husband’s home..what kind of marriage is this. Shanti says she’ll go to survi asnd feed her something. Here. Survi is entering into her room through window and shanty is approaching towards her room.
When Shanti comes inside she finds survi sitting on bed. She calls her and says her to keep faith on kartik and everything will be alright. Survi says yes, everything will be fine. Then she adds that they should try to fix everything without depending on God. Shanti assures her that kartik will fix all in his own way and he can’t see her sad so he’ll do anything for her. Survi agrees then says if one goes to wrong way to do right then it’s not wrong. She recalls all the tortures that tai had caused to them in past..
Lata grabs tai’s neck but others rescue her anyway. Lata blames tai for trying to kill her. Kartik looks shockingly at tai who nods in no’. Lata tells kartikbow she tried to drown her in bathtub. Kartik asks what she’s talking. Lata asks him to believe her as tai could have killed her unless he had come in time. Kartik says to tai that lata’s condition is deteriorating day by day. Lata stares at him with shock. She says him that he’s doing mistake by not trusting her and that tai is trapping him. Tai watches her being amused. Lata tells him to open and see tai’s actual face. Tai says someone is evil-eyeing their family so they should do havan. She tells hema and bindu to take lata to her room and get her refreshed.
Tai and kartik come to survi’s house. She tells srikant to eat as he can’t get foods of her hand everyday from now on and he should finish eating and prepare bidai of survi. All are shocked at this sudden announcement. Srikant and shanty smiles while kartik-survi looks at each other. Kartik says but until aniket is found.. tai says she isn’t a selfish woman and as he’s her elder son she has some responsibilities to him as well. Srikant and shanty goes to make preparations while tai makes survi wear bangles. Tai says may be she didn’t marry aniket, but married kartik thus she is her DIL. Then she asks for her other hand to put bangles. Survi hesitates as she has cut there. Just when tai takes her hand, she takes puts the bangle in her hand herself. She says she’s grateful to her and she doesn’t know how to return the favours. Tai twisting her arm says she doesn’t need to return. Just should remember what lesson she has been taught.
Srikant and shanti comes back. Survi takes tai’s blessing and she blesses her to be happy and keep everyone happy, meaning it. Tai thinks once survi comes to her house, she’ll make her suffer so much that sakhi, her new friend, will be compelled to come in front of her. Survi thinks sakhi will fulfil her friendship without getting caught.
Ritual of bidai starts. Srikant and survi gets emotional. Kartik assures srikant that he will take care of survi and keep her happy…he won’t let any sadness or pain come to her. Karvi looks at each other affectionately.

Precap: Tai says to all that tonight is special for kartik and survi as it’s their wedding night. Bindu takes Survi to room. Kartik is coming to room, just when he is about to ebter his phone rings.

Update Credit to: BlackSwan

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