Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Khushi says to Pratap that my father is alone at home, i should go, he says you can take car, she says no sir i will go by myself, he says okay, Khushi leaves. Abeer is tensed that Khushi might have told everything to dad. Pratap calls him to him, Abeer is tensed and says dad actually.. Pratap says i am proud of you, it seems like you are my son now, what you have done for Khushi have washed all your wrong deeds, i am gifting you car, Khushi’s album launch will be biggest, you will handle it as i am going to London, i think my flight got delayed for this news only, he leaves. Abeer says this means Khushi didnt tell anything to dad.
Khushi is going to back to her home and is broken, she weeps silently, Jag sona lage song plays. Khushi sees Karthik sitting outside house,

she asks what are you doing outside? Karthik says you were not picking call, i got tensed, Khushi says i had some work, lets go home, Karthik asks what was the surprise? She says i will tell you tomorrow, Karthik says tell me now, i am not mental, i talk like child but i am not mental, i understand everything, you were so happy in morning and now so sad, what happened? Khushi breakdowns and cries, she hugs him, he asks did anyone say anything to you? Khushi says i married Abeer, he is shocked and says have you gone mad? is it joke? She says no i am serious, she tells him everything, how they got married, how Abeer proposed her and married her then how Abeer said it was just drama to come out of that situation and their ways are different.
Kamini says to Abeer that what are you saying? you married that stupid Khushi? Abeer says i made mistake, Kamini says if your dad get to know it then he will bring Khushi here in this big house, my house, Abeer says Khushi met dad and infact lied to him to save me, she didnt tell him anything.
Khushi says to Karthik that i am sorry, i made mistake and took big step but he promised me to fulfill this relation, he lied and i believed him, i am sorry, Karthik says dont say sorry, Abeer should be sorry, you are good girl, you did good in that situation, he is bad boy but you are strong girl, he irritated you so much then why did you believe him? Khushi says what about phera we took? marriage we did? Karthik says forget it, you will get a nice guy, its good that you got out his trap, dont cry and lets go inside. He brings Khushi in house and makes her drink water, Khushi is weeping, Karthik takes off his glasses and lies her in bed, mere papa song plays. Karthik sadly looks at Survi’s photo. Khushi dozes off to sleep. Karthik is angry and raged.
Kamini says look Abeer, i will take care of this mess but till then dont talk to her, dont meet her or call, and if you meet her then inform me first, you are innocent, you dont know these poor people can do anything, they can even blackmail, what if anyone knows about it? we have to do something about this, Abeer says if she had to tell dad then she would have told him, but she didnt, infact i am feeling bad for her. Kamini says what? you used to hate her, dont know what she did, you changed, Abeer says i am not changed, what i did was joke but it was to save our lives, i did drama to save her but it was truth for her, i have seen her crying, i think i have broken her heart, i feel bad. Kamini says you are breaking my heart, they turn and sees Karthik standing there, Kamini is tensed. Karthik has wooden rod in his hands, Kamini says why he is holding that? Abeer hints her to remain silent. Karthik says i wont spare you today Abeer, Kamini says what? Karthik points rod at Abeer, Kamini tries to stop Karthik but Karthik starts beating Abeer with stick, he says you would make my daughter cry?
Kartik says survi never let your dia blow and you did this with me God? Kamini says he is totally mad. This is my house, not yours. Kartik says Mrs. Kamini this house was of Karrtik barway. I am Kartik.

Kartik says your son ruined my daughter’s life. I will teach him lesson today. You rich people think you would do anything to us? I will not leave him. This poor father won’t lose today. He shoves Kamini. Kartik hits him with rod. Kamini says leave him. She calls police. Kartik keeps hitting him. Abeer uncle situation was that way. Police comes and stops him. Kamini says now see what I will do with you mad man. Kamini says to Abeer are you okay? i will call doctor. Abeer says mom stop.

Precap-Kamini says to Khushi you daughter and father made this plan to get our money? Khushi says please save my dad, I don’t want to talk about anything else. Kamini says if you want me to pardon you, you have to bow down on your knees.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    what de hell.this kamini.? abir deserve this.but karthik could have give him a chance to explain.why de hell kamini call the police karthik should have hit her first

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