Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Vaada Raha 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Finally, survi arrives, while kartik waits for long, and is about to take the decision of dropping the film. Dance and merriment ensues, as survi and kartik eye each other tensedly. when she tries to turn away, he agitatedly makes her dance, and she falls on the floor. as all clap, she comes and composes herself, and walks away from there. he comes behind her, while she asks him the reason for his angst. he asks her to wear the black dress, that he ordered for her. she says that she cant wear. he threatens that he shall shut down the film, and ensure that simi’s movie career is over before it even begins. He asks her to get ready, or else he wont hesitate a second in announcing pack up. he leaves. Survi is apalled as kartik goes and

mixes with the crowd.

Later, as she wears the dress, that she is highly uncomfortably in, kartik is amused as he eyes her evilly, asking her to come out, or she wants the film to be cancellled. She watches him embarassed and mortified, as she keeps adjusting her dress so as she isnt exposed much. they eye each other tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Simi’s residence
Rahul tries to contain srikant back, but worried for his daughter, he says that he wouldnt stay here and worry unnecessarily for his daughter, who seemed so tensed, and that he shall just go and check on her, from the outside. he also asks to tag along, and after much deliberation, he agrees. they both get into the auto, and drive off, but just then aniket, arriving in his car, is shocked to see srikant there

Scene 3:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As the party is on in full swing, Survi comes out and is apalled to find the waitresses wearing that dress. She wipes her tears. all are shocked to see her in that attire, and simi comes and asks her why is she wearing that, as its for the servers. She is apalled, as she eyes the crowd. Kartik smiles evilly. While simi is with survi, kartik comes and says that there is a big reason behind survi wearing this dress. Survi is tensed as to what he might speak. He says that survi told that this being a big day, and the most imp in the life of her sister, hence she wants to serve drinks to everyone with her own hands. Survi is apalled, while simi is boggled. Survi says that she is perfectly happy as kartik said, and that this is her party, and this is her life. the producer comes to take simi away, while she hesitates. Survi however insistently sends her off. Then kartik confronts survi, who eyes him tensedly. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Aniket comes and tells kartik that he might have had a wonderful party, but he shall provide the entertainment needed. All are boggled. he asks everyone to go out. as they all come out, they find srikant gagged in a chair, and he alights a circle of fire around his chair. All are shocked. Survi comes abr*ast and clean with her truth about survi, srikant’s daughter and his accused. Tai hears this and is tensed. kartik gets enraged as he eyes her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Please can anyone tell me this episode video link please????????

  2. Download the zee tv app

  3. karthik …..has done very bad..yar…..and when Truth will come out..that survi has not dine anything ,,,,tai has done this …………and aniket also…. done bad…..waiting for tomorrow episode…….

  4. God wen wil Kartik get to knw tai’s truth

  5. Uff this Karthik is too much nowadays. He will regret very badly when he will get to know Tai’s truth. I hope Karthik’s mom will get out from coma and tell Karthik the entire story.

  6. Kartik is an IDIOT. He always was and perhaps always will be. He is more loyal to Kamla and her family than he is to his own mother and sister. He is so easily duped! What a loser! He is an even bigger loser than Yuvi (Tashan). He really does not deserve Survi. I wish the writers would find a new love interest for Survi. She could use a big dose of happiness. She is always crying or sad.

  7. Yes….. I guess a century will pass,but Kartik will continue to hurt Survi,Tai will kill a TRILLION number of people,Kartik will finish a NONILLION number of bottles of wine and hurt Survi! BUT TRUTH??!!!! When it will be out? After the world finishes?!!?

  8. Kartik didn’t do right, i just fell very bad when survi found out that its a waitress dress, I think Aniket is more concerned about survi, and tai I just want to give her a tight slap, & kartik also should be punished for his deeds by the god.

  9. Please unite kartik and survi. Everyone karthik loves her Waiting for tomorrow episode

  10. Kartik you are a nasty evil man. I watch all zee tv serials together with my mom and dad. We all felt bad when Kartik let Survi fell on the floor during the dance session and also when she got to know about the dress is actually a waitress dress.. VERY VERY insulting and nasty of him. He has Tai kamla ways. He loves her more than his own mother and his sister. Like WTF !!!!!

  11. yessss..karthik loves survi…but he is angry. with survi….but when truth will come out….plzzzz jaldi….and when karthik will knew about karan (survive friend) then he will get jealous and when aniket ko pats chala ga ki simi is survive..oooo my god ….just waiting for today episode

  12. com on yar survi save her father & she will tab in the circle of fire then kartik save survi.

  13. Pls change the person who portrays karthik character… He is struggling a lot to give such an anger evil expressions…. He is not at all good in this role…. and survi omg what is her character…. whenever we see her she is always cry or sad…. without using glycerine she cannot complete a single episode…. writers can make the show in far better way as they had strong storyline…. will anyone agree with me????

    1. I somewhat agree wid u Vinu, ya Ankush(The guy acting as Karthik) is struggling a little in showing the anger expressions , but he was fabulous in showing the anger expression in the promos where he looked at Survi’s photograph and says Yeh Vaada Raha and as for Sonal(The girl acting as Survi) I saw her previous show on colors Shashtri Sisters , she played a bubbly happy character she looked so good, and suddenly in this show she is like crying and crying.
      I really wanna see Surthik together , I have recently started watching this show like two weeks ago instead of MATSH, so I don’t have that much idea

    2. I dont completely agree wid u..
      The one whoz potraying karthiks role is really very good at acting.. though his hatred for survi is not justified ts not his fault.. only because of tat tai he misunderstood survi..
      Nd abt ua thnking tat he struggles fr gvng evil expressions i dont think so..

      Yaa.. one thing i agree wid u is abt survis role.. she is always crying and sad… hope tat wl change soon..
      And i am sure wen karthik wl cum to knw abt truth he wl fill survis lyf wid full of happiness nd smiles nd we must keep on searching for the scene wen survi cries.
      iam eagerly waiting for the epi wen karthik comes to know abt truth ndhis repent for torturing survi..

      Promo is very nyc..

  14. Kartik is handsum plz don’t chnge him & epusode was mindblowing ,,, yeh toh pakka h kartik loves surbhi very much

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